The Missing-Nin

She left her family.

She left her life behind.

She left all of her friends.

She left Konoha.

But most importantly,

She left me.

The one who loved her for so many years.

Uzamaki Naruto.

I was so close...So close to her.

Haruno Sakura left Konoha.

She was my world, my everything.

And now, now this.

I hold her in my arms, large gashes over her body.

Her thin, fragile body.

Bleeding, Bleeding to death in my grasp.

"Sakura..Sakura please don't die..." I said through my sobs.

She smiled one last time before saying "I love you, Uzamaki Naruto..."

She died. There, in my hands. My heart ripped in two.

This is the story.

I awoke with a yawn one dreary morning. My then fragile body had become muscular and

strong over the years. I had forgotten my past so that I could focus on my duties as ANBU

captain. Well...Not all of it. I remember that night, that cold, dark night when she left us all. Her

once cheery and warm face, twisted with pain and emotion as she bid farewell before she left

her village. Her birth village. Kakashi-sensei had tried to stop her, stop her with everything he

had, but it was too late. She stepped over the boundaries and began her new life as a missing-

nin. God, how my heart hurt. Hurt with the burning sting of denial and rejection. I ran toward her
and cried out in agony and anguish as Sasuke held me back. I struggled against him, but my

crying made me weak. Sensei had told me that she would return one day, but I wouldn't listen. I
wanted her now. Oh God...How much I wanted her. I wanted to see her warm smile. I wanted

to hear her call out my name like she did when I would win a race or beat her at a bet. "Naruto!
Naruto!" her voice wouldn't go away. I clutched my head, but the voice wouldn't leave. I soon

felt my mind tearing as I saw her walk into the darkness. Now, I forgot the sound of her voice,

but how I wanted to remember...I sat on my bed and sighed. "I will find her..." I said quietly. I

got dressed quickly and didn't bother to have breakfast. I walked outside and breathed in a

deep breath of fresh air. It smelled familiar, as if the aroma was stuck in my memory. It smelled

like cherry blossoms. It smelled like Sakura. I looked up and smiled as I saw Sakura, walking

toward me, but my smile abandoned my face as I saw what was in her hand. Grasped tightly in

her fingers was a kunai, ready for attack. She smiled and we both stood our distance. "Im back,
Naruto-kun." she says, that taunting smile stuck on her lips. My eyes water slightly as I take a

step forward. "S...Sakura-chan..." I stuttered. "Is...Is it really you?" She smiles and shakes her

head. "No..." she whispers and disappears in a wisp of smoke. Damn... its my mind... Its

slipping, slowly but surely. Of course she wouldn't come back, not after all these years. I gritted

my teeth and shook my head. She wouldn't come back to this dump, she probably had so much
more where she was. Nothing was in Konoha. I trudged off into the fog of the early morning,

not having any missions to do today. I looked up at the mountain with all the faces of the past

hokages and sighed. My face has yet to be carved into it. Of course, I wasn't hokage, or at

least, not yet. My thoughts wandered as I saw the bridge that she crossed that on fateful night.

What would have happened if she didn't leave? Would it have worked out between us? My

maturity had skyrocketed since that night, I was no longer the clumsy, lightheaded oaf of a boy I
used to be. I am a man, with hopes to find the one who left me many years ago.