Hello boys and girls and welcome to my second Teen Titan story. Some may recognize this story and that's because I submitted it before under the name TV's Best Friend. It was deleted do to bad grammar and spelling but this will be better I swear. I went to some classes and my bad grammar was caused by a speech impediment that caused me not see the defences between words like thought and through and such because I couldn't sound them out. If you don't believe me just look at the first chapters of my Kim Possible story "Silver" and then the latter chapters. Also look at my other Teen Titan story "1602" and how good that is coming along without an editor. Oh and some may notice I deleted my Xiaolin Showdown story because I didn't like it, sorry to the two people who reviewed. Well I'll stop talking now and get to the story, so without further delay I give you the new and improved first chapter of Teen Titan Pregnancies.

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Teen Titan Pregnancies

Chapter 1: Test

The Titan Tower stood proudly in the middle of the Jump City harbour. It was quiet, a few months ago most would say it was too quiet but recently it had always been like this. Ever since the defeat of Slade the rest of the pieces just fell into place. The crime rate in Jump City reached a record low and the only people that would dare to commit a crime were small time bank robbers or big time jewel thieves. But even they were brought to justice by the might of The Teen Titans. But something was about to happen that would shake the very foundation of The Tower and it would change the lives of everyone inside it. Of course this has nothing to do with some wannabe megalomaniac but two members of the team. Raven and Starfire.

Raven entered the bathroom that connected her and Starfire's rooms holding a small cardboard box in one hand. She wore only a white jersey with green trim and on the back in green was the words "Logan 00". At the same moment Starfire entered the bathroom with a similar cardboard box and wearing a pair of purple pyjama pants and a shirt with an "R" on it that belonged to Robin.

"Friend Raven!"


Both shouted in unison as they saw the other, quickly hiding the boxes behind there backs. The two girls stood there looking at the other neither one saying a word. Both had grown a bit in all the right places the past years and were now two beautiful girls of sixteen.

At lest a minute passed by as a eternity went by the girls before a yell from the open door behind Starfire was heard. "Starfire!" Robin shouted from inside Starfire's room, "did you forget how to use it? You have to hold it under your-"

Starfire's eyes went huge as she quickly turned around and yelled, "yes I remember thank you," before slamming the door shut. She turned back around to see Raven with one of her eyebrows raised. Starfire smiled very nervously as Raven opened her mouth to respond but was cut off before a word could be spoken.

"Hey Raven that thing's taking a long time you ok?" Beast Boy yelled from Raven's open door.

Raven's eyes went twice as large as Starfire's did as she too slammed her door after yelling, "Yes I'm ok, thanks for asking." She turned around and smiled a very uncharacteristic nervous smile. A curse of "women" was heard from behind the girls doors before Raven finally broke down. "Fine if you must know I'm talking a pregnancy test," she said as if Starfire had been hounding her for an answer.

Starfire gasped as she pulled her cardboard box from behind her back, "you too are taking a test of pregnancy?" She asked with a smile.

Raven's mouth fell open as she pulled out the same test from behind her back, "guess so?" she answered still a bit shocked.

"I did not even know you and Beast Boy had…" Starfire passed as she cleared her throat, "…participated in those activities."

"Well we have," Raven said as a small blush found its way to her cheeks turning them a bright rose that looked odd against her pale skin.

"Well if you can leave I will take my test and then you may take yours," Starfire said as she moved her hands as if asking Raven to leave.

"Oh yes I guess I…wait no I was here first you go," Raven said as she held her ground refusing to move.

"No you were not I was," Starfire said simple.

"Yes I was here first," Raven restored beginning to get angry.





"Lets stop this right now!" Raven shouted noticing how childlike the fight was. "Now how can we handle this like adults?"

Both girls thought for a few seconds and then Starfire said, "what of rock, paper and scissors?"

"Your on," Raven said as if accepting a challenge. How hard could it be to bet an alien girl who probably hadn't played the game in her life.

Five minutes and best seven out of thirteen later Starfire stood next to the toilet taking her test from its box as Raven stood in the shower. "I guess I am better at the rock, paper and scissors game then I thought?" Starfire said as she smiled. Raven didn't give a response as she just glared at her and shut the curtain.

After taking there test they both put them on opposite sides of the sink, "the box says it takes five to ten minutes to work," Raven said sitting down on the side of the tub.

"So what do you wish to talk about friend Raven?" Starfire asked sitting down beside Raven.

"Um so you and Robin are…doing ok?" Raven said as she blushed slightly.

"Oh yes you could say that," Starfire giggled as she blushed fiercely. "But what about you and Beast Boy? As I have said I did not know you and him had been…" Starfire stopped talking and began to giggle again.

"Yes for awhile now," Raven said shyly as she blushed just as much as Starfire did but she dare not giggled at risk the tests would explode.

"Well that is not too bad, you did date without the rest of us knowing for two weeks," Starfire laughed as she remembered finding the two in a closet with clothes floating around there heads.

"It was two months," Raven corrected looking down just slightly embarrassed.

"Oh," Starfire said quietly, "anyway why are you taking a test of pregnancy?" Starfire asked changing the subject.

"I've been throwing up the past few days and my appetite has changed," Raven said simple, "all the usual signs."

"Oh yes me as well," Starfire said, "I informed Robin of my symptoms and after he regained conscience he suggest I take one of these tests."

Raven opened her mouth to respond but she was cut-off by the sound of beeping coming from the sink. Both the girls stood and walked to the sink picking up there test but not daring to lay an eye on them. They both covered there eyes and stuck there test in front of the other's face.

"I cant look, what does it say?" Raven asked eyes still closed tight.

"I can not look ether what does mine say?" Starfire asked her eyes still closed just as tight as Raven's.

Both the girls opened one of there eyes to look at the other's test and both sets of eyes instantly snapped open. They both gasped as they grabbed each other in a bone crunching hug both yelling at the same time.

"Your pregnant!"

Both girls stayed in the hug not really realizing what the other had said before Raven's eyes both popped open as wide as they could go. "Wait," she said pulling away from the hug and holding Starfire at arms length, "what did you say?"