Disclaimer- I don't own the stargate, its characters, or any of it in fact. I just write fics about them.

Season- Season 7, before Evolution.

Summary- SG1 go on a mission, they get into trouble. I really don't know much more than that myself, and the little I know, you aren't hearing :-)


Daniel Jackson sighed, mentally waving goodbye to his early morning cup of coffee as he turned round.

"Jack?" His friend was walking, well, jogging, down the corridor towards him, an overly cheerful smile on his face.

"On your way to the briefing?" Okay, Jack early? Something's up.

"Actually I was going to-"

"Good, me too!" Jack interrupted, seemingly oblivious to Daniel's efforts. Daniel knew however he was deliberately ignoring him. "Jack."


"Who are you hiding from?" Jack sighed.


Okaaay, "Teal'c?"

"Yes Daniel, Teal'c. Happy now?" Jack was ushering him along the corridor, a watchful eye roaming the halls.

"Ummm why?"

"We made a bet."

"What-ah!" He was suddenly pulled rather strongly through a nearby door, one of the science labs. The scientist in residence looked up rather startled as Jack made a 'quiet!' sign at him. Daniel shrugged sympathetically. A clunk of boots was heard outside as someone walked past, Jack didn't release his grip on Daniel's sleeve, or his death glare on the unfortunate scientist until the noise had completely faded away. "Jack?" His (erstwhile) friend sighed.

"Teal'c claimed I wasn't as….sneaky as I used to be."

Slightly incredulous "Teal'c said that?"

"Well…no. He did that eyebrow thing and covered it up with a lot of jaffa mumbo jumbo but basically yes, he said I'm not as sneaky!"


"So I bet him mid-watch on our next mission that I could get to the briefing without him seeing me this morning."

"Why?" Jack sighed again. He was getting irritable in his old…better not finish that thought.

"To prove a point Daniel."

"Why? I mean-Oh never mind." If jack glared at him any harder he'd probably turn to dust. Or stone. Hmm that could be fun. "So how are you planning to get there without Teal'c spotting you? I mean there are cameras all over the mountain." Jack waved dismissively,

"Teal'c wouldn't look at the cameras. It's not honourable enough for him."

"On the contrary, O'Neill," Jack spun round, an incredulous look painting his features, Daniel repressed a smile with difficulty, "The Jaffa value honour, not stupidity." Teal'c stepped into the room, a satisfied smile on his face. "I believe I have won the bet O'Neill." Daniel waited nervously for Jack's reaction.

"Fine!" Jack walked out past Teal'c, reminding Daniel (and not for the first time) of a petulant child. In the doorway he turned round, "But Teal'c, you have completely ruined what little faith I had in my own ability to be…sneaky." With that, Daniel watched his friend virtually stomp down the hall. Teal'c was watching with amusement evident on his face.

"I believe O'Neill is most displeased Daniel Jackson." Daniel suppressed a smirk.

"Yeah well, you know how Jack hates mid-watch." He remembered they weren't alone, and turned back to the scientist who was looking distinctly red against his white lab coat. "Shall we…"

"I believe we should proceed to the briefing Daniel Jackson." Daniel nodded,

"Thought so." Following Teal'c at a quick pace, eager to escape the disgruntled scientist, Daniel couldn't help reflecting, 'This is going to be an interesting day.'

Jack strolled casually into the debriefing, "Carter." He acknowledged, nodding at his 2IC who smiled back at him. "Sir." He sat down opposite her and was about to speak as Teal'c and Daniel came in. Remembering the Jaffa's sneakiness, he aimed a glare at Teal'c as they seated themselves.

"Hey Daniel, Teal'c." Carter greeted them cheerfully; he ought to ask Carter her opinion. He was special ops trained for crying out loud! Surely he was sneakier than a Jaffa who was at least twice his weight and age.

Age, what an unpleasant concept.

Maybe that was it, he was getting too old. Heck, he'd retired before. He'd only come back because they needed him. But was that really true anymore? They had allies now, ships capable of well, okay not defending earth yet, but putting up one hell of a fight. Earth might not be safe, but it was getting there.

On the other hand, why on earth (or any other planet) would he want to give this up?

Oh yeah, the dying, torture, slavery etc.

Well, no job's perfect.

Hammond walked in, "Good morning SG1." And another wonderful work day was beginning.

Major Samantha Carter listened intently to the briefing. Apparently a MALP had found P3X-149 suitable for study. Breathable oxygen, moderate temperature etc. Most interestingly a UVA had located a small settlement about 2 clicks from the gate. A rainstorm had meant the UAV couldn't get any decent pictures, but any type of civilisation was interesting off-world. It meant she could do something other than take soil samples or stand watch. As lucky as she acknowledged herself to be in having the opportunity to go through the gate, millions of miles away from earth, work could still get dull.

"Here is the footage from the UAV" General Hammond was saying, directing their attention to the screen. Firstly all that could be seen was the usual "Ah trees!" as the Colonel said. Then mixed in with some unfortunate cloud cover, some structures, rather like thatched cottages could be made out. The images were blurry due to the rain, but a large fire in the centre of the structures was visible, something was being burnt on it. People, who (thankfully) looked human, were distinguishable as smaller dots, headed in groups to the buildings. The footage ended abruptly as the UAV turned round; General Hammond switched it off.

"Any ideas Doctor Jackson?" Daniel looked up in that rather bemused way he had when he'd been concentrating on something.

"Well judging by the structures, I'd estimate mid 19th century development, most likely of earth origin. I can't really tell you a lot more tell we get a closer look."

"You can get that later today, you embark at 1500, dismissed!" Sam rose to her feet, grinning at Daniel who smiled back.

This could be fun.