Beneath the Bat's Wings I Stand in Your Shadow

Batman/Teen Titans Crossover. Terra never understood Robin, she always thought she wasn't good enough for him. Then she meets someone from his past...And Robin stands in his shadow...

Terra sat up, and looked around, blinking. It was so dark, it must be another dream. She'd had a lot of dreams since she had turned herself into stone. This was just another dream. Nothing more.

"Hello, Terra," a low, deep voice spoke out from the Darkness. She jumped, startled. "Slade, stay away from me!" she raised her hands in defense. This was how most of her dreams began. She longed to wake up, and find the nightmare over.

"No Terra, I am not Slade. And I'm not going to hurt you," the deep Voice reassured from the shadows.

"Then who are you?" she asked, terrified by someone she couldn't see.

"I am the Night...I am the Vengeance...I am...Batman." The voice answered in reply.

"The Dark Knight. I've heard stories," Terra said.

"What kind of stories?" Batman asked. She still couldn't see him. She felt nervous and sweat began to drp down her face.

"Stories about what'd you someone like me."

"Tell me what you have done and I will be the judge of that."

"I am a liar and a traitor. I betrayed the trust of the only friends I had so that I could become Slade's apprentice. I regret it all but now there is no time to appologize."


"Because I am dead and this," she guestured to the darkness, "is only a dream."

"No it isn't," Batman stepped out into a pale light. "You're awake now, Terra."

She stared in awe. He was tall, and had the muscular build of a wrestler. If she feared Slade, she was petrified of Batman, who looked like he could easily clean Slade's clock. What she couldn't take her eyes off his face. The emotionless stare he gave her reminded her too much of looks Raven would give her, and she shuddered at that memory.

"W-what do you want with me?" she asked in terror.

"Only to ask a few questions."

"What would that be?"

"Where is the Terminator?"

"The Terminator?" Terra was confused.

"The man called Slade. Where is he?"

"I-I think he's in his headquarters. I could take you there, but I don't know if he's moved or not. T-that's all I know. Hontestly, Batman." Terra looked at the silent figure. "I'm telling you the Truth, believe me."

"Good. How is Robin?" Batman asked, his voice betrayed no emotion.

"Robin? Why?" Terra was startled by the question.

"Why I ask is not for you to know. Not at this time."

"He was...battling Slade the last time I saw him," she replied.

"I see. Now Terra, I know of your sacrifice and what you did to save the Titans. I have brought you back because I believe you are the key to the Terminator's downfall."

"I am? How?"

"Both you and Robin trained under him as his apprentice did you not?"

"H-how did you know that?" Terra was shocked. The only people who knew about that were the Titans

"I have eyes. And I use them. And I know that Slade's downfall is near..." His voice softened. "Coime, follow me."

"Where are we going?" she asked, still fearful.

"To get you cleaned up. And you have nothing to fear from me. I can help you, if you'll let me," Batman looked at her intently. "This way," he said and he began walking down into the deep darkness of the cave where they were. Terra followed him and stayed silent, not knowing what would happen to her next.