Don't Leave me Alone

A few notes: This is slightly AU...then again I guess most fanfiction is AU.

Anyway, the most important thing to know is that Itachi is in Konoha. More about this will be explained as the story goes on, but just realize that he is living there and that he is going to be a main part of this story, but not the way you would think.

This is going to be a lemon/limeish type story but those chapters will be put in a different place so younger readers are protected.

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Sasuke lay curled up against his lover, one arm draped around the chest of the man who had claimed him as his own. He wanted to just lay like this forever. He could hear the sounds of a morning in Konoha outside the window and he knew that he would have to rise soon. Neighbors were yelling their hellos to friends that passed by, the morning birds were chirping as they flew from building to building in search of food, and the sounds of children headed to school flouted up from the street. Sasuke kept his eyes shut, not wanting to accept that daylight was streaming through the window at the head of the bed and casting a warm glow upon the white sheets that were wrapped around the two bodies that occupied it.

Burying his face in the naked side of the man that was still sleeping soundly beside him, hoping that he might continue to stay like this for the rest of the day and into the next night. He knew however that his lover's internal clock would rise him within the next few minutes and they would be forced to rise. Sasuke decided to relish these last few moments, snuggling as close to him as he could.

A groan of waking escaped from the lips of the beside Sasuke and he felt an arm get wrapped around him as the man rolled over and gathered his young lover closer. Sasuke happily pressed himself against his chest, nuzzling his chest with his nose.

"Morning comes too soon..." the deep and sexy voice sent shivers down Sasuke's spine. Sasuke couldn't agree more with the statement.

"Then let's ignore it..." Sasuke mumbled into the sweet smelling skin of the man's chest.

"You know as well as I do that we can't." Sasuke whined a little as the arms were removed and the man next to him sat up in bed. He also sat up though, knowing he couldn't argue.

Warm and soft lips pressed gently against Sasuke's as he sat up. He wrapped his arms around his lover as he started to kiss him back a little hungrily, but before it could go to far the man broke it with an amused smile. "Good morning to you too."

Sasuke pouted a little and watched as the man stood up, the sun catching his naked body as he walked across the room to his dresser to get some clothes. Sasuke stayed in bed, knowing his clothes were laying in a pile right next to the bed and in no hurry to put them on. He had to return to his own home to get some clean ones, but there was still a slight sliver of hope that he wouldn't have to and they would just go back to bed.

"Why do we have to get up Kakashi? Can't we just stay here...we don't have any missions today." Sasuke kept his eyes attached to the body of Kakashi as he watched him slowly getting dressed.

Kakashi chuckled a little, "We don't know if we have missions until we go and see the Hokage. You better get up before Naruto or someone shows up wondering what is taking us so long."

Sasuke sighed and slid his feet to the floor, bending down to pick up his clothes. "Naruto couldn't care less where I was and you are always late anyway so he won't come looking for you." He stood up and started to get dressed as well.

"True...but you never know." Kakashi walked over to pick up his kunai that were sitting on the bedside table and put a hand on Sasuke's head, ruffling his hair affectionately. "Stop complaining. We go through this every morning. I didn't realize you were so lazy Sasuke-kun." Kakashi said with a playful wink. Sasuke looked up at him, admiring the handsome face. He was amazing to look at, despite the painful scar that ran across the Sharingan eye.

"I just want to stay with you...its not laziness." Sasuke finished getting dressed, wrapping the head protector around his forehead. Kakashi removed his hand from Sasuke's hair and walked to the mirror to finish getting ready. He started to put on his mask. "You should leave that off..."

"Only you are allowed to see my face Sasuke. You should feel honored," the playful smile once again appeared on Kakashi's face as he looked at Sasuke through the mirror.

Sasuke actually did feel a little pleased with that and walked over to the door. "I need to get some clean clothes and then I'll meet you at the bridge." Kakashi put his hand out and grabbed Sasuke's arm as he was reaching for the door knob. Kakashi pulled the mask down a little so that his mouth was revealed and he kissed Sasuke for the briefest of moments before releasing his arm.

"You can't just leave without a goodbye kiss." Kakashi replaced the mask and stood back to look in the mirror again. "you're so adorable Sasuke-kun when your hair is standing up like that when you first wake up."

Sasuke blushed a little and hurried from the room, hearing Kakashi laughing softly as he left. Sasuke hated it when Kakashi attached the kun to his name when they were alone. It made him feel young and innocent...both of which he didn't feel applied to him. But sometimes Kakashi did it, in order to tease him. And he always attached it when they were around the rest of Team 7. He didn't want anything to appear out of the ordinary when the others were around. Their relationship was a secret and had been for several weeks now. Sasuke tried to smooth his hair down as he hurried towards his house, trying not to be seen by anyone he knew. They had both done their best to keep their feelings hidden, not sure how everyone would react had they known about them.

As Sasuke entered his home he almost ran right into Itachi because he had been thinking about Kakashi, a blush still turning his cheeks a slight pink. As he came in contact with the hard chest of his brother he fell backwards a few steps before regaining his balance. He stared up at his brother a little angrily, ashamed that he had been caught off guard, as well as caught coming into his home in his current rumpled state. "What are you doing here Itachi?"

Itachi stared down at his brother, his face blank and his eyes a dull black. "Waiting for you. Where have you been little brother?"

Sasuke pushed past him and headed towards his room. "What do you care? It's none of your business anyway."

Itachi looked over his shoulder and watched as Sasuke stormed towards his room. "He'll hurt you eventually you know. They always do."

Sasuke came to an abrupt stop and spun around, facing his brother with a stunned and confused expression on his face. "W-what are you talking about??"

"Kakashi will hurt you. A lover can not be faithful forever." Itachi still held the same blank expression, looking slightly bored with the whole conversation that he had started.

"How do you know about that!?!" Sasuke half ran back to the side of his brother. When he reached him he stared up at him, a mix of fear and surprise now distorting his young features.

"I know you too well foolish little brother. You can't hide anything from me. I warn you to be careful and not get too attached. We all know how lucky you are when it comes to losing loved ones." Itachi turned and started to head towards the door.

"Losing loved ones has always been all your fault! If you screw this up Itachi or take him away from me in anyway, I'll kill you!" Sasuke balled his hands into fists, his body trembling slightly from the fear and anger that were cursing through his body as he stared at the back of the man that he still couldn't decide if he admired, loved, feared, or hated.

"You have said that to me before and yet I'm still standing here. Try your best little brother. But fear not. I won't be the one to take this one from you. I'm sure he'll do that all on his own." Itachi opened the door and left without looking at Sasuke again.

Sasuke stared at the closed door in shock. Itachi was up to something, he knew it. He just wished he was strong enough to do something about it. Ever since his brother had been allowed to stay on the outskirts of Konoha, Sasuke has been a mess of confused emotions. He had been mad at the council for allowing him anywhere near Konoha, and he was angry at himself for not being able to do what he had vowed to do since the deaths of his family so many years ago. Sasuke not battled with emotions for his brother that he had hoped had died with his family when he was a child. Deep down he still respected and loved his brother, but the bitterness, fear, and hatred raged in his heart as well.

Not wanting to think about his brother any more he turned and ran down the hall, slamming into his bedroom to get ready. He needed to see Kakashi again, and as soon as possible.


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