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The next day, Kakashi was seated in bed, his arm draped lazily around Sasuke as the afternoon sun started to pour in his window. Kakash was watching the boy slep peacefully, his head in Kakashi's lap. As Sasuke started to wake he turned his head a little, wanting to bury his face in order to block some of the light from his eyes. Kakashi said quietly, "Be careful…don't do anything perverted, we have guests."

Sasuke mumbled something incoherent in a half-asleep state, not fully grasping what Kakashi had said. It slowly started to sink in, and a few seconds later he jerked up into a sitting position in surprise. He looked around quickly and immediately spotted Jiraiya and Tsunade sitting in the couch that Sasuke had slept in that one night. His face turned a bright shade of red and he slid under the covers quickly, covering his head with the sheet.

Kakashi snickered, "I said not to be perverted…OW!" Kakashi winced as he felt a pinch in his side. "Kidding geez…" He grinned at his two guests. They also gave the lump beneath the sheets an amused look.

"Don't be so embarrassed Sasuke…we think you two are adorable," Tsunade coed with a smile. She wasn't normally one to be awed by anything cute, but the sight of the sleeping Sasuke and the look on Kakashi's face as he had watched his young lover had made even her gush a little. She had been a little surprised when Jiraiya had even remarked at how peaceful the young Uchiha had looked as he had slept.

Tsunade knew just how much Sasuke needed someone after all he had been through. The fact that it was a male and his teacher that he had found comfort in was something that she knew would probably be frowned upon by normal society, but she was pleased that Sasuke had someone to turn to now.

Sasuke stayed hidden, planning to not emerge until he was sure his face had returned to its normal color.

Jiraiya decided to continue the conversation they had been having prior to Sasuke's waking up, in the hopes that it might calm the younger ninja. "The men said that Itachi provided them with the information and delivered the letter to Tsunade's office, but that was as far as his involvement went. Apparently he had warned them that if they went after Sasuke he would kill them, but they didn't listen."

Sasuke listened silently as Kakashi spoke, "So why did he even help them?"

Tsunade shrugged a little, "Apparently he just wanted you out of the way. He didn't want anyone else to get close to Sasuke."

Sasuke slowly emerged from his hiding place. He looked angrily down at the sheets as he gripped them tightly, "Why can't he just let me be happy? Why does he do these kinds of things?

Tsunade shook her head, "Who knows what is going through his head…"

"I'm going to kill him. I won't let him do this anymore." Sasuke stopped as he felt Kakashi's hand on his head. He turned his head and looked up at his lover who was smiling down at him.

"He won't. I won't let him hurt you ever again," Kakashi said quietly, wrapping his arm around Sasuke's shoulders and hugging him close.

Tsunade smiled slightly and nudged Jiraiya, "Its like one of your crappy novels."

"Only its two men. Now if Sasuke was a sexy big-breasted blond like you then this would be perfect. I think I may have my next story!" Jiraiya grinned but that didn't last long as Tsunade punched him hard enough to send him flying across the room. He crashed in the wall hard, leaving a significant dent in it. "ow ow ow…"

Tsunade held up her fist and glared at Jiraiya, "Pervert."

Kakashi grinned, "Don't hurt him too bad. I'm going to be waiting anxiously for that novel."

Sasuke growled and pinched Kakashi in the side, "You don't need some stupid new porn novel."

Kakashi leaned over and whispered in Sasuke's ear, "Where do you think I get all my ideas for us from?"

Sasuke blushed brightly and glanced over at Tsunade to make sure she hadn't heard what he had said. Luckily she was still arguing with Jiraiya. Kakashi laughed a little and kissed Sasuke's forehead which immediately calmed Sasuke's anxieties. He laid his head against Kakashi's chest and closed his eyes. Kakashi gave him a little squeeze.

Tsunade noticed all this and stood up. She walked over to Jiraiya and grabbed his collar, dragging him towards the door. "I think we should leave you two alone now. Come on pervert."

Jiraiya waved as he was dragged, a large smile on his face. "See you later…much later I'm assuming."

Sasuke buried his face once again in Kakashi's chest, trying to hide the blush. Kakashi just smiled and waved, "Bye, thanks for visiting."

Tsunade stopped at the door and looked over her shoulder at them, "Don't stay in bed all day. There are others that are waiting to see you now that you have recovered. The rest of your team is anxiously waiting for some sign that they are allowed to visit."

"Yeah, Naruto is about ready to explode. Please let him visit before he drives me up the wall," Jiraiya grumbled.

Kakashi agreed and Tsunade reached for the door handle. As she opened the door she paused and looked at them again. "I would still be careful if I was you. Making your relationship public knowledge might not be a good idea. Most of society will probably not approve of your relationship."

Jiraiya looked at them seriously as well, "We may accept it, but there are many that will look at the age difference and look at the fact you are both male and raise a lot of hell over it. Just try to lay low for awhile."

Kakashi nodded, "We know. None of what happened will change the way we do things. We know the consequences. No matter what happens, no matter if everyone finds out, we will still love each other and should the time come where we have to chose between the village and our relationship, then we will do what our hearts tell us to."

Sasuke looked up at Kakashi, a slightly shocked expression on his face. Kakashi had never talked about them like that to anyone and hearing him actually say that he loved him in front of Jiraiya and Tsunade was almost enough to make his heart leap from his chest. He realized for the first time just how much he wanted to be able to be with Kakashi openly and how having people finally know the secret was a weight lifted off of them. He knew that they would have to continue being together in secret, but at least he could rely on Jiraiya or Tsunade to be there for them if they were needed.

Tsunade nodded, "Your secret is safe with us. Let us hope you never have to make that choice."

"Yeah, because it would be terrible to lose two fine ninjas," Jiraiya smiled and Tsunade once again started to drag him out the door. He waved as the door shot behind him.

Sasuke continued to stare up at Kakashi. Kakashi looked down at him and raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong? Why such an odd expression?"

Sasuke wrapped his arms around Kakashi and hugged him tight, laying his head on Kakashi's chest again. "You said you loved me."

"I always say it." Kakashi looked slightly confused

Sasuke shook his head, "but never in front of anyone. That makes me surprisingly happy."

Kakashi smiled softly and put his hand on Sasuke's head, "I wish I could shout it to the whole world. Maybe someday I can."

Sasuke blushed and looked up at him, "I wouldn't go that far."

"Aw why not? Don't you love me enough to shout it from the rooftops?" Kakashi was joking with him but Sasuke gave him a serious look.

"I love you more then anything. I don't want you to ever think otherwise…its just…" Sasuke looked away sadly, "So many people would disapprove and it would force us apart, I'm sure of it."

Kakashi embraced Sasuke again, giving him a comforting squeeze, "I'll never let them take you from me. No matter what anyone says, there is nothing wrong with us being together. You should be allowed to be with the one you love, no matter who they are."

Sasuke smiled and rested comfortably against his lover. "Yeah…Maybe someday we can tell Naruto and Sakura."

Kakashi grinned, "Only if you really want to break Sakura's heart."

Sasuke flinched, "True. Maybe we should wait awhile for that then."

They were quiet for a few minutes, just enjoying each others presence. Sasuke closed his eyes and wished that they could stay like that forever. He had never felt more peaceful and happy in his life and he didn't want that feeling to ever go away.

"Should we enjoy the day in bed, or should we do what Tsunade said and go visiting?" Kakashi said softly as he petted Sasuke's hair gently.

Sasuke didn't move away, "They can wait one more day…maybe more."

"That is very greedy of you Sasuke-kun," Kakashi smiled teasingly.

"You really shouldn't go out yet. You don't have your strength back yet. And I think I'm developing a cold…" Sasuke puts his hand to his forehead, "Yes, definitely a fever. I certainly shouldn't go outside.

"You are a bad boy."

"Are you going to punish me for it?" Sasuke sat up and smirked a little.

"Perhaps…or perhaps I'll reward you," Kakashi leaned over and pressed his lips roughly against Sasukes, kissing him aggressively. When they broke they were both breathless. They smiled at each other as they caught their breath. Kakashi brought his hand to Sasuke's face and caressed his cheek, "You are so adorable."

Sasuke snickered, "I didn't realize you had a fetish for cute things."

"I don't. You are the only cute thing I love," Kakashi smiled and leaned over, kissing Sasuke's forehead.

"I never considered myself cute before."

"Well you are, among other things. So just accept it." They smiled at each other before Sasuke curled up against Kakashi again. Sasuke closed his eyes and snuggled as close as he could get. Kakashi held him close and closed his eyes as well as he just enjoyed the feeling of Sasuke in his arms.

The afternoon sun rose higher in the sky and it was bright as it beat into the window of Kakashi's room. But neither of them cared as they continued to be together with no intentions of leaving the room for quite sometime. They wanted to enjoy their time together for as long as they could before they had to go back to hiding their true feelings from the rest of the world. After all they had been through lately; as far as they were concerned the rest of the world could wait for one more day.

The end.