You all have neglected poor Coco and caused her to wound me greatly. So to appease the bird I give you, Bobo.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Frankie had called Wilt, Eduardo and Bloo into their room. The reason, Coco.

"She's just been looking a little down lately and I was hoping you guys could try and cheer her up."

"Easy," Bloo said "no one can resist my animal magnetism." he licked his hand and rubed it across his bald head.

"Yeah," Frankie said, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, just try and find out what's wrong." as everyone began to leave when Bloo walked up to Frankie and handed her a piece of paper.

"What's this?" she dared to ask.

"My rates, Animal magnetism doesn't come cheap."


"Ok, ok, I'll do it pro-bozo." Bloo said as he left, meeting Eduardo and Wilt in the hall.

"Ok," Wilt said, taking command, "let's split up to find her. I'll look outside, Bloo, check the downstairs, Eduardo, upstairs. Ok?"

Eduardo let out a whimper but agreed.

"Oh, wait." Wilt took a step back in the room and rummaged around a bit befor coming out with three walkie-talkies in hand. He handed two to Eduardo and Bloo and they split up.

Wilt was the first to find her. She was sitting on the lawn, staring out at the horizon. Wilt picked up a basketball trying to persuade her into a game.

"Hey, Coco, you up for a game?"

Coco sighed and stood up. Wilt passed her the ball and she caught it in her mouth. Then, she swallowed. Leaving Wilt shocked, she left for the house. Wilt soon gathered himself and picked up his walkie-talkie.

"Bloo, she's coming your way."

"Yeah, whatever, look I think we need code name."

"Bloo." Wilt said sternly.

"Oh, fine, Bloo Falcon, out."

Coco came in through the front door and started to walk to the stairs. Bloo approached her.

"So, Coco, watcha doin'?"

Coco instantly stopped and turned to Bloo, grabing his head in her mouth.

"Um, Coco?"

Coco swung her head and flung Bloo up onto the chandelier. Bloo pulled out his walkie-talkie to contact Eduardo.

"Bloo Falcon to Chickenman, Bloo Falcon to Chickenman."


"The duck's coming your way."


"No! I mean Coco."

"Oh, I see."

"Note, avoid mouth, repeat, avoid mouth."

Coco came up the stairs looking very angry, Eduardo approached with extreme caution.

"Um, SeƱorita Coco?"

"COCO!!!" she snapped causing Ed to start crying. She stormed down the hallway in a worse mood than before. She stomped past Mr. Herriman's office and noticed the door was ajarit wasn't the open door however that attracted her attention but the person inside. Standing at the end of Mr. Herriman's desk was, in her opinion, the best idea ever thought of. He looked like an over inflated teddy bear. His name was Bobo, and Coco was now happy.

Whew! I'm glad I made it out of that alive. I'm finally rid of that Bird, plant, thing. Now if anyone has a bandage or spare blood lying around I could really use it. This blood loss has made me woosie. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!