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Ch. 3 The Air ship

"Ok, that's probably enough packing," said Homard as he looked at his almost stuffed bag. "That should do it, and if not, I'll buy some more." Homard took off the bandage that he had on his scarred eye. The eye was really swollen and his eye was so damaged, that the doctors of his castle said that he might never see through that eye again. Homard looked at the mirror in his bathroom. His eye was awful. Never had he seen something quite like that.

Homard opened a drawer and took out an eye patch. He smiled. Remembering that he had always wanted to be a pirate when he was little made him laugh, but it was never too late to give up. Homard put on the patch and his old pirate hat. He was ready to go.

"How do I get out of here...?" he asked himself. "I can't just walk out the door while saying, 'Hey mom! I'm gonna go find the demon that almost killed Dad ok? Bye!'". Homard looked out his window and sighed. "Aw man!" But then, just as he was about to give up, an idea struck him like lightning. "I'll climb out the window!" he exclaimed. "Nobody could find me then!" Homard took out some of his rope and looked down outside his window. It was a 200 ft. drop. He was glad he wasn't packing in his tower room where he usually is. "Not long enough!" He then ran out and got some sheets from his hallway closet. He tied each sheet to sheet and the last sheet to the rope. He grabbed his bag and lowered it out the window. As the bag touched the ground he began pulling back up the rope. "Ok," he said as he looked around his room. "What's really heavy in here?" He looked at the bed. "That should do it," he told himself as he tied the rope to the bottom leg of the bed. He tied the bottom sheet around his waist and climbed the ivy vines around the window. He soon realized that he had jump.

"Here goes nothing." Homard closed his eye and jumped. He couldn't scream because if anybody knew, he'd be in trouble! But he let out a small shrill. Before he knew it his feet were on the ground.

"Well that was fun," Homard sighed as he picked up his bag. "I need something to travel on... Maybe I could get something in the nearby town... Ok, which town is the closest? Greenville...ok! I'm off!"

As Homard walked toward the city of Greenville, he started to think about what he should do when he got there. He knew that he was going to get something to travel on like a boat or something but what else would be there? Homard never walked far from the castle before because when he did there were lots of monsters that threatened and almost even killed him. He also got grounded when he came home because his mother was worried sick about him.

"Greenville!" Homard exclaimed as he approached the beautiful city. It has been forever since the city has been seen by a noble other than Homard's father. No one ever really takes the time to come see the city.

Thousands of whispers met around him.

"The king's son!"

"Why is he here? He's not supposed to leave the castle!"

"I don't know..."

"Homard!" said a voice in the darkness. "Homard is it really you?"

Homard turned around, startled, he asked, "Uh... Who are you?"


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