A/N: So sorry about the terrific lateness of this! This summer has made me even more lazy than usual. But here is the short, somewhat pointless epilogue.

Hahaha, someone mentioned a sequel… shifts eyes Just thinking about making a sequel gives me physical pain. Really. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could crap out another half-assed story like this.

So no, there is most definitely not going to be a sequel. But…hopefully I'll get around to writing and posting one of my other Zelda fic ideas someday. Right now, I'm taking a break from Zelda, but who knows? Maybe the new game will inspire me or something.

I've made my mind up about one thing, though: no more original characters. They never turn out the way I want them to, so why bother?


I can feel Ganondorf's presence in my mind still to this day. I often wonder whether he'll ever leave; whether he'll be there until the day I die. But at least I have been able to completely keep him under control.

My future is still quite uncertain. As for inheriting the throne of Hyrule, I have decided to leave that to my sister Leora. First of all, I am aware that the people of Hyrule would not accept the son of Ganondorf as their king; it would stir up far too much dispute and hostilities among them. Not to mention the fact that I'm half-Gerudo, and many Hylians still firmly believe in having "pure-blood rulers." Also, I'm simply not the best candidate for such an immense job. I must concentrate on myself for a while, and work on driving the remnants of my father out of my mind and soul.

Leora reminds me so much of my mother that it nearly tears at my heart sometimes. I have faith that she will rule justly and contribute greatly to bringing about another golden age to Hyrule, just like our mother. Just as her name suggests, she will return the light to Hyrule that had been extinguished with the death of our mother.

My life after that incident has continued as normally as ever, with the exception of a few strange, recurring dreams that I have almost every night.

I dream of young boys garbed in green, all of them different, yet all similar in some way or another. They all remind me so much of Link. They all carry swords and shields and all have the same goal: to defeat evil and save the land.

I'm not quite sure what these dreams mean. I suppose it is possible that I inherited the gift of foresight from my mother, and that my dreams are in fact prophecies of the future. I have a feeling deep in my heart that dark times will return to Hyrule, whether it be in the form of Ganondorf or some other lurking evil.

But I do know one thing - I will have nothing to do with it. No longer will I listen to the dark voices in my head, urging me to do Ganondorf's will. No longer will I be merely a descendant of evil, an experiment created by my evil father to finish the job he himself could not complete.

Hopefully, someday, I will be able to ensure that Link's efforts and my mother's tragic death were not in vain. I will try my hardest to use what they have passed on to me to help return Hyrule to its original glory. I will continue to hope for the future of the land and all of its inhabitants.

Because hope is all I truly have now. Hope, and the support of those dearest to me, is all I truly need.

A/N: Not much of an ending, I know. But at least I managed to finish what I started, and that's quite unusual for me.

You know, what I might do just for fun is post a bonus chapter with a preview of another Zelda fic that I've been writing, but have pretty much given up on. Maybe a little encouragement would inspire me to continue it or something. So… maybe look out for that. :)