A Few (Bad :-P ) "Forever Knight" Limericks

By Naia Zifu

There once was a vamp named Vachon

Who was known not for brains nor for brawn

In fact, he was quite lazy

But he drove the girls crazy

With his long hair that was just clip-on

There was a poor lass known as Urs

Who felt her mortal life was a curse

Said she wished to be dead

Ended up vamped instead

But we're glad she did-- Hello, cute nurse!

A general from ancient Rome

Tried to give his kid a warm, safe home

She became his vamp-mother

Wanted to be his lover

But he couldn't-- they shared a genome!

There once was a carouche named Screed

Who thought he did the world a good deed

'Cause he ate rats and mice

But he never thought twice

That exterminators disagreed

©2004 Naia Zifu (though the quality makes me wonder if I should claim

them :-P ), all rights reserved.

These were the result of a "character limerick" challenge on the

FORKNI-L list. All of them were written late at night, while I was

loopy. Combine that with my already-bad poetry skills, and you'll

maybe understand why they're so painful to read :-P . Fun to write,

though. . .