A.N. Hey there! (3/31/07) I am just rewriting my Lupin III/YGO crossover. Tell me, is there anyone else who isn't obbsessed with YGO and Lupin III as much as I am?!?! So enjoy the fic.

Fun Fact: Oh, just a brief reminder, I don't much approve of the English names of the YGO charries, so I am using the original names, heres the list:

Anzu Mazaki- Tea Gardner

Jounouchi Katsuya- Joey Wheeler

Honda Hiroto- Tristan Taylor

Sugoroku Moutu- Yugi's grandpa, Solomon Moutu...

And Natsumi is an original character that will play a good part in my future YGO fic! Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own YGO or Lupin III...They belong to their owners. But I do own some the merchandise! Enjoy!

Lupin the Third, and the Quest for the Millennium Items.


Long ago, in ancient Egypt there was a great Pharaoh named, Atemu. He and his loyal six head priests Isis, Set, Akunadin, Shada, Mahaado, and Amanra we're the ones who had the seven Millennium Items. Isis, had the Millennium Necklace, which lets her look into the past and future. Set, the Pharaoh's cousin had the Millennium Rod, which let him control the minds of anyone, and it was also a dagger. Shada, had the Millennium Key, which let him walk into the minds of other people. Akunadin, the Pharaoh's Uncle and father of Set, had the Millennium Eye, which let him to read the minds of other people. Amanra had the Millennium Scale, which measured the pureness of other people.

Mahaado, the Dark Magician had the Millennium Ring, which can locate the locations of the Millennium Items. And finally the Pharaoh Atemu had an item himself. The Millennium Puzzle. It was the item of all of the Millennium Items. But when the Shadow Games erupted into a war that threatened the safety of the Egyptians. The Pharaoh had no choice, so Atemu locked the powerful magic away in his tomb. He also sealed the souls of the six High Priests into their own items...

Our story begins 5,000 Years Later...

-Outside the Kame Store in Domino Japan-

At the Kame (Turtle) game shop, Sugoroku Motto was just sweeping the street and getting ready for a new day in his store. A young girl came walking towards the store; she had blue eyes and short brown hair she was wearing the Domino High school uniform, which consisted of a pink jacket and short blue skirt with white knee high socks and brown shoes. Behind her were two boys and a girl. One boy was tall, he had blonde hair and brown eyes, he was wearing the Domino High School Boy uniform consisting of blue pants, a blue unbuttoned jacket and brown shoes. The other boy was tall as well, he had brown hair and brown eyes he too was wearing the Domino High School boys uniform.

Behind the boys came another girl. She was tall and had dark brown curly hair up to her midback. She had dark brown eyes and wore the Domino High School girl's uniform. They all came to the store.

The girl with blue eyes came up to Sugoroku and said, "Good morning Mr. Motto, is Yugi home?"

"Hello, Anzu," He replied, "Jounouchi, Honda, Natsumi." He bowed, "Yes Yugi is home, he's getting ready. He turned his head towards Yugi's window and said, "YUGI! YOU BETTER HURRY UP! ANZU, JOUNOUHCI, HONDA, AND NATSUMI ARE HERE!!!!"

Inside the house, Yugi Motto was getting ready to go to school. For a high school kid, he was short and had triple colored spiky hair. He wore his school uniform and a belt choker on his neck. He then put on his most treasured item, the Millennium Puzzle. When he was young, his grandfather found it in a trip to Egypt. According to legend, whoever solves the puzzle, will unlock the Shadow Games, and may have one wish. That's how Yugi got Honda and Jounouchi as friends. Inside the puzzle was a 5,000-year-old spirit. He called him, Yami.

Yugi got outside and walked up to his friends. "Hey guys!" He replied while waving to them.

"Hey Yugi!" They all replied.

"Come on guys," Natsumi replied, she looked at her watch, "It's almost 8:30! We can't be late for History!!!"

"I want to be late," Jounouchi replied, "I hate History I fail it every time."

"No wonder, Jounouchi," Anzu replied, "You fail everything except P.E.!"

"Very funny."

"Come on!" Natsumi replied, "Let's go or we'll miss the bus!!!"

"Oh yeah!" Yugi replied. The gang began to run to school, "LATER MR. MOTTO!!!" Everyone but Yugi yelled.

"Later grandpa!!" Yugi yelled.

"Have fun in school now," He replied back.

The gang kept running towards the bus stop, suddenly they forgot to look both ways before crossing the street. And they almost hit a yellow convertible car. The car stopped and so did the gang. Natsumi got real pissed off, and turned her heel towards the bumper of the car, kicking it, "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOUR'RE GOING! YOU STUPID HEAD!!!" Natsumi yelled.

Yugi replied, "Natsumi, that's not very nice."

"Who cares. Lets go we're late." The gang turned and kept running towards the bus stop.

Inside the car were two men. The one who was driving had black hair with sideburns. He was wearing a red coat with a blue shirt, yellow tie, and white pants. The other man was had black hair and beard. He wore a dark blue fedora, which covered his eyes. He was wearing a dark blue suit, with a light blue shirt and black tie. "Kids these days," The man in the fedora replied, "Don't they know to look both ways before crossing the street??"

"Oh well," The other man replied, "You gotta admit the chicks were hott."

"Oh god," The other man replied as he crossed his arms, "Just drive."

The gang kept running and running and they caught the bus, just before it left. They walked inside and sat down and the bus drove off. "So Natsumi," Yugi started off, "How are things with Kaiba?"

That question hit Natsumi hard. Sure she was dating the hottest, richest, and smartest guy in Domino High. But it wasn't because she loved him, it was because Natsumi's family owns a company called, Ando Inc. She had an obligation to date him. She didn't really had a lot of feeling towards him, but deep down, she felt sorry for him. Their relationship isn't romantic, Seto Kaiba is not the kind of man who would be romantic. "Its kinda okay Yugi. I mean I kinda hate him, but I can't feel that I have a sense of pity for him. And yet I still hate him. It's just tough. Because we're friends he hates me, ugh, sometimes he can be a real jerk! "

"Got that right, "Jounouchi replied. Jounouchi had a big grudge over the CEO of Kaiba Corporation. Kaiba sees Jounouchi as a pathetic duelist. And Jounouchi hated people who were goody two shoes and spoiled rich brats. "I can't believe you have to date him Nat."

"Jouno, I know that too, but, theres nothing I can do about it." Suddenly the bus stopped at Domino High. The gang got out and went to class. It was gonna be another boring day at school. "Great hell is here."

"You can say that again," Jounouchi added.