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Marissa was standing by the vending machine in the New Port hospital, taking a break from visiting Luke (who was recovering from his car accident) trying to decide what to get. Finally, she made her selection and bent down to retrieve her food, careful of the double chocolate, vanilla milkshake that she was holding her hand.

Ryan Atwood came up behind her, smiled to himself and lightly slapped her butt, hoping the gesture would be sexy. Instead, Marissa was caught off guard and she stumbled forward, not only knocking her head against the vending machine but her face went directly into the whip cream topping the milkshake.

"So," Ryan said, oblivious to Marissa's stumble. "What'cha getting?"

Marissa righted herself slightly, but didn't turn around. "Doritos and a Rice Krispy Treat." She answered.

Ryan rolled his eyes; he loved Marissa but... "If you keep eating that stuff, you're gonna be a fat oxen."

Marissa turned around and Ryan recoiled, taken aback but sudden appearance; the whip cream covered most of her face, including her nose, complete with chocolate sprinkles. However, she had no idea. "What did you say?" She questioned, setting the milkshake aside and tearing open her Rice Krispy treat.

"Uh..." Ryan trailed off. "Your face..."

Marissa looked hurt. "What about it?"

"It's beautiful." Ryan lied through his teeth, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

Marissa smiled. "Oh Ryan." She smiled. "You're so sweet." She leaned in for a kiss but Ryan couldn't take his eyes off the chocolate chip on her nose. Ryan put his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Wait, you have a little something..." He mumbled and gestured toward the whip cream around her face.

Marissa noticed the dessert topping for the first time. "Oh." She said scooped some off her cheeks with her fingers and sexily (or so she thought) attempted to lick it off. Ryan twitched. "There." She said and then took a huge bite of her Rice Krispy treat.

Before Ryan could stop himself, he let out a "moo" under his breath but Marissa, being the sharp girl that she was, heard the noise. "What?"

"I love you." Ryan backtracked.

Marissa smiled again and leaned in for another kiss; Ryan tried to find a way to avoid this girl with whip cream all over her face –aside from one line where she had tried to lick it off- and Rice Krispy still in her mouth but he couldn't see a way out. Inside, he gave her a light kiss on the lips and stepped away from she could deepen the kiss. "I'm gonna go see if Luke is...still alive." Ryan mumbled, heading out of the room and leaving Marissa alone beside the vending machine, puzzled.

With a lovelorn sigh, Marissa leaned against the vending machine. "I love him." She mused happily and licked more whip cream from her face.

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