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Long brown hair that ends just above where her leather pants begin, she twirls around as she pulls a blood-red halter top over her head. Arms outstretched, she laughs, and flings herself backwards onto her bed, bouncing slightly, only getting back up once she's stilled. Her blood crackles like fire, and the world is hers, exploding fireworks that sing messages of love and death.

In the back of her mind she knows Joyce wouldn't have approved, but Joyce was never her mother and she's dead, anyhow. But she's not, and she isn't going to act like it. She's done with being what everyone expects of her.

Climbing out the window, she runs to the corner where her girlfriend is waiting. Smiling, she kissed the other girl. Her kisses taste like pot and strawberries and Dawn wishes they could make a candy that tastes as good as her.

And as they enter the Bronze, she briefly remembers the fight she had with her sister that night, but then she dismisses it.

Buffy may not like her anymore, but Kit does.