Just Too Tempting

By Avadne

Prologue: A Journey

(INT: 1997)

"Come on, Granger, we don't have all day!" drawled out an annoying voice. That was definitely Draco Malfoy, the Seeker for Slytherin's Quidditch team and nemesis of Harry Potter for a good 6 years now; Draco was eagerly welcoming the 7th. Only this year had things started to look up slightly; very slightly, in Hermione Granger's opinion. But sadly, with an up side, there came a down side. Entering the final year at Hogwarts was great, of course, but nerve racking for anyone. For Hermione, however… it was ten times worse. Not to mention N.E.W.T's this year; Hermione had relaxed in some areas, but study was not particularly one of them. No doubt she would be the first one revising, buried under various textbooks, quills and parchment. Three weeks into 7th year, and Hermione was already frazzled; it was Friday now, so the weekend was nearing. Finally, Hermione thought to herself.

"Oh, shut up, Malfoy!" Hermione snapped back at Draco. Ignore the fact that they had started to get along a bit since the middle of last year; it didn't mean their fights stopped. They were just reduced to a more manageable level. But Hermione had learnt a few more things about Malfo-Draco, she told herself. She had decided to call him Draco; there were a few interesting tidbits of information about Draco that Hermione had learnt of. Like the fact that he changed moods in seconds. As far as she was concerned, Hermione thought it was funny, if not a little creepy.

"I love it when you snap at me," Draco replied, grinning impishly. Hermione rolled her eyes, but smiled too; this Draco was better than Screaming Draco by far. Hermione and Draco were currently heading up to Dumbledore's office to discuss their roles as Head Boy and Girl. That's right; Draco was Head Boy. Hermione, of course, had it coming, but Draco? Although, one had to admit he had changed a lot. Since his father was sent to Azkaban, Draco had improved greatly. Yes, he was still a Slytherin, cunning and sly and definitely somewhat evil. But not evil in a dark, Voldemort type way. There was something dangerous about him, still, but it was an exciting danger that Hermione found rather interesting. Besides, Draco wasn't all that awful once you knew him. Now it sounded like Hermione had a crush on Draco, which she certainly did not. Well not really, anyway. She'd admit that he was good looking, but nothing more. Ron and Harry, however, we're still on 'acquaintance' terms and had been much harder to persuade. But it was clear that the young Malfoy had undergone change; there were no more Mudblood taunts, no Voldemort worshiping, and no more dark behavior. Well, not that much anyway.

"Acid Pop," Hermione said the password clearly and a second later, both walked into Dumbledore's office; Dumbledore's vacant office. Draco looked around and casually took a seat. Hermione sighed, but followed his example, waiting for their headmaster.

"Hey, is that a Pensive?" Draco asked interestedly. He got up and walked over to Dumbledore's desk, running his long fingers over the edge Pensive and staring deeply inside it.

"Leave it alone, Draco," Hermione warned. Draco ignored her completely, leaning forward. "Draco!" Hermione protested; she really was not in the mood for his childish antics today. Truly, Hermione had relaxed a fair bit about rule-breaking. In fact, she, Ron and Harry had gotten into a few major pranks since 5th year. Not enough to be the pranksters that Fred and George had been, but there were occasions. Right now, though, was certainly not the time. They were meant to show Dumbledore that they were responsible enough for the positions of the Heads. Plainly, Draco did not agree.

"Oh, come on, Hermione! Let's have some fun," Draco grabbed Hermione's arm and pulled both of them head first into the Pensive. This cannot and will not be good, Hermione began to think. But her train of musings was never finished, because she had some bigger things to think about. Like how she was now lurching through space. Actually, it felt a bit like traveling by Portkey mixed with traveling by time-turner…

Oh my God. Please, don't let it be what I think it is…

Screw calling Malfoy by his first name. If I'm right, I am going to slaughter him. Even if it means going to Azkaban

(INT: 1977)

"Oh come on, Evans. Go out with me," James Potter begged desperately. The look Lily Evans, the current object of his affection, was a death glare that reflected disgust in her emerald eyes. Why was he asking her out, anyway? He didn't even know her. He had never paid any attention to her before 5th year, when he realized that Lily was the only girl that wouldn't giggle or flirt in his presence. What did James Potter, trouble maker extraordinaire, want with Lily Evans, resident Gryffindor good girl? Absolutely nothing, as far as Lily was concerned. But James had a different feeling on this subject and he was certainly persistent, she'd give him that.

"How many times will I say it, Potter? I will under no circumstances go out with you!" she screeched back. Having this scenario in 4th year would have been highly unusual. James was one of the most popular guys in the school; him and his fellow Marauders, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Well, not so much Peter, he was a bit of a tag along. And Lily Evans was definitely not at the same scale as the girls that usually draped themselves over the Marauders. She was the smart girl that hung out in the library a lot. But in 5th year, James had discovered that Lily was one of the only girls that didn't desperately want him, that she didn't bat her eyelashes at him when they talked; not that they did that a lot. But James was infatuated; she was his new challenge. Unfortunately, Lily wasn't exactly fond of James. At all.

"Give it a rest, Prongs," Sirius advised, using their special Marauder nicknames. Lily's face clouded slightly in confusion at the mention; no one at Hogwarts, other than the Marauders themselves, new why they called each other Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs. There were a few… interesting rumors about 'Moony', but nothing really concrete. Some of the much more observant students may have pieced together the puzzle, but so far, no one they knew of had. Thankfully.

"Hey, can you hear anything?" Remus asked. Everyone shook their heads, but Remus strained to listen anyway. One of his werewolf-ish abilities was enhanced senses, including hearing. He shook his head, as if imagining it, but was sure there was some kind of noise.

"I think I can hear something, too," Peter whispered. He was standing close to a closet they hadn't noticed before. Remus motioned for him to move away slightly and walked closer himself. Yes, he hadn't been imagining it; there was definitely something in there.

"Are you sure you should do that?" Lily asked nervously. Remus was the only Marauder she associated with, but only because he was a Prefect. And even so, she just barely nodded at him or one-word answers. So what if James was Head Boy? He didn't deserve it. The less Marauders she saw, the better of she was, in Lily's opinion. Remus paid no attention to Lily's warning however; he was catching bits of the noise. It was a conversation between 2 people. Or more like a fight. Remus pressed his ear against the door; the pair was very busy fighting. The others watched him with curious expressions on their faces, as they couldn't hear a single thing. Remus pressed a finger to his lips, motioning for them to shut up.

"-Listen up, Malfoy; do you want me to whack you again?" a feminine voice asked in a panicking fashion. Remus had a strong vision of someone freaking out, hyperventilating.

"Yes, I do. It's my greatest thrill in life; being hit by you, Granger!" another voice replied. This one was masculine, and was dripping with sarcasm impatiently.

"Do you realize who they ar-"

"I hope we're not interrupting anything?" Remus asked sarcastically, as he pulled the door open and met 2 stunned faces. There was the face of a girl, whose long, brown tangles came down to around her elbows and surrounded her clear, tanned face. The second face, a boy, platinum hair and cold silver eyes. The girl's warm, brown eyes widened in shock and the boy began to say something in a haughty tone, but looked up and cursed. The girl grabbed the boys arm and bolted.

"Well, that was strange," muttered James.

"It's Hogwarts, what did you expect?" Sirius replied, smirking. The Marauders headed off in one direction. James's mind was still on the two people. Lily walked of in another direction, also thinking. That boy looks terribly familiar, she realized. He obviously looked like Lucius Malfoy, a tormentor of hers that had left Hogwarts a few years back; Malfoy's favourite activity had been whispering Mudblood taunts in her ears. But there was something else about him. Almost like she was going to meet him, somehow, but never got around to it.

(A/N: This is a few minutes earlier, Hermione and Draco's POV while in the closet)

"Shit," Hermione was at a loss for words; there were some moments where nothing was left to say except for a good cuss to take out your anger. Now was one of those times, for sure.

"Whoa, Granger! Did you just swear?" Draco asked in bewilderment, completely ignoring the situation at hand.

"Well, have you got any better ideas. Do you realize what happened? Probably not. But if you did, you'd know there's nothing else to do but swear. We didn't just go into somebody's memory," Hermione snapped back.

"So enlighten me. What happened?" Draco asked.

"Oh, look around you stupid, blonde prick!" Hermione was not happy.

"Hey! I take offence to that; my hair is perfect, thank you very much. Besides, I have looked around. We're in a closet in some hallway. So what?"

"Congratulations, Malfoy, you've passed 1st year! Did you have the sense to look outside the closet?" Nothing like a good, sarcastic remark before getting to the point.

"I bloody can't! I'm sorry I don't have the skill to look through solid wood!"

"Are you a wizard or just someone posing? Do you own a wand or not?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Oh, yeah is right! Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"What? That hot redhead and those 3 guys? OUCH! You don't have to hit me; I'm just stating a fact!" Draco was rubbing his arm tenderly. Hermione hit hard.

"Listen Malfoy; do you want me to whack you again?"

"Yes, I do. It's my greatest thrill in life; being hit by you, Granger!" Draco replied, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Do you realize who they ar-" Hermione started, but never got the chance to finish.

"I hope we're not interrupting anything?" Hermione and Draco had been so busy bickering they hadn't realized that the closet had been opened and they were face to face with… Remus Lupin; younger without such a lines face and his light brown hair deliberately tousled but grey-free. He was smirking and facing them, voice dripping with sarcasm. And who were those boys with him? They looked strangely like a much younger Sirius Black, also younger with short hair, longer at the front to fall forwards… and Harry? Harry with hazel eyes… That girl, there was something familiar about her, too; her emerald eyes looked immensely recognizable.

Hermione gasped. Her worst fears had been confirmed, the ones that had started when she realized that getting here felt like Portkey and time travel mixed together. The fear had increased when they ended up in a strange closet. And once she had seen Remus Lupin, Hermione had almost been sure. But this finished it off. Clearly, Draco hadn't gotten the picture quite yet; so much for being the second smartest student at Hogwarts, only beaten by Hermione.

"And how is that any of you're busi- WHOA, SHIT!" Draco's eyes had widened as he realized who he was speaking to. Hermione didn't know what to do. So she did the first thing that popped into her head; grabbed Draco and ran. To Hermione's immense surprise, Draco did not try to tug his hand away or slow them down.


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