"We?...No, I don´t think so, you heard the message, you have a date already!" Abby said imitating Eleonor´s voice.

"You have got to be kidding me right? You know you´ll be the one I am taking, and she should know too, because she knows we were dating, and besides, now that we are engaged it´s another reason for you to came. Now, you are officially a part of the Carter family, you HAVE to show up at this kind of things!"

"Ha, very funny, but you really think I am going to see your mother look at me like I am the worst person you could have picked to go with. No, no way I am going. And Barbie will be waiting for you! It would be such a disappointment for your mother."

"Another reason why you should go."

"So you could use me to disappoint your mother?"

"Yes...I mean no. Look, I will call my mom, and I´ll tell her that I am taking you, because there´s no one else for me."

"Whatever, I will go, but if your mother keep bugging me, I won´t respond for my acts, I´ll hit her if I´ll have to."

"That will be interesting."

"I am serious."

"Me too." John said smiling." We´ll do it like this, I´ll call my mother now, then we stay doing nothing all afternoon, until it´s time for us to change for the Function, or whatever. Ok?"

"Ok, by the way, tonight, you´re wearing your Hugo Boss."

"Ah...a little preview of what´s coming huh?"

"Not at all, but since I am your fiancée, I will tell you what to wear, not you mommy."

"Works for me, as long as you´re wearing that Prada I bought you."

"Oh, I will." Abby said with a little smile.

A few hours have passed, and Carter was calling his mother when Abby came in to the living room.

"Hello, could I speak to Eleonor please? Yes, I´ll hold."

"Ah, telling the bad news already huh?"

"Very funny, I´m actually calling to tell her I´m taking you. Yes, I´m still here." Carter said when the man on the other line talked to him.

"Hello, this is Eleonor."

"Hey, mom. It´s John."

"Hello John, I was kind of hoping you would call me, I need to tell you where Julia lives, so you can pick her up."

"Yeah, about that, mom, I already have a date, actually I´m dating Abby for a while now, and you knew that." Abby was sitting by Carters side, listening to the conversation.

"You are? I thought you had broke up with her already, because, honestly, I didn´t think this relationship of you two would last."

"Well, our relationship it´s better, and stronger than ever if you ask me, besides, you call her apartament, didn´t you listened to the message?"

"I did, but thought you hadn´t had time to change it."

"Well, Abby and I are living together now, so get used to it."

"Fine, but what do you want me to say to the Withman´s? I have them convinced that you would take their daughter to the function. It would be very rude just to cancel, and I really think you will like her, she is just your type. Tall, blond."

"Well, congratulations, you don´t know me at all. I don´t fall for any blond." By this point of the conversation Abby was starting to look at him strangely.

"What do you mean Any blond?"

"Well there is one blond that I really care, and love, but I got to tell you, it´s the only one."

"I am not understanding anything of this conversation."

"Yeah, whatever, anyway, I just called to say that Abby is coming with me, and setting me up with someone, it´s not the best thing."

"Don´t tell me this Abby would get jealous."

"First, it´s not this Abby, it´s just Abby, and second, you would be getting me pissed."

"This conversation it´s getting crazy. I´ll see you tonight."

"Yes, you´ll see me and Abby tonight, bye mom."

"Goodbye John." With that both hung up the phone.

"That was the worst conversation a person can have on the phone." Carter said lying his head on Abby´s lap.

"Ah come on, neither of you screamed, that´s good." Abby said smoothing Carter´s hair.

"Argh...I guess it could have been worst." Carter looked at the VCR watch an realized it was better to start getting ready."I think we should go and get ready."

"Yeah, I´m serious, if your mom keep annoying me tonight, I´ll slap her. And I don´t care if it´s in front of the whole society, so you better think twice before taking me."

"I have, and I would love to see my mom to be embarrassed in front of the so called friends." They went to the bedroom to get their clothes separated, and to take their shower. An hour and half later both were leaving the house.

"Well, let´s get this show on the road." Abby said causing Carter to laugh, while walking towards the Jeep.

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