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This chapter will most likely be the final chapter of wolven....I may do a sequel or even just several oneshots detailing life for Schwarz and Weiss after.... That has yet to be decided.

Chapter Twelve

The next morning found the two teams in the kitchen, seated around the table; all with coffee. Yohji and Schuldig were the only ones missing from the small gathering, the telepath and the wolf still asleep in Schu's bedroom.

"Why are you being so calm about this?" Omi directed the question to Crawford. "I mean.... We're all shocked, but you and the rest of Schwarz hardly seem phased."

It was Nagi who answered. "So Balinese is Myst. Big deal. Myst spent about four months with us. We got to know him...now we know a different part of him. It's the same for you. He's still Yohji, you just saw a side of him not many have seen."

The conversation continued, Nagi calmly explaining some of the same things Myst had explained to them, answering questions as best he could.

Meanwhile, in Schuldig's bedroom, Myst blearily opened his eyes to glare at the window. Carefully standing up, he stepped forward and gripped the cord for the blinds in his teeth and pulled them down before laying back down next to Schu. You're good at that- doing things without hands I mean. The telepath sent as he began petting Myst's fur.

I've had practice. It was difficult at first.... But I eventually got the hang of it. You would have enjoyed watching me in the beginning.... I made such huge messes at first. Ummm....we do need to talk, though. I didn't tell you something about the full moon.... The shapeshifter hesitated slightly.

I already know. You didn't shield your thoughts from me last night. The full moon is mating night, and wolves mate for life. I don't mind. It's nice, even. I care about you, a lot. I don't want to let you go. You're stuck with me for life, wolf. Schu projected, his fingers tangled in Myst's fur. He smiled slightly as Myst shifted back into Yohji, with a whispered "Your wolf. Only yours." Schuldig smirked as he pulled the honey blonde closer, one hand coming up to touch the collar the other man seemed to wear no matter which shape he held.

"You know, the only time I ever took it off was when we met in the woods? Other than that, I've worn it 24/7 since I left. It was my only tie to you, to the good memories of this place. I missed it, the sense of pack was stronger with Schwarz than it ever was with Weiss. Now, the whole pack is together, and it can stay that way. Estet considers you dead, and Kritiker want you to work for them....they want to combine Weiss and Schwarz. It's a good idea." Yohji murmured, wrapping his arms around the telepath, tucking his head into the redhead's shoulder.

Schu blinked at that, then smiled softly. "Go back to sleep, babe. We'll deal with Kritiker's offer later." He closed his eyes, sending a message to Brad about the offer, before joining his wolf in the land of dreams.

Things moved quickly from there. Schwarz accepted Kritiker's job offer, joining with Weiss to form the new team of Grau. The flowershop received two new employees (Schu and Nagi), and Weiss moved out of the rooms above the shop and into the mansion with Schwarz. Yohji and Schu happily roomed together, and Myst often wandered around the house, Yohji no longer worrying about hiding his 'gift'. Crawford and Aya, surprisingly, eventually ended up together, although no one was quite sure how that happened (and while Yohji knew something, he wasn't talking), while Omi and Nagi had an odd little thing going before they finally admitted they liked each other and got together. It took a while for the rest of Weiss to get used to the idea that their friend and teammate could turn into a gigantic wolf at will, but they eventually accepted it. Myst often made appearances on missions, Yohji often doing a partial shift that brought the wolf's senses out. It was very useful, the keen sense of smell letting them know if the path to the target was clear or not.

Manx stared at the scene before her, having come to collect a mission report. Omi and Nagi were busy patching up Aya, Farfie, and Ken, while Crawford was in the kitchen making tea. Schuldig was patching up Yohji, who was currently in wolf form (that happened quite a bit now, calling Yohji Myst, or Myst Yohji), bleeding from numerous cuts. It was the cat, Gypsy Queen, who brought everyone's attention to the Kritiker agent. Myst simply eyed her from his position sprawled on the floor, Schu simply nodded, with a telepathic hello, while Nagi and Omi barely acknowledged her. Brad simply handed her a mug of tea, and went into his office, while Ken waved, Farfie ignored her and Aya glared. Crawford emerged from his office with the mission report already neatly typed, and handed it to her, before heading back into the kitchen to make some food. Manx blinked, stunned as Myst stood after having been bandaged by his mate and proceeded to lick Schuldig's wounds, gently lapping away the blood. 'Oookay. I think I'll just leave now.' She thought, setting down the now empty cup of tea and slipping out the door.

And that was just how it went. Grau was pretty much left alone to do as they pleased, so long as the target was eliminated. Kritiker chose to ignore the team's odd quirks because put simply, Grau was the best they had, and that was good enough for them. Yohji would lie awake some nights, long after everyone was asleep, and smile. He had his pack, his mate, and his den. He was happy. He was Wolven.

The End