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Time Paradox

Chapter One: Whirlwind of Time

The Great Hall was noisy, the students all talking of the upcoming holiday. The Christmas holidays, Ron and Hermione were looking forward to going home, they both were going to the Burrow. Harry was going to be staying at Hogwarts once again. He didn't mind, Hermione and Ron were a bit wrapped up in each other of late, ever since they had gotten together.

They walked into the noisy Hall and sat down at the Gryffindor table. Piling food on their plates, they began to eat; they talked about the homework they had been given to do over the holidays, Hermione started that conversation.

Ron started to complain about the holiday homework. "Why do they have to give us a load of homework to do over the holidays," he asked no one in particular.

Hermione shook her head and replied to him saying, "The N.E.W.T.'s are around the corner Ron, we need all the preparation we can get. We have to be ready."

Ron snorted and argued back, "It's a holiday, where we're supposed to have some fun and get together with our families."

Hermione huffed and said, "Really Ron, do you want to pass Wizarding school, or would you rather repeat a year or two because you couldn't be bothered to study."

Ron looked to Harry for help. "Hey don't look at me, I happen to agree with Hermione on this one, I want to pass first time," Harry said, before Ron could ask out loud.

Ron sighed in defeat. "It's pick on Ron day today, isn't it," he joked, as he drank some of his juice.

"I think it might be Ronikins," Hermione said, laughing at the nickname she often called her boyfriend.

Harry looked at them both and noticed the small blush on each of their faces and said, "Do I even wanna know."

Hermione looked at him and smiled saying, "No Harry I don't think you do." They all started laughing together.

Ron had, had enough of homework and his nickname, so he started talking about a new topic. "The whole family is coming home for Christmas, Charlie, Bill and Percy are going to be there, he is taking time off of work and so is dad."

"That's nice, I would love to see them all, but Dumbledore said it was best for me to stay at Hogwarts over Christmas," Harry said, a bit down at not being able to see Charlie and Bill, he wanted to know more about the tombs of Egypt and the Dragons that Charlie worked with.

Ron looked at Harry and said sadly, "Yeah mom was trying for hours to get you to stay with us for Christmas."

"Molly would have loved you to come with me and Ron, I think she was looking forward to you coming with us," Hermione said, thinking of Mrs. Weasley.

Ron looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "Mom said she accepted Harry into the family really easily, because he looks like her father. She even said he had the same temperament."

Harry looked shock at what Ron had just said, "I look like her father, no way." He laughed gently as he looked at Ron.

Hermione looked at Ron and then Harry. "I remember her saying something like that to Mr. Weasley."

Harry looked puzzled at what they both said, so he changed the topic of choice. "Hey what about the twins will they be shutting their shop at all?" he asked.

Ron looked at Harry and replied, "Yeah they will be but only for a week, over the Christmas period."

"Nice, wish I could of come, wouldn't mind seeing the twins again," Harry said, a little down at not being able to see the twins; their business had been thanks to Harry and the Tri-Wizard Tournament winnings he had given to them. They had made him a silent partner, and because of his Marauder blood, he was good at thinking things up for them to work on.

Hermione looked a little apprehensive at the mention of the twins. They had played one too many jokes and pranks on her, a sudden smirk fell over her face, pay back. "Well the twins better watch out I've got a plan to get my own back on them both, do you want to help me Ron," she said, looking at her boyfriend.

Ron and Harry both smiled at her, Ron nodded his head, as his mouth was full of food. "I'll help you as well before you go, maybe you should contact Sirius and Remus, they are the first generation of Marauders. They more than likely have a load of things you can do to the twins," Harry said, as he picked up his goblet of pumpkin juice.

"That is a brilliant idea. I think I will, will you help me write a letter to them both later, you'll know what I want done better than what I do," she said, smiling happily about getting the twins back.

Ron gave a quiet laugh as he looked t his girlfriend and said, smiling. "The twins are so gonna regret crossing your path 'Monie"

Hermione put on her stern look and said haughtily, "To right they are." She picked up her goblet and took a sip of juice. "They should never mess with a smart witch, especially one that has connections to the Marauders," she added, laughing.

Harry laughed as well and said, "Just make sure you get some pictures of them, it would be nice to see them being the butt of the jokes for once." They all started laughing at the idea of Fred and George getting pranked for once.

Ron wiped away a tear of laughter and said, "Hey maybe we should get Ginny in on this as well, they have pranked her rotten ever since she was little."

Hermione agreed and said, "Yes we should, I'll go and talk to her later. I know she will want to help us, watch out twin here we come." With that they started to laugh once again.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the Mudblood, Weasel and Scar face. Looking forward to a dirt poor holiday Weasel," came the arrogant 'holier than thou voice' of Draco Malfoy.

Ron scowled at him and replied calmly, "Well, at least my father will be home for Christmas, heard yours was still in Azkaban. Do they give presents out in there, please ask him when you next see him."

Harry silently cheered at Ron for not getting himself in trouble by using his wand or his fist. "Go away Malfoy, you are putting a dampener on everyone's mood. It's Christmas and everyone is supposed to be happy, but as usual you come in and the mood takes a nose dive to the floor, but then again with your face I think it went past even the dungeons," Hermione said, before Harry could have his say.

Draco looked horrified at being spoken to. "Shut up Weasel, Mudblood. You two don't know anything. You Mudblood don't have the right or the class to talk to someone like me," he said arrogantly, looking down his nose at the three friends.

"You're right of course, why would I want to talk to a little bug like you. Good bye Malfoy, you poor pathetic little creature," Hermione said, as she calmly drank some juice.

Harry silently applauded Hermione as well, it was a very nice retort to Malfoy's talk. Finally he had also had enough of Malfoy's stupid talk. "Malfoy go away and stop being such a prick, you are too childish and immature to even be near us. Oh, you're the one with no class, you stand there insulting people, and when they stick up for themselves you try and put them down. Sorry Malfoy, it doesn't work like that. We are more grown up now, however by the sound of things you still need to do some. So go away you worthless little ferret, hmm, maybe I should take a leaf out of 'Mad Eye Moody's book'. One nice bouncing ferret coming up," he said, looking Draco dead in the eye and slowly pulling his wand out of his pocket.

Draco went white and wide eyed when Harry mentioned being turned into a ferret. He finally stalked away, muttering about filthy Mudbloods and how they should be killed, as well as idiots like Moody. Harry, Ron and Hermione rolled their eyes at his idle mutterings, Draco had been saying the same thing for years. They wished that he would grow up one day, hopefully soon. They watched as Draco disappeared out of the Great Hall. They turned back to one another and started to talk again.

Ron smiled at Harry and said appraisingly, "Nice one, love the ferret remark." Hermione and Ron started to laugh as they remember the look of wide eyed shock at what Harry had said to him.

Harry snorted and said, "Well it's true, he is being childish and immature. I couldn't help adding Moody's way of dealing with the idiot."

They continued talking as they ate their dinner. Finally they finished, the Hall was nearly empty now. "Well do any of you two have any packing left to do," Harry asked, as they got up from the table.

Ron looked sheepish and replied, "Yeah I have some, it's not a lot though only a little bit." Trying to explain and failing miserably.

Hermione shook her head in exasperation and said, "Honestly Ron, I thought you would know better by now."

Harry laughed at the pair and they began to make their way out of the Great Hall. Harry heard a whispered voice from behind him as Hermione and Ron reached the large door. Harry a few steps behind them turned to try and find the voice. He say Draco Malfoy walk towards him.

"Hope you like you like the past Potter!" Draco said, as they came face to face with each other.

Hermione and Ron had noticed that Harry was lagging behind went back for him and seeing Malfoy casting a spell. "What the hell do you think you are doing Malfoy, get away from him," Hermione shouted at Draco, as she and Ron came back through the door.

Harry looked puzzled and asked Draco forcefully, "What the hell do you mean Malfoy?"

Hermione gasped when she realised what Draco was saying, "The time turner, remember we are not to go near our past selves, remember that Harry. It could mean disaster," she shouted to Harry.

"When your past self see your future self you become mad," Draco said with a smirk plastered onto his face. "Rursus Tempus..." before Draco could say the final word, hora. Light shot out of his wand and flew straight for Harry.

The rainbow of light hit him surrounding him and embracing him gently. The light got brighter until Harry had to close his eyes against it. He felt himself being pulled somewhere. "What the hell!" Harry shouted, as he opened his eyes when the light finally dulled enough for him to do so. He looked around him. He remembered Hermione's words to stay away from his past self. What he didn't know was the spell had gone wrong.

He was in a corridor of colours, it shimmered around him. On ocassions the rainbow shone brighter here and there, before it dulled back to normal. The whirlwind of colours closed in on him, wrapping him in their gentle caress. 'Where do you want to go?' voices whispered in his ear. 'Who do you want to see?' they whispered a new question. The rainbow swirled closer to him enclosing him in, everything went smaller. Harry felt like he couldn't breath, as the rainbows hold became tighter around him. He struggled to get free, wasting what little energy was left. His last breath was squeezed from him and all thoughts faded to black, as the calm and welcomed embrace of unconsciousness descended upon him.

Hora hour

Tempus time

Rursus back

So basically Draco was trying to say back time hour or back in time by an hour. But he hesitated with the hour bit so it was just back in time.

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