(Disclaimer: This will be the third series I've written. The other two series, "Zell and Selphie" and "Growing Pains" at least had some thinking on it before hand, but in this series, it may take a bit longer for me to update. Another thing is, if I happen to say something that happens in the KH2 game, then I'm psychic or something because I'm basing this story on my own writing after Kairi and Sora are separated, so I hope it comes out well.)

Chapter 1-Suppressing the Tears

It had been a day after Kairi and Sora had separated, and Kairi wasn't taking it so well. She was almost always cheery, but now, she didn't think she could ever gain back that happiness. She was beginning to wonder if her happiness always came from Sora.

The morning sun rose, but it was still dim out, and everyone on the island slept. The sun was only beginning to peek over the calm waters of the sea. Her footsteps were drowned by the flowing waterfall by the caves, so no one heard her movements.

She entered the cave, the cave that she and Sora explored so many times, and she would often explore it with Riku, but he, too, had gone missing. How could she go without those two bickering at each other? She would walk into a different area and expect them to be nagging about something. Sora and Riku had always been great friends, but close rivals. Things just weren't the same.

She examined the writings on the walls. The walls were made of chalk stone, and Riku, Kairi, and Sora had often engraved many doodles and writings on these walls, but over the years, the writing became illegible. The cave was damp, so the pictures were beginning to dissolve away.

One image remained noticeable, and looked as though it had been worked on recently.

Kairi touched it, and some of the chalky substance came off on her fingers. Originally, it had just been a badly drawn doodle of Kairi and Sora, but now, maybe recently, a hand extending from Sora held a papu fruit to Kairi's face. Had Sora done this? A papu fruit was a sign of love, a rumor that if two people share the fruit, they become intertwined, and fall in love.

Kairi smiled, imagining seeing Sora drawing the star fruit, and having a big, mischievous grin on his face. A tear rolled down her cheek, and she took a piece of chalk into her hand, and drew a hand extending the fruit to Sora. She put the chalk down, and looked at her artwork. She kept seeing Sora's smile pressed into her mind. Her smile had faded, and she had to keep wiping away the tears, but she was confident that he would return soon.

She left the cave and returned to her home as the sun began to rise into the sky, and climbed into her bed, crying herself to sleep.