Descendant of Evil


Summary: AU: OoT. What if Ganondorf had a backup plan in case he were to be defeated by the Hero of Time? Even though he is now sealed away, the King of Evil is able to continue terrorizing Link and Zelda in an unimaginable way: through his son. The descendant of the King of Evil must face the demons inside that he inherited from his father, or else become his father himself.

Oh, and this is pretty much assuming that Zelda did NOT send Link back to his childhood… just so you don't get too confused.

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For as long as I can remember, I hated Link with a passion. Perhaps I was born with this hatred. After all, he was my father's sworn enemy, and I suppose I have no control over what I inherited from my father. My father planted the seeds of evil into my mother one fateful day, creating me and cursing her and Link for the rest of their lives. However, my hatred for Link was amplified when I discovered that he and my mother had been lying to me my entire life. The web of lies and deceit that they created over the years had covered my eyes, making it all the more difficult to bear the truth when it was forced upon me.

Yes, it is true that my mother had lied to me. But I could never hate her. She represented light and purity, and all that was good. She told me that she was merely trying to protect me, and I believed her. I still do believe her. She's one of the only reasons I fight against the demons within me that have tormented me since I was just a child.

It's not easy being hated by your entire country and secretly feared by your loved ones. So why do I still even bother to live? Why do I go through daily life, straining to please everyone else, while on the inside my soul is being torn apart?

Because of hope. I cling on to any bit of hope that I manage to grasp as if it is my lifeline. As dismal as my situation may seem, I try to have faith in myself and those who help me along the way. I look toward a better tomorrow, and toward a brighter future.

I am Kiran Harkinian. Apprentice to the Hero of Time. Heir to the throne of Hyrule.

And the son of Ganondorf Dragmire.


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