Harry Potter and the Denial of Bloodlines

Chapter 5


Harry slept fitfully that night, often screaming out against unseen attackers. Thankfully none were visions. It was after waking the house twice that he finally slept fisting the shirt of Remus and being soothed by Tonks. Neither left his side, choosing to sleep next to the distressed boy.

Harry woke with the sun, slipping gently from between his night's comforters. He padded down the stairs and into the kitchen. He wanted to make breakfast for his rescuers. Searching the pantry, he found the makings of a pancake breakfast with fruit and sausages. Tea in various flavors, the freshly brewed coffee, all was placed on the table. His assumptions that the aromas would wake the house were correct; it wasn't long before everyone was trailing their noses to the table. As the throng of caretakers arrived at the table, Harry continued to busy himself with the pumpkin juice and marmalade.

It was Harry who spoke first "eat up, don't worry it is not poisoned. I can cook you know." Fred and George were the first to unceremoniously plop they down and scarf ravenous amounts. Bill looked to Charlie as if to say 'better get some food before they eat it all.'

As if on cue to the completion of the meal Dumbledore arrived. Nobody even acknowledged his presence, shocking Harry greatly. Remus and Tonks had such looks of disappointment and anger on their faces that forced Dumbledore to tread softly. "Mr. Potter, now that you are awake, we can commence with the reading of the will." Harry's breath hitched, but Professor Dumbledore continued on not taking any notice. "If you will all join me in the library in twenty minutes, everyone should have arrived by then" and with that he popped out.

The look on the face of the youngest present was of great guilt and resignation. He spoke just a question "everyone?"

Arthur answered, "Everyone here was named in the will and is of age to inherit. Except you, but you are the primary beneficiary so you should be there. Do you want any of your friends here? Right now the Grangers are taking care of Ron and Ginny is at Luna's, but it would be no problem to the them here for you."

"No. Thank you, I really need to do this myself."

Slowly people filed into the library, Harry curled himself up tightly into a ball, perched on a chair in the corner as if to disappear. In his haste, Harry neglected to realize Aurelia's entry into the room.

As the room filled, Harry began to feel suffocated. Drowning. Foreign thoughts and emotions filtered through his mind. The will hadn't even begun to be read and Harry was panicking. His breath was shallow and rapid, hyperventilating, mind racing; pulse was pounding in his veins. Sadness, grief, anger, resentment, and love bombarded him. It was all he could do to stay conscious, yet none noticed his predicament except Aurelia.

He didn't hear her shout, or the reactions from those around him. The influx of confusion surrounding him only furthered his distress of the overwhelming emotions. "Stop." Ari cried, kneeling down in front of the older boy. Mumbling "come on Harry, focus" over and over with inserts of "deep breaths" and "concentrate on my voice" whilst opening his shirt to place the flat of her palm against his chest right over his heart. Her left hand grabbed his right hand to place his palm above her heart before letting her hand drift to his cheek. Eyes locked. Her muttering eased, her focus drawn along with his. Blocking out all else a blue glow surrounded the pair as she pushed calm to him; Harry slowly relaxed with the new influx. Aurelia had the awareness to tell those surrounding them to get out! Miraculously everyone obeyed, although rather reluctantly.

It was not until well after everyone left when she released his eyes and moved her hands. Allowing his hand to fall. No words were spoken for many minutes. As Ari drifted from the room he knew without words that she would return in mere moments.

Ari walked resolutely to the kitchen intent on a glass of water and a dreamless sleep potion for the older boy in the library. Her progress was, as predicted, impeded. But to her morals she followed through as she refused to answer any questions regarding the scene in the library claiming "it is Harry's thing to tell, I have no business spilling secrets that are not solely my own."

Regardless of her statement though, Dumbledore tried to pry it out of her using Legimancy, but it proved fruitless, as she was as skilled an Occlumens as Severus. Due to this she also had much trouble prying a dreamless sleep potion from Severus, but she pulled him aside to explain some things. He already knew much about her powers and talents, all it took was her statement that she would need to train Harry for him to catch on.

Ari returned to find Harry running his fingers through his jet-black hair and staring off into space, still curled into his corner chair. All it took was her touch on his cheek to break him out of his state.

She passed him the water, which he gulped like a dehydrated man, and then sat down next to him to await the questions she was sure would follow.

Visibly Harry appeared relaxed, but the waves that she could feel pouring off of him were clearly anything but. Aurelia stood, took his hand in hers and guided him to the plush couch. It took much coaxing but she was able to get him to lie down on his stomach. Her fingers played with the muscles on his back and shoulders, draining the tension.

The strange feelings knotting Harry's stomach were foreign to Harry. He reluctantly allowed Ari to relax him with her delicate fingers. Some of his tension was caused by her in the first place, her proximity did nothing to ease him at first, a girl he hardly knew did more to him than the one girl he dated. Granted she was beautiful and seemed to hold secrets of her own, but the overwhelming feeling that he could trust her with everything caused a lot of curiosity for the boy-who-lived. This red-headed beauty held answers, he didn't know why he knew this but he did.

The final release for Harry was when his angel began to sing… soft sweet melody filled his ears, calming every nerve, and stilling his thoughts as if a phoenix was singing to him. She was lovely, he voice only served to enhance her beauty in his eyes. And Harry knew he had fallen… in fact he was drowning.