July, 1998

Raccoon Forest

Although Raccoon City ceased to exist, the forest in the outskirts of the ruined city still stood. A new city was in the process of Raccoons's place, and was actually very similiar to the original Raccoon City, and was, therefore, named Raccoon City as well. The city had been completed in construction months before the Raccoon Forest incident.

Within the forest had been numerous cases of massive animals that had attacked people traveling through the woods. Suspects were apparently eaten. Alpha Team of STARS was sent to investigate as to why so many people had gone missing, and a distress signal was soon sent out shortly after they touched down. When Bravo Team arrived over the forest by helicopter, they noticed mass amounts of smoke lingering into the Summer night air.

When Bravo Team saw that no one was inside of the helicopter, they paniced, especially the wuss of the group, Brad. Frightened by a group of dogs that ambushed Bravo, he flew the helicopter back into the sky, and Bravo was forced to take shelter at a nearby mansion, where they learned, once more, of Umbrella's terrors.

6 months later...

The Umbrella mansion had been eradicated, and many STARS members went their separate ways when the news tried to take the blame on STARS, and they were forced, rather, to go into hiding. Claire Redfield, Chris's fraternal sister, rode into the new Raccoon City, looking for her brother, when she was overran by the undead. She was saved by rookie RPD's Leon S. Kennedy, who took a bullet to an assaulting zombie's head. They managed to later escape via an underground railroad system set up by Umbrella, but the horrors were still not behind them.

Several days later...

Jill had been temporarily living in an apartment on the other side of Raccoon when she heard of the incident where zombies piled into the streets. Frustrated, she loaded her handgun and walked into the streets, casually dressed, not ready for the fight she was about to encounter. Matt, a friend of Alice's, had been infected as of weeks prior and escaped in the confusion. He had evolved due to the T-virus that had been injected into his veins, and mutated into a tall, mangled creature. It's original purpose was to take out zombies, but because STARS members had been firing at it, thinking it was a threat, it's new objective changed to kill any STARS members, and the program could not be reversed. He stalked Jill at every corner. She and Carlos became close when he helped her escape before sunrise when an atomic bomb was dropped on the city and leveling several others nearby.

3 months later...

The terror seemed as though it were over, but it had just begun for Claire. She snuck into Brahm's Umbrella Facility when she heard rumors that her brother was being kept there. Though she fought hard, she was arrested and sent to a desert island as a prisoner, when the familiar horror strikes again..

(To see the rest, you'll have to play Resident Evil: Code Veronica X if you haven't already. THE END)