This story this going to be taking longer to update than my others. I'm basing my information on what's going to happen in the next few days..or

does that mean it'll be updated more freely..? Well, whichever happens.

Hurricane Frances hit North Carolina (where live) and caused really bad flooding, and knocked over a gas pump at a nearby gas station, so gasoline got into the water supply. We've had to drink water for the last week at school out of water bottles handed out, cause we couldn't drink out of the fountains.

Everyone kept saying "the water is contaminated" like it was some evil thing. That's where I got this idea.

It's started raining today because Hurricane Ivan is getting close, and it's supposed to be moving east, to where we are. Oh well, more flooding and more getting out of school. I'm sleeping in tomorrow morning

So this "chapter" is boring cause I'm explaining what you'll be seeing out of it. I hope it comes out okay. If I don't update much, I'm working on "Growing Pains" and possibly "Kingdom Hearts-Worlds Apart" too, so don't get impatient.

With love to all my reviewers,


PS, if you didn't figure this out by now, this is going to be a realistic fiction story based on the hurricanes and Resident Evil.