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Legolas laughed lightly as his brother told him the latest adventures of his two twin brothers. Both the oldest and youngest sons of Thranduil were relaxing in the palace grounds. Legolas had been in Eryn Lasgalen for a week and had managed to remain away from his two would be suitors and the Fellowship which had arrived a few days after Aragorn. But he knew that eventually they would both catch up with him. He had just needed the time to relax and recover somewhat from the journey to Eryn Lasgalen. It was nice to spend this time with his brother's.

As if by magic at that very moment Estalado rounded the corner in to the courtyard when he saw the blond his smile grew wider and he strode over to the brothers and kneeling handed the prince a bunch of flowers that grew in the grounds around the palace. "I took a walk this morning and their beauty reminded me of yours." Estalado explained.

Before the blond could reply Estalado had walked off. As soon as he was around the corner, Legolas started to laugh. Lomion joined in. The flowers were left behind on the ground as the brothers made their way into lunch.

As the meal progressed, Legolas felt eyes on him and looking up met Aragorn's gaze. Estel walked over and asked the prince for a short audience. Legolas nodded and rose. Following the man out into the gardens Legolas couldn't help but feel overly nervous.

"Legolas, I don't want to try and sway favour for you, but I felt these belong to you." The man handed a small package to the Prince carefully opening it revealed his two rings, the engagement ring and wedding band. Legolas shook his head and attempted to give them back.

"Aragorn, I returned these to you. They are rightfully yours." Before the blond Prince could continue Aragorn produced the green leaf necklace and threaded the two rings on to the chain and then gently placed the chain around the pale neck.

"You said in your letter you would always love me. And I you. However if your heart leads away from me I will understand and we will have to remain friends for the sake of our two, I mean three children." The king placed a brief kiss on the Prince's cheek and placed his palm on the still flat stomach of the Prince.

Legolas smiled and then took his leave of the king returning to his own chambers to think.

A knock on the door disturbed him and granting entry he turned over on the bed expecting to see his father or Lomion there, instead he saw Mithrandir. The white wizard moved over to where the blond lay and gave him a hug. Legolas gave a shallow smile but barely moved. He felt like crying. Nothing was going right. It was meant to be simple.

Mithrandir sensed the young Prince's confusion and placed an arm around the slim shoulders. "Legolas, I understand you feel sad but your friends wish to see you. They miss you and worry for you. Please come down and see us."

Legolas gave a slight nod but added quietly "I wish to not see my husband and well I don't know what Estalado is, but I don't wish to see him either."

"That is well; I believe they are both talking to your father."

Legolas smiled and rose from the bed heading towards the door. "What room are they in?" Legolas questioned the wizard.

"I believe they went to the garden, Frodo and Sam wished to see some of the plants that grow here." Mithrandir replied.

Legolas nodded and with the wizards arm still around his shoulders they both made their way to meet their friends.

As they entered the gardens they saw Sam examining some of the plants that were growing around, beside him was Frodo holding a book matching pictures to the real flowers. Lying on the grass not far from them were the remaining two Hobbits and Gimli all three were smoking. Legolas gave a soft cough and they all turned to look at the approaching Prince and Maia.

"Legolas, are you well?" Gimli questioned his friend. Legolas nodded and the Dwarf surprised them all by putting out his pipe and walking to the elf and giving him a gentle hug.

Legolas felt a large smile spread onto his face at his friends love and the Hobbits quickly followed the Dwarf's example. The group spent the afternoon in chatting and simply appreciating each others company.

Finally, just before evening meal would be served, Legolas heard someone approaching and turning saw his Father walking with Lomion towards them, the two Royals were talking quietly, and straining to hear Legolas could only make out single words along the lines of "Aragorn . . . love . . . Children." Sighing loudly the prince stood and met his father and brother both of which gave him a kiss on the forehead and alerted the younger prince to the need to change before dinner.

Legolas said his goodbyes and walked with Lomion to his bed chamber. As they entered Legolas knocked over the bag he had brought from Gondor and the robe belonging to Aragorn fell out. Legolas bent carefully and picked it up. Lifting the material to his nose Legolas inhaled his husband's scent and gave a small sigh. Then as suddenly as before, a wave of pain hit him and he fell backwards into the arms of his brother.

Lomion panicked as Legolas gave a loud scream and clutched at his head. After what seemed an age Legolas went still. Lomion picked his brother up and ran from the room yelling for help. He carried the inert blond into the dining hall where Aragorn seeing the unconscious Elf, felt his medical training kick in and asked the Crown Prince what had happened.

"We were in his chambers he picked that robe up and then he just started to yell and scream. He held his head." Before Lomion could get any further the twins jumped in.

"That's what happened on the way here when he claimed to see the spider attack." The room went silent and all just starred at the blond Prince.

Gandalf stood and slowly walked towards the young prince, grasping Legolas's face in his hands he whispered something quietly under is breath and Legolas opened his eyes. "It hurts, Mithrandir I can hear all these voices in my head and it hurts"

Gandalf gently stroked the Princes hair, "Gimli, take the Hobbits and get Legolas back to his room, Estalado please contact Elrond and Galadrial, also Arwen and Elardion."

As they went about there tasks Mithrandir steered away Thranduil away from the rest of the group. And whispered quietly in the Kings ear. "It is as we feared, it is Darrenholt's blood."#


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