No idea where it came from, but I kinda like it... It's kinda obvious who the narrator is. :p Reviews!

No own. Deal with it.


Silver haired darkness, turn your eyes on me.
Show me the things you want me to see.
Take away my freedom, leave me in tears,
Take away my dreams, give me your fears.

Tatter-winged angel, broken and sore,
Can you ever be how you were before?
Someone once told me you used to be kind
Before the Almighty Pharaoh got a hold of your mind.

Eyes of the darkness, in the shadows you bathe.
Come and take me, I am only your slave.
Break me, remake me, I'll always forgive,
Drinking my pain may teach you to live.

Hurting heart hidden, no one else can see,
But you can never hide your feelings from me.
Others may condemn you, but I will only care
For my yami, dear yami, with the blood-stained silver hair.