Me: Ok. I've always wanted to write an Eclair and Homard story so I'm writing one!

Erk: Yeah. All the stuff you do sucks soo...

Me: You're SO cruel...

Erk: Thank you.

Me: Anyway, It will start out as Homard's point of view when he's little. Then it'll go to Éclair and all that...

Ch.1 Anguish

"Potemkin." Homard's father told him over and over, "Listen to me. You don't have a choice. You have to do this."

Homard just turned at his fathers call. He didn't what to go through this. "That's great Father. You are going to sit there and watch me throw my entire life away? And I told you, call me Homard." He made a face.

"You have to take this more seriously." He crossed his arms. "Studying to be king may be hard, but you have to do this."

"No." Homard shook his head.

"Do not disobey me! If I tell you to do it than do it!" His father yelled.

Homard looked at his father, tears welling up in his eyes and ran down the hall and into his room.


"At last... Dark energies are powerful enough..."


Homard plopped down on his bed. He didn't want to go through this... he wanted to be free. But was that really possible? Thoughts raced into his head. He didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, the skies turned black with fury the bright skies disappeared, and the brightness of light became pools of Darkness. Homard didn't really pay attention to this. He just thought that it was going to rain. Then a shriek of terror was heard from down the hall. Wondering what was going on, Homard got out of bed and looked to see what was going on.

"Help!!" a voice called. Homard instantly recognized that it was his mother's voice!

"Let her go!!" another voice sounded, it was a little deeper than his mother's...

"Father!! Mother!!" Homard called. He could hear the other shrieking and crying from the servants. But he didn't really care; he had to save his parents!

He soon realized that the cries were coming from the central ballroom. He took two swords from the armor down the hall; he didn't pay attention that they were his father's.

"Hohoho... Oh, you people are so funny; think that you can beat me? Ah, you are quite pathetic you know?"

Homard looked at all the things around him, wondering what to do. His mother was latched to a chair behind a very large demon! His head looked that of a human skull, sort of and had horns quite large.

"Mother!!! Father!!!" Homard called.

"Homard!!" His father bellowed, "Stand behind me!"

Homard rushed over to his father's side. He was so worried about his mother that if his father didn't call him over, he might have just rushed over to her. He handed the swords to his father. He wanted that demon to get out of the castle, and he knew that his father might be the only one in the entire area that could kill him.

"Hohoho," the demon laughed again, "You cannot defeat me. And, if you make one move, the woman gets it."

Homard's father didn't want to put his wife in danger, and he didn't want to risk it either.

"Ah, good you don't move. Well..."

Homard unfortunately didn't even care, he just ran straight to his mother.

"Oh, trying to get her back are we?" He shot poison from his mouth and was aiming for Homard!

"Homard!! Look out!!!" His father called.

Homard jumped in time to get the poison out of the way, but not enough time to get away from the demon's claws. It slashed him across his right eye.

"Ahh!!" Homard cried as he slipped across the floor.

Another spitball of poison was going for Homard! But before he knew it his father jumped in the way of the poison!

Of course that poison didn't do a lot to him, but the demon rammed up against him with his horns, breaking some of his ribs. With that his father collapsed to the floor.

"Father!!" Homard felt bitter tears stinging his eyes and the other eye that was attacked hurt more from bloody tears. All thought went back to that morning. All the things he said which he should not have came back. Why did he do this to his father? More and more questions bubbled up in his head. His mother gave a cry.

The demon looked at the entire room and said, "I believe that I've done enough damage. I shall take my leave." Soon, the demon brandished his mighty wings and flew off into the sky.

Homard didn't even care to look at the demon, and rushed to his father's side. "Father! Father!!" he cried. His father didn't answer.

Many servants came into the room later, performing lots of operations.

Homard stood there. His mother got untied and looked over at her husband. Knowing him, she just merely said that he was conserving energy by not moving. Of course, I'm also sure that she thought that she was quite worried about him, but I don't really feel it my place to say anything.

Homard felt mad about everything he had said that morning. He turned his head towards his father lying in his bed. He held his eye and saw all the blood in his hand. He once again began to cry.

"I'll get that demon for you father.... I swear it."

Me: I know that this is a little bad....

Erk: Told you.

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