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Harry looked around, but there was nothing there, or anywhere. /where am I/ Harry fought to stay calm, but it was a losing fight. Everywhere he looked was simply 'nowhere'; a blank abyss. No light. No dark. Just nothing.

stay calm, child

He looked around, but still, he couldn't see anything there. "Who are you!" He immediately slapped his hands to the sides of his head when the echoing noise returned like an ice pick to his ears.

no need for yelling

Harry heard it again! That same voice. Where was he! The panic from before started to return. Why was he here? He could not remember.

you are where you are supposed to be

/why/ unknowingly, Harry reverted to speaking with his mind. "I m-"

no need. I heard you. You needed to get away, so I brought you here. You could not handle what was going on around you.

/what couldn't I handle/ Harry yelled in frustration. He remembered none of the events that had let to being here.

why, Draconis, of course. You did not love him enough to accept him. You are dead now. Forever.

/no! I can't be dead/ he didn't feel dead... /Draconis/ There was something familiar about the name, but...

Harry heard himself yell in frustration. There was nothing there! Something was gone and he didn't know what!

I know what's missing, dear one

Harry suddenly felt like his eyes were opened as he found a man standing in front of him. Harry tried to run away, before colliding with something solid. He looked up and realized he had not moved at all. Or, it did not seem like he moved? The white-eyed man, who he had somehow run into and had Harry's face on his chest, looked somewhat amused.

trying to run. You did not make it very far, did you.

Harry nearly screamed when the ice-cold arms wound there way around his waist. That was when he realized he was lacking clothes. Harry wanted to cover himself; however, the man did not allow the movement.

no need for that. Your body pleases me

/I don't care if you like it! It's not yours to look at./ He squirmed more when one frosty hand felt its way down Harry's back before running a finger down the cleft. However, when Harry began to protest, both hands released him.

You have changed, have you noticed, Harry? The man looked at him quizzically.

/what are you talking about/ Harry wanted to move further away, but could not take another step.

you keep changing. It is hard to know what to make of you. Draco stays the same, for the most part. I can predict him. But not you

Draco. There was that name again... But who- Then it hit him.

No one called him 'Harry'; he was 'Harold'! He had be captured by king Draconis and made his consort... Who was Harry? No one ever called him Harry.

You've shifted again, young one

/can't you leave me alone/ Harold screamed. He wrapped his arms around his body, suddenly feeling cold. It was freezing! He felt no heat coming from inside of him and suddenly realized why. His heart wasn't beating. /... I am dead./ The ax came down on his neck, severing most his spine and his eyes welled up in tears, the pain was so great! He eyes went blank as he felt himself die...

that is not why you are here. You are no longer Harold. Not really. Harold does not, in truth, exist anymore.

/I don't exist/ he felt his mind drowning. He couldn't think! Something was keeping him from...

come here Harold looked up to see the man crouched down, holding a hand out to him. He felt himself crawling forward, trying to find warmth. The hand was like ice, but it was to late. He was surrounded by ice, colder than before. He wasn't-

/You're not him./ Draconis' face flashed in his mind, but it was not the dangerous king he knew. He was softer, kinder somehow... /No! He is still the same/ Harry thought. He hurt me, than got me to trust him. /somehow, even after I knew, he made me trust him.../

do you love him? Harry looked into the strange eyes once again. What had he asked him? For some reason he couldn't hold on to any thoughts. But it was important somehow.

/who are you/ Harry finally asked again.

it is not important. At least not now. I might have been important at one point. I might be again, but not now.

The man's confusing words did nothing to quiet his racing mind /what was that supposed to mean/

nevermind that. I want to know more about you. Harry felt the man run a hand down his face, causing him to shiver.

/What can I possibly tell you? I want to leave here./

You cannot, at least not yet. You do not know why you are even here

Harry felt himself grow more frustrated, something he thought was not possible. /I did ask you why I'm here, you haven't answered me./

I am not the one to ask. You need to remember why you are here

/You're not helping/ Harry growled. He tried to put some distance between him and the unknown man, but instead he was pulled onto his lap. /If you touch me again, you're dead/ But the man merely laughed lightly.

I can see why Draco likes you. That's why I picked you

/picked me/

I wish I could have had the chance at you first though

/What/ Harry went rigid.

you are lovely. I would not say no to a night in your bed... However, sadly, it's not to be

/keep your dick in your pants... unless yo-/

yes, I know. Unless I want to loose it. No need to get upset

/I'm not upset. I just want to leave./

to go where?

/What/ Harry asked. Why was he asking that?

where would you go to? Why are you here? You need to remember first.

/remember... Ron/ something about Ron. Did he know someone named Ron?

Your getting closer, but you are not remembering the right person The voice sounded mildly disapproving.

/The right person/ Who was the right person?

Why are you here?

...I loved someone.


/Am I gay/

The voice snickered not important. Move back a couple thoughts

/HOW/ Harry felt his frustration begin to rise again. What wasn't he getting?


/I remember Harold. I'm Harold... was Harold. Now I'm Harry. My parents are Lily and James Potter. Harry Potter.../

after that Harry felt the hands in his hair, massaging the scalp...

/after that.../ Harry felt himself relax, even though head felt like it was turning to ice. /The Dursley's. I'm related to them. Are they important/

no. go on

Harry sighed. /I ran away from home... more than once. I did things... my parents worried about me. Especially my mother./ Harry felt a sharp stab of pain in his head. /I don't want to remember anymore/ He turned and pressed his face to the man's chest.

You need to. Unless you want to be here forever

/maybe I do./ Harry was shocked when he felt a stinging pain and realized he had been slapped.

you do not dare, boy! You are not staying here!

/I'm sorry/ he didn't know what was wrong with him! One moment he was fine; then the next?

He was one again pulled close by the man. it is alright child, but think before you speak, next time. Harry nodded. continue. You need to remember

/I was at the Dursley's... then I wasn't. Lucius. He took me. He said he was going to give me to someone./ Someone important.

go on

/Draco./ It all leads back to that name. /do I know him? Yes. He isn't human. He is Draconis. He killed me./

Harry felt the tears come back but was stopped. now is not the time. You are stronger than that. You will not break now that you are getting close

/I'm not strong enough/

The arms tightened he knows you are strong. I do as well. You would not be the one for him, if you were not. You would not be the one for Draconis if you were not! Now go on

Harry vigorously tried to shake his memory, to find something. Anything. /Draco. Did he love me? I think so... yes. He does, still. I love him. He kept the past from me. He did it to protect me, even though he knew I would eventually remember. He thought I would reject him. I'm almost there, I can feel it./

yes. Only a little more, Harry

/Someone wanted to kill me. Draco knew him. I killed his childe... but that's not why he wants me dead. His mate hates him. And loves him. He's confused, but can't admit to it. He keeps hurting others, including Severus. Snape? My teacher? They're all vampires. I'm a vampire. I was turned by Draco./ Harry suddenly flushed when he thought of the moment it happed. Suddenly he could feel Draco inside him all over again. That perfect feeling... /Ron, he's hurt. Voldemort held Severus at the castle, then wouldn't let him feed on him. Severus hates drinking human blood; he was born human. But I don't... I love it. Voldemort wants to hurt me. Draco's going to do something? I need to get back/ Harry's panic returned. What it Severus and Ron were dying, Draco would not help them, if he thought Harry was dead.

bingo. I knew you would figure it out soon enough

Once again, Harry stared into the strange eyes; he could see nothing else about the man, but there was something... /who are you/ He got reply, but he got the feeling the man was smirking, just like Draco.

I knew you were the right one for my son Salazar Slytherin replied, before kissing Harry on the lips, sending a blast of ice through him.

Then Harry was falling.


That was the first thing he noticed, sweltering heat. Harry knew something was wrong, without even opening his eyes. With panic, he realized he couldn't open his eyes! He couldn't see anything. However, the feelings of never really came, he felt himself begin to calm down. Mostly. Vaguely, he noticed a lingering coolness in his heart that had not been there before. /him/

Harry felt the flames as they got closer, but he couldn't move at all/Draco/ he yelled, but the vampire didn't seem to hear him. /I need to move/ Harry tried to will his limbs to listen to him, until finally, a finger moved. /that's not much help/ But he kept it up for a few more moments, until just as the flames licked at his feet he was able to move! Now... He willed his eyes to work with the rest of him. He blinked a couple times and had to keep himself calm when he saw the blaze around him. Everything was on fire. Draco's fire. He tried to see through the inferno, to see if anyone else was there. Draco! But the vampire seemed to be frozen in place, with a look of cold fury on his face. He was staring at a burning pile of rags on the floor. No. There were bones, as well. Several that had not burned yet. /Is that Voldemort/ Harry wondered in amazement, but then the thought was gone. It wasn't important; he had to get to Draco.

"Draco." he croaked. His voice was dry. Harry pulled himself to his feet. He took one step then another, flames surrounding him now. How was the floor burning when it was made of stone? Did stone burn? Then the thought was gone. He had to get to Draco, now. Step by step the flames burned his legs, moving up his body, but he didn't yell or scream; he simply moved forward. Until, finally, he was close enough to touch the other vampire. Harry took a couple more steps and reached a hand out, to touch his lover. Getting no response, he wrapped both arms around the vampire, laid his head against Draco's shoulder, and held him.

/Draco. I'm here. You can stop now./ The flames kept feeding... still there, burning everything within reach. /Draco please, wake up. I'm here. Please./ Nothing. /I love you so much, Draco. Please, come back to me./ He felt the vampire flinch slightly. He looked up and saw that Draco's eyes had completely glazed over. He attempted to reach him with his mind again, but the vampire had retreated deep to somewhere Harry couldn't find... /am I too late/

He watched as the flames grew again, reaching like claws for Draco now. /no/ The coldness in his heart began to flare, until he could feel it in his fingers. Draco's skin felt hot against his, as if he was made of flame himself.

Then the impulse, struck him. Something in him telling him that he was hungry, that it was time to drink. Harry thought to ignore it, but it simply grew stronger until he felt the teeth descend, cutting into his own lip. a small amount of blood graced his tongue, but it was the wrong blood... He needed Draco's.

Harry opened his eyes, realizing he had closed them, and gazed at the pale skin of his lover. It looked ice cold, yet heat radiated from him. It was getting stronger.

Harry raised his head and opened his mouth slightly, feeling a sharp pain in his lip as he did. He touched the holes briefly with his tongue, but then turned his attention back to Draco. As if compelled, he plunged and sunk his teeth into Draco's neck. Harry felt arms wrap around him, holding him to the wound, leaving him no choice but to drink. Draco! He wanted to pull back, but it wasn't done yet.

The coolness began to spread further. It began to move up, this time, until it felt like his head was going to freeze, tears from the pain leaked out his eyes, but then it kept going, lurching through his mouth. Harry felt Draco tense and realized the ice was snaking through to the other vampire.

/I love you, Draco./ he thought as he felt the skin against his cool. A drowsy feeling suddenly washed through him, making his knees weak. He saw everything begin to go dark, once again, yet it was not the terrifying nothing of before. This time he felt Draco slowly lower him, before covering Harry's lips with his own.

Harry managed to open his eyes one last time and looked up only seeing Draco's... The one he loved.

/Please stay with me Harry/ He heard Draco's mind pleading with him, urging Harry to stay conscious.

/I will always love you. Everything's ok./

And with that, Harry was gone.


"-e alright? What if-"

"Lily..." James groaned. "Don't worry so much."

"Don't worry! He's been gone for two months! He said he would be back after a couple of months!"

Yes, things were as normal in the Potter household. Lily was irate and worried. James was doing his best to console his wife. It wasn't working, as usual.

Harry chuckled to himself, smirking when he felt Draco pull him until his back was firm against his lover, legs draping over the edge of a branch. Speaking of 'firm'... /I wonder what's it's like to have sex in a tree/

/I would not mind finding out, Arris. We have forever, after all./ Draco bent down to recapture Harry lip in his teeth, until a tongue flicked out, sharing the bloody kiss...

/yes, we do./

They continued the listen to the couple argue, but neither moved a muscle, to content to do anything that involved moving more than a minimal amount of muscles.

At least until...

/I think our lunch is here./ Draco spoke up.

Sure enough, Theodore Nott was walking up to the tree. Anyone who could have been watching would say he was waiting for something. /Just on time, as always./ Harry grinned and once again flicked his tongue out to feel his own fangs extend. The boy eagerly sat at the base of the tree and looked up. /I think he wants something.../


/Why don't we give it to him./ Harry moaned as Draco ran his hand up his chest, under the black t-shirt.

"Yes." /…He will be ours... A childe./