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Time Paradox

Chapter Twenty

Missing Part Two

Harry groaned as his eyes fluttered open slightly. He moved his head a little to look around, he could see someone else lying nearby. His eyes went wide as he realised what was going on, what had happened to make him end up here. Harry tired to move, to get up, just in case the vampire that had fallen into the underground stream was still alive. He didn't think so since he remembered fighting the man as they struggled in the fast water flow.

Harry moaned as he body shivered at the cold seeping into his bones. He fell back to the hard ground as the world around him began to swim and blur. Everything soon faded to black and Harry was once again unconscious lying on the bank of a river. The cold of the night enveloped him, casing him to shiver even though he was unconscious.


Auror Zeon Shacklebolt stood beside the cave entrance, one of the other Auror's had just walked back out.

"Sir, I've tracked the underground streams, they are fast moving." He said as he gave Zeon the report.

"Have you found any more of them?" he then asked, as he looked around at the group of Auror's that were beginning to surround him.

"Yes sir, there are four possible places where he could come out, there is one which is more of a dead end, Auror Potter-Riddle would not survive if he went that way." He added to his report.

"Right, I want teams of three apparating to each location. Mason and Jerris, with me." He ordered as they all teamed up.

Pops sounded as people apparated out, going to one of the four locations. Mason and Jerris went over to Zeon and they apparated away.

The landed in mud, the slight light from the quarter moon was there only light until the three of them used their wands and cast Lumos. The three looked around and saw a body dressed mostly in black, not the dark red of the Auror robes. Jerris went forwards and looked the body over.

"It's one of the missing vampire's Sir," she said as she looked up.

"Keep looking around, Potter may still be here." Zeon told them as they split up and started to search.

Slipping and sliding in the mud, they searched. It was only five minutes later when Mason shouted for the two of them to go to him.

"Sir, it's potter." He shouted as the two made their way towards him.

Zeon did the medic spells to check him over, to make sure it would be all right to move him and apparate out. "Right, he is good to go, I'll take him straight to St Mungo's, I want you two to take the vampire to the ministry." He told the other two.

"Yes Sir," they nodded as they went back over to the body of the Vampire.

Zeon apparated out and took Harry with him. Leaving Mason and Jerris behind to take care of the Vampire's corpse.


Zeon had just left the hospital, with Harry being treated by the staff there. He was once again standing outside the orphanage, this time he has some good news for Tom and little Molly. He knocked loudly on the door and waited for someone to come and answer it.

The door creaked open and Minerva looked out, "Hello Auror Shacklebolt, is there any new?" she asked as she opened the door fully.

"Yes, can I speak with Tom please." He requested softly, a slight smile on his face, letting the young woman know that the news he had was good news.

She smiled back to him and let him in, she closed the front door and led him to the private rooms where Tom, Harry and Molly lived as a family. She opened the door and let him go through.

Zeon walked in and saw that Tom was curled on the couch, Molly held tight in his arms, as though he was fearful that something would happened to her and she would disappeared. Minerva walked in behind him, in case she was needed for something.

"Tom," he called softly as tom turned towards the voice, "We've found Harry, he's at St Mungo's at the moment."

"You… oh thank Merlin, thank you," Tom said as he stood up, Molly still in his arms. "Minnie, can you take Molly for a little while. I… I need to go to Harry." He stammered.

"Of course," she smiled as she took the little girl from her fathers' arms.

Tom grabbed a cloak and following Zeon out of the orphanage and to the hospital, where Harry was being treated.


Tom remained by Harry's side as he waited for his husband to wake up. The young man had been told that Harry was in a healing coma for at least a week. He had lost quiet a bit of blood and had several broken ribs, broken bones and was suffering from the beginnings of hypothermia.

It was almost two weeks when Harry finally woke up. Tom held his hand within his; Harry opened his eyes and turned to face his husband.

"Hey," he croaked a little, his throat dry.

Tom reached over and picked up the small cup of water and helped Harry drink a little of it. "You worried me," he told his husband.

"I'm sorry," Harry smiled softly.

Tom took a deep breath, to try and stop his temper, "sorry is not enough sometimes Harry, I worried so much, I thought I would never see you again, and what about Molly. I know being an Auror is what you want to be and I will leave you be, but please Harry, please take more care of yourself, I don't want to see Zeon walking up the drive once again telling me that you are missing, or maybe even killed." He pleaded with him.

"I'm sorry, so sorry Tom, I know it's a worry. But I feel as though I am doing what I truly need to do in this life, do you understand, your calling is the orphanage, mine is protecting the people around me, everyone." Harry said quietly.

"I know, that's why I wont tell you to quit." Tom smiled a little as he brushed Harry's wild hair out of his eyes. "Now go back to sleep for a while, and hurry up and get better, Molly is missing you, she wants he daddy back."

Harry nodded; let his eyes close and drifted off to a more natural sleep. Tom sighed softly as he continued to hold Harry's hand. 'Don't leave me Harry, never leave me, I don't think I could cope without you.' He thought to himself as he looked at Harry's sleeping face.

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