This is my first attempt at a hp vampire story. (I did start an original vampire story but I haven't gotten to the actual vampire parts yet.)

Author: Shinigami's Night Email: Pairings: Harry X Draco (yaoi/slash) Rating: R Summary: Harry(17) gets kidnapped during the summer and finds out that his other half is a Vampire(Draco). But another vampire(Voldemort) wants him dead. Why? And how does he keep this from his family and friends?
Warnings: AU (harry's parents are alive and there is no Hogwarts) and mild limes ( it was completely unexpected for me! this is a first and I surprised myself). Also, since I'm american I have no idea how british schools work. So if I put in any scenes that take place in Harry's school it most likely will be americanized (unless someone who knows about the british school system corrects me).

Enjoy! And please tell me what you think, it really does help me!


/my son will have you, Harry/ Lucius thought as he waited for the boy to leave the house.

He didn't have to wait long for the boy to come out, apparently taking out the trash. He looked exactly the same as he did when Lucius last watched him, a scrawny little waif. /that won't be a problem.../ He thought about how his son would love to dominate Harry, if Harry didn't learn to control him first. Just the thought of making his son happy made him want to take the boy even more.

He took his chance when Harry turned his back, having no idea what was to become of him.