Title: Wolven

Thoughts 'this'

Telepathy this

Chapter 1

Yohji stumbled, clenching his teeth to hold back a cy as he jostled his broken arm. He'd had a solo mission that had gone bad; oh he took out the target, but had also gotten shot, stabbed and generally beaten up as well. "Bombay, this is Balinese." He spoke into his communicator. "Tell Manx I've gone to ground. See ya…when I see ya." Yohji gasped. As Omi started to protest, Yohji tugged the earpiece free, dropped it on the ground and then stepped on it.

He staggered through the back streets and alleys of Tokyo, trying to reach the small apartment he'd kept hidden from Kritiker for times when it was needed. 'Shit! I'm not gonna make it there before I shift.' Was the thought that ran through Yohji's head. He fell to his knees as he felt his human shape change to that of a beautiful blue-silver wolf with gold-green eyes.

In wolf form, Yohji continued to limp through the streets, staggering and falling on occasion when he put to much weight on his badly broken right foreleg. Finally, his strength gave out and he collapsed in the entrance of an alley. He had no idea how long he lay there bleeding, when voices roused him from his daze. His mind had shifted into wolf mode, which was more a combination of his human mind and the wolf instincts.

'Humans. Pain. Hurt. Flee.' Ran through his mind as he struggled to his feet. Unfortunately, he had lost to much blood, and it took all his strength just to stand. He put to much weight on his broken leg and yelped, barely keeping his feet as the footsteps of four people drew closer.

As they turned the corner, he swayed on his three good legs, fangs bared, body trembling on the verge of unconsciousness. Gold green eyes widened a fraction as he stared…at the assassin team called Schwartz.