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El Cid Girl

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Duel For Love, Natsumi VS Jigen. Part One.

-Ando Inc-

Back at Ando Inc, Natsumi and Kaiba got into an argument. Kaiba left because four people stole his duels discs and blue prints. Natsumi picked up the photograph of her and her friends and began to cry. Until she opened the drawer from her lower desk. She got out the Millennium Scale. Yes, Natsumi owned the Millennium Scale.

When she was thirteen, her mother went on a trip to Egypt. She found the Millennium and gave it to her. Natsumi suddenly got a new friend, an old spirit named, Amanra. According to Egyptian history, Amanra was an Egyptian Warrior. She helped the Pharaoh in the battle, and fell in love with the Priest Set. But, sadly, the Priest Set is Seto's former past life. And Amanra was Natsumi's.

Natsumi finally realized she had to help Seto. "Okay I'm leaving ya'll!" She then got out her Duel Disk. She then put it on her arm and ran out to Kaiba Corporation.

-Outside Kaiba Corp-

Seto Kaiba finally made it to Kaiba Corporation. Suddenly a little boy came running up to him. He had grayish violet eyes and long and puffy hair. He was wearing a blue and green-stripped shirt with a yellow vest and blue jeans. He ran up to Kaiba saying, "Seto!"

"Mokuba," Seto replied, "What happened?"

"Four people broke in Seto, they took four duel disks and the blue prints to your Virtual Reality Simulation game."

Seto growled and said, "Whoever they are, they'll pay for this."

Natsumi then ran towards Seto saying, "Seto!"

"Natsumi?" Seto asked as he turned his head towards Natsumi, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry Seto, if you want...I will help you find this guy, or guys."

"What did you have? A change of heart?"

"Nothings changed..." Suddenly someone shot out a bullet into the air and said.

The man was none other than Jigen he said, "Don't you move, you friggin' brat."

Seto, Mokuba, and Natsumi then turned his head towards Jigen and Seto said, "Who are you?"

"The authorities know me as, Daisuke Jigen."

"Wait a minute!" Natsumi said, "I know you, you were at the tables with the stupid head at Domino Plaza!"

"Yeah, you're the brat who caused a bumper in our car."

"You're the one who stole the blue prints and duel discs! You're wearing one!" Seto yelled.

Jigen was wearing a duel disc. It was on his right arm. Natsumi came up. She still had her Millennium Scale in her hand. "Okay, I'll judge your pureness and see if you did take Seto's items."

"Wait a minute..." Jigen said, "That's a Millennium Item! I'll duel your for it."


"That's what me and my friends are after, the Millennium items. One of my friends are searching for your friend, Yugi Motto."

"No, I will duel you!" Seto said.

Natsumi blocked him with her arm and said," No Seto, I will duel him. He's after me."


"I'm only here for the girl right now." Jigen said.

"Look, no one messes with my boyfriend and gets away with it!" Natsumi yelled.

Her boyfriend? Seto thought.

"Ha," Jigen said, "That's cute, a girl standing up for her boyfriend, fine lets duel brat."

"You got it, and you should address me as Natsumi Ando."

"Ando??? You're the owner of Ando Inc! Holy Crap!"

"I'm surprised you know me, lets duel!" Both Jigen's and Natsumi's duel discs then turned on.

(Jigen: 4000 Natsumi: 4000)

"Fine then, brat, I'll go first." Jigen and Natsumi both had five cards in their hands. Jigen drew a card looked at it and said, "I place this monster face down in defense mode, and it ends my turn." Jigen placed a monster card in defense position and it came up as a hologram.

"Okay then, my move!" Natsumi then drew a card looked at it and said, "I play, Freyja, the Viking Goddess in attack mode!" Natsumi placed the card and out came a hologram of the Goddess Freyja.

(Freyja, the Viking Goddess ATK1400/DEF 500)

"FREYJA! ATTACK HIS FACE DOWN MONSTER! WITH VALOR OF THE VALKYIRE!" Freyja then launched an attack on Jigen's face down monster. Freyja defeated it. "And now, I place this trap card on the field, and end my turn."

"Man, your good." Jigen then drew a card and said, "I play, Mechanical Chaser in attack mode." Out came a hologram of a Mechanical figure as Jigen placed the card on the field.

(Mechanical Chaser ATK 1850 DEF 800)

"Okay, Mechanical Chaser! Attack Freyja! Lightning Strike!"

"Ha, you activated my trap!" Natsumi activated her trap, "Daily Prophecies!" Suddenly a pink barrier came up on Natsumi's side of the field.

"What the hell?" Jigen's mechanical chaser was then blocked from attacking Freyja.

"Ha, see Mr. Jigen, Daily Prophecies is a magical barrier, for every turn, it prevents you from attacking any Fairy type or Spell caster type monsters on my side of the field and Freyja is a fairy monster."

"Damn brat!"

"Ha," Seto said, "Don't underestimate Natsumi, she may be a girl, but shes a hell of a duelist."

"Thanks Seto..." Natsumi smirked.

"Fine then." Jigen said, "I end my turn."

"Okay, my move!" Natsumi drew a card and said, "I play the Magic Card, Graceful Charity!" Suddenly a hologram of an angel came out, "Graceful Charity allows me to draw 3 cards from my deck in exchange that I discard two cards to the card graveyard." Natsumi looked over her cards and thought, Okay, Jigen has one monster on the field, I got Freyja and my barrier, but now I got the cards I wanted. Oh hell, I'm good. "Okay now, I play this magic card! Thor's Hammer!" Suddenly Freyja got a big hammer and gained an extra 300 ATK points.

"Whats going on?"

(Freyja ATK1700)

"Ha, see Thor's Hammer increases Freyja's attack points by 300! And now, I play another magic card! Valkyires' Breast Plate of the Dwarfs!" Once Natsumi played the magic card, Freyja then wore a breastplate made of gold and gained 500 extra attack points.

"Man, what the hell are you doing brat?"

(Freyja ATK2200)

"Let me explain Jigen, thanks to Valkyires' Breast Plate of the Dwarfs, Freyja gains an extra 500 attack points, and now I play another magic card! Call of Valhalla!" A big horn came out and called in two Valkyires on Natsumi's side of the field. They were both on horses.

"Okay, your just playing a lot of magic cards, whats up with that?"

"Let me explain. If Freyja is on the field, I can play Call of Valhalla to summon, the Viking Valkyires."

(The Viking Valkyires ATK 1950 DEF 2000)

"So what? You only have two strong monsters on the field."

"Well check this out! FREYJA! ATTACK JIGEN'S MECHANCIAL CHASER NOW! MIGHTY STRENGHT OF VALHALLA!" Freyja the launched an attack on Jigen's Mechanical Chaser. Jigen's monster was defeated and Jigen lost 350 life points.

(Jigen: 3650 Natsumi: 4000)

"Man you brat!"

"I'm not done, VALKYRIES! ATTACK HIS LIFEPOINTS DIRECTLY! WITH VALHALLA'S SPIRIT!" Natsumi's Valkyires then attacked Jigen's life points directly. Jigen lost 1950 life points.

(Jigen: 1700)

"Go Natsumi!" Mokuba yelled, "Your doing great!"

"Thanks Mokie!"

"Damn brat," Jigen said, "Your not gonna get away with this." Jigen remarked.

"Oh well, I end my turn by placing this card face down." Natsumi replied. She then placed a trap card face down.

"Okay then," Jigen then drew a card and said, "I play this magic card, Swords of Reveling Light!"

"Huh?!?!" Natsumi said, "He has that rare magic card in his deck?"

"I'm guessing ya know what this card does."

"Yes, it means I cannot attack your for three full turns."

"Exactly, and now I play this monster, Elite Conquistador!" Up in Jigen's field came up a monster on a horse with a musket in his hand.

(The Elite Conquistador ATK1900 DEF700)

"Now that ends my turn."

"Thanks Jigen, 'cause I play this trap card! Call of the Haunted!"

"Call of the haunted?"

"It allows me to bring back a monster from my graveyard, I choose this monster! ZARATHUSTRA THE PROPHET!!" Suddenly a monster came in Natsumi's side of the field. It looked like a monk, half in darkness, half in light.

(Zarathustra the Prophet ATK 1900 DEF 200)

"Wait a minute, you never played that card before, and how can it be in your graveyard?"

"Well, I discarded this monster when I played Graceful Charity."

"Okay then, I now end my turn."

"Fine, one turn down, two more to go." Natsumi then drew a card and said, "I activate the magic card, Hel's Fury!"

"Okay, what the hell does that do?"

"At the cost of half of my life points, I can summon one monster that is Viking related on the field, and another that can be in my hand! So now I summon Nidhogg! THE MIGHT NORSE DRAGON!

(Nidhogg ATK2000 DEF 1500)

"Oh well, who cares, its just a big fire breathing dragon,"

(Natsumi: 2000)

"Looks can be deceiving Jigen, thanks to Freyja, and my Valkyires, Nidhogg gains 300 ATK points extra for each of them on the field."

(Nidhogg ATK 2600)

"Oh well, but you can't attack now so its my move now."

"Fine by me."

"Okay then," Jigen then drew a card and said, "I play this magic card, Spanish Doubloons. This magic card gives my Conquistador a boost up of 700 ATK points."

(The Elite Conquistador ATK 2600)


"Elite conquistador attack Natsumi's dragon! Wrath of the Spaniards!" Jigen's monster was about to attack Natsumi's dragon, but the barrier blocked him. "What the hell?"

"You should've put more attention to school, Jigen. Zarathustra was a prophet who believed in 2 gods, god of light, and god of darkness. So now in this game, when he is in Attack mode, all monster on my right side of the field are fairies, and all monsters on my left, their all spell casters. When I summoned Nidhogg, he turned into a spell caster monster instead of a dragon."

"Ugh." How the hell am I gonna defeat this girl? She is very tough. Lupin is not gonna like this.