Part 1: The Deconstruction

(Disclaimer: This story's plot, and title, was created by my best friend Lynn, I am simply turning her idea into a story.)

Purple clouds gathered and thunder claps roared through the dark and quiet night. Rain drops softly fell onto the earth but as the clouds grew darker, the thunder grew louder, the rain too grew stronger and the amount of rain increased tremendously.

Civilians casually walking quickened their pace in order to get to shelter and avoid from getting wet. Some children tried to stay out in the rain and play but they were quickly forced indoors by their parents. Traffic slowed drastically to avoid skidding off the road and crashing. For most cars it was already too late and traffic accidents occured in every direction.

But among the city's havoc, two young teenagers quickly approached two large metal doors that led to a medium sized unnamed building. The two teenagers, a young boy and girl, quickly stepped inside the building before they became even more wet.

The smaller, and green, teenaged boy used his magical power to transform into any animal he so desired. He transformed into a dog and shook all the water off his body.

"Beast Boy..." the taller girl growled between clenched teeth as she was showered by the green dogs actions.

The green dog whimpered and was transformed back to the original body of the teenaged boy. "Heh heh, sorry." The green boy nervously grinned, his bottom fang exposing through his lips.

The girl kept her eyes narrowed on the boy and lifted her pale hands to remove the hood that protected and hid her head and face. Her purple hair was still neatly intact with no water visible. A small jewel embedded in the center of her forehead had shined a red color but vanished as quickly as it came.

The two teenagers quietly headed for a small door on the other side of the building that was kept electronically locked. As they walked through the silent hallway, Beast Boy scanned the area to see why there were no employees present.

They're probably on coffee break. Beast Boy thought.

Both teenagers stopped at the door and the green one tried at the numeric pad resting beside the door. After punching in five random numbers on his fourth try, he was about ready to give up.

"Umm." He nervously whispered as he turned around to face the taller girl and scratched the back of his head. "I don't suppose you remember the you, Raven?"

The pale girl rolled her eyes as she moved Beast Boy aside and punched in the five digit code. With a successful buzz and click, Raven opened the door and stepped in with Beast Boy closely following behind.

Immediately the green changeling walked towards the middle of the room where a beautiful statue rested on display. Beast Boy smiled sadly and sat down on the floor facing the statue and read the inscription for the hundredth time.


A Teen Titan

A True Friend

"I miss you Terra." Beast Boy whispered.

Every day he and another Titan would walk into this medical lab where Terra was kept safely until a cure was found for her. The Titans couldn't risk keeping her where she sacrificed herself and decided to move her to the Titans Tower but they felt that their own home was still not safe for their friend. Not while so many villains were targeting to destroy their home. So the Titans received an offer to keep Terra in a medical lab while a small group of scientists and doctors researched on finding a cure.

The other Titan, Raven, honestly did not want to visit Terra but she was cornered by her friends and was told it was her turn to go with Beast Boy to visit their old friend. Basically she was his baby-sitter. Last time Beast Boy came to visit the blonde traitor he didn't want to leave her, and he had punched out a scientist that refused to work overtime to figure out the cure that they were still very far from discovering.

Raven sighed and forced her eyes to turn away from the pathetic sight of Beast Boy on his knees staring at Terra. Judging by the sniffing sounds he was making he was obviously crying. Raven rolled her eyes and lightly shook her head and turned to face the window. The night was still young but it was very dark and the rain thundered onto the ground and window. Raven loved the sound of rain, it helped her meditate easier.

Now taking advantage of the quietness of the room, Raven levitated up in an Indian sitting position. She placed the back of her hands on her knees, kept her back straight, closed her eyes and let out a quiet and deep sigh.

"Azerath." Raven whispered. Immediately she felt her environment change from a brightly lit room to a dark and star filled area with only her body floating among the darkness.

"Raven." Beast Boy's voice interrupted.

As quickly as it came, everything disappeared and Raven found herself back in the blinding room with Beast Boy standing beside her.

"What." She said irritably with her eyes still closed.

"I'll be right back. It says on a paper here that they found something about Terra." The green boy practically shouted in joy.

"Fine." Raven replied.

After she heard the click of the door closing behind him she cleared her mind and continued on with her meditation.

"Metrion." Raven's dark world returned and she focused her hearing on the sound of the rain falling and splashing on the floor.

"Zinthos." The dark crystal resting in Raven's forehead glowed white for a second and vanished. Soon after more chants of those three words, she could feel her emotions being drained from her body and forced into the center of her mind.

As Raven cleansed herself from her emotions, she did not notice the lights of the room quickly fade and turn off.

"Raven." A soft, unclear, yet familiar voice interrupted the pale girl's concentration.

The telekinetic growled and said, "Tell me what they said later Beast Boy."

The room remained quiet and Raven resumed her meditation.

"Raven, can you hear me?"

The goth girl growled again. "Yes Beast Boy I can hear you. I'm not deaf."

The voice stopped once more, but Raven waited a few moments to see if Beast Boy would presume interrupting her. When he didn't, she closed her eyes and tried once again.


"What?!" Raven growled angrily and turned around, her telekinetic powers took their black physical appearance and were formed into flames around her body.

The dark magician was ready to throw Beast Boy into another dimension but she could not find the green boy anywhere. That is when she took notice of how the power was off, but despite the darkness the room was empty except for Terra's statue in the center and even she was thinner than Beast Boy to hide behind.

Must be hearing things again, or its Happy or Gross up to their usual pranks.

Sighing in frustration, Raven levitated back up and presumed her much needed meditation.

"Raven, its me."

Cut it out you two.

"Don't you recognize my voice?"

Raven opened her eyes in shock. Now that she thought about it, the voice did not sound like Beast Boy or Gross or Happy. Now that she thought about it, the voice sounded awfully familiar like...

"Terra?" Raven asked as she turned around to face her statue.

"Finally, I'd thought you'd never figure it out." Terra's voice giggled.

"What?" Raven stepped down to the ground and came within inches of Terra's rock-like statue. "How could you be talking?"

Terra's voice giggled again and sarcastically sighed. "I thought you were the smart one of the group."

Raven narrowed her eyes. Vivid memories of Terra's insults and remarks that attempted to wake up the anger inside Raven rushed through her mind and vision. Suddenly the window cracked.

"Hey, hey! Watch it! I don't want you cracking me next!" Terra yelped.

Raven quickly closed her eyes and calmed herself. While Terra was still solid rock she couldn't afford to get angry and risk her breaking Terra's body.

"You're a telepath, aren't you?" Terra asked.

"Maybe." Raven said bitterly. The window cracked again.

"Watch it!"

"I would if you would stop yelling." Raven whispered dangerously.

"Listen, I have a...uh...a request." Terra stuttered.

"What? You want me to bring you some mud to play with." Raven spat.

"Raven." Terra said sadly. "I'm REALLY sorry."

Calm down, it's a waste to get angry over someone like her.

"Listen Raven, I hear Beast Boy and Starfire when they come to visit. I can hear whatever people say in here. They're so...sad. And I know there's no way to reverse this." Terra explained. "Listen, I'm scared."

"Of?' Raven asked in her infamous mono-toned voice.

"I heard one of the scientists the other day. It was when Beast Boy attacked him. Well he's beyond angry, and he said it would be 'tragic' if anything were to happen to me."

"So?" Raven replied.

"So?! So he's going to throw me on the floor or something! I don't know, but I'm sure he'll be up to something sooner or later." Terra whined.

"And I should care because?" Said Raven.

"Don't be so cold Raven." Terra defended.

"I'm cold?! You should talk traitor!" Raven yelled as her eyes immediately glowed white. The window completely shattered. 'You betrayed us, tried to kill us, and nearly destroyed the city! You have no right to call me cold!"

Several light bulbs that were located directly above Terra's statue cracked and shattered, pieces of glass fell on top of Terra's rocky head.

"Ok, ok, ok! I'm sorry!" Terra whimpered, the fear resonating throughout her voice .

Raven's eyes returned to their original purple color and a smile grew on her face. Terra was in her mercy, she was shrieking in fear. With just one push Terra can fall to her doom.

Control yourself! Its worthless using up emotions on her.

She gripped her head and tried to calm her anger. She mustn't lose control, not now.

"Raven." Terra begged, "If I die, think on how much worse Beast Boy and Starfire will be."

Raven's face softened. Despite how much she hated to say it Terra was right. Beast Boy and Starfire may hide their sorrow well but the sadness in their eyes was obvious of how much they missed Terra.

The dark Titan sighed. "Then what's your idea? Want me to protect you?" Raven said sarcastically.

"No, I know you and the others have a city to protect." Terra whispered. "And just moving me to another place is out of the question. Finding the 'cure' is worthless, there isn't one."

"Then what did you have in mind?" Raven asked seriously this time, although the tone of her voice made it impossible to tell if she was or not.

"Do you think we could...well..."

"Out with it." Raven said bitterly.

Terra squealed. She didn't want to get Raven angry again. "Can you send my soul to a different body?"


"Wait, let me explain." Terra interjected. "I learned of the things people on your planet can do. How your people can move a person's soul to a different body."

"How did you know something like that?" Raven raised an eyebrow.


"Figured." Raven replied. Now she wondered how someone like him could find out such information.

"So can you?" Terra asked innocently, hope flushed in her voice.

"Oh so you want me to just find some dead body and send your soul into it?" Raven said sarcastically again.

"No...I was thinking of using a body that's still alive." Terra whispered.

Raven narrowed her eyes. "Don't tell me you want to share a body with someone."

"Yeah...that's what I've been thinking of."

"Let me guess, you want to share bodies with Beast Boy?" Raven spat in disgust.

"No, that would be too weird." Terra giggled.

"Then who's?"

"Promise not to get mad?"

Raven sighed.

"Promise me!" Terra said again.

"Fine. Tell me who's body you want to invade."

"...Yours." Terra whispered as soft as she could.

Raven's eyes grew. There was absolutely no way she could share a body with Terra. Terra was so...emotional. She'd be another heavy burden, her father was enough on her mind as it was.

"No." She answered.

"Raven, please?! You're my only hope!" Terra begged.


"Don't be so selfish."

Anger boiled up rapidly in Raven's body. Her body shook, her Chakra crystal glowed Red, and her eyes were switching from white to red. Selfishness, greed, the roots of all evil. Raven despised selfish people. Her mother was selfish when she wanted to summon Trigun. Raven's father, Trigun, was selfish when he raped her mother. The people of Azerath were selfish when they banned Raven from her planet from fear of her father's blood coursing through her veins. Raven vowed go herself when she came onto Earth that she would never, under any circumstances, be selfish. She's never been as a child, now, or in the future.

The dark Titan sighed and closed her eyes. "Fine."

"Great!" Terra's voice shouted in joy. "You know what to do, right?"

Raven nodded but remembered that her move was pointless, Terra couldn't see anything. "Yes, just...don't talk."

Here goes nothing.

The half-demon outstretched her hand and touched Terra's stone forehead. She closed her eyes and chanted foreign words. Terra's statue suddenly began to glow and a cloudy figure, shaped like Terra's physical appearance, slowly emerged from the stone statue and slowly floated towards Raven's head. Once the cloudy figure touched Raven's head she grunted as if in pain and desperately tried to stand still. If she moved she would break the transfer and lose Terra's soul.

After what felt like eternity, Terra's soul finally moved inside of Raven's mind. Immediately the dark Titan felt weak and dizzy and collapsed unconscious.