Hey boys and girls and welcome to chapter seventeen. Well this is the chapter people. The babies are born today. Well really there born whatever day your reading this and not the day I'm typing it but whatever same thing. So now you guys finally get to find out the gender and names of these kids. There is a sad bit behind the babies being born though. The end is here folks. I've had a good run through and this is by far my favourite story I have ever written. Well I do have a sequel planned but I wouldn't mind getting some other ideas out of my head and maybe even redoing my 1602 story before hand but it will come one day. So until then I bid you all ado and have fun reading the last chapter of Teen Titan Pregnancies.

Chapter 17: Babies

Titan Tower was as quiet and calm as it had been in the past nine months. It was the middle of the night and everyone was asleep. A few things had changed since the fight between Batman and Nightwing two weeks ago. The King stopped talking to anyone and usually just sat off to the side and grumbled about nothing. The Queen on the other hand started talking more and more and was now trying to learn some more grammar and some sayings. Batman had also stuck around, wanting to see the birth of his adopted son's first child and not having anything to do in Gotham anyway.

The Titans themselves had been going through a few minor changes as well. Starfire had began to have some food cravings and stopped drinking mustard. Which is something that only sounds strange if you don't know Starfire. Nightwing had mellowed out a lot since the fight with his former mentor. All he cared about was taking care of Starfire and soon the baby now, he had earned it after all. Raven had gone the exactly opposite way, she began to get more and more mood swings everyday. Almost destroying The Tower one afternoon because her tea was cold. Beast Boy was taking the blunt end of these mood swings and he had the scars to prove it too. Most of the time he was The Teams negotiator towards Raven. Finally Cyborg wasn't in The Tower too much lately as he was too busy spending time with a certain gothic store owner. But they were all about to go through a change much bigger then all those put together.

Raven's eyes snapped open as wide as they could go as she felt something inside her that scared her half to death. At first she was petrified and didn't move at all, just staring at the ceiling but then she just couldn't help but smile a little. "Beast Boy wakeup," she said as she shook her sleeping fiancée, worry was evident in her voice but the small smile wouldn't go away. It was finally time.

"I'll put it in the microwave Raven, just please put down the tank," Beast Boy said in his sleep as he rolled over. Raven rolled her eyes and just flipped him out of the bed with her powers. "Ow, why'd you do that?" Beast Boy whined as he got up from the floor.

Raven just shook her head as the small smile found its way onto her lips again and she said simple, "it's time."

It took about half a second for Beast Boy to get what Raven meant and to take her hand and lead her down the hall to Cyborg's room all the time shouting, "its time!"

"What is it that is going on?" The Queen asked as she came out of her room rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Time for what?" Nightwing asked as he and Starfire stumbled out of there room. Batman also came out of his room but just stood there like he knew all that was going on, and he probably did.

Beast Boy ignored all of them as he just ran up to Cyborg's door and banged on it until Cyborg opened it with a puzzled look, "yo B, what's up?" Cyborg asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's coming," Beast Boy said as he looked at his friend with panicked eyes, waiting for him to get the T-car so they could get out of here. He really thought Cyborg needed no further instructions. Cyborg looked at his friend still puzzled and then looked past him at Raven as she doubled over in pain and grasped her stomach. That's when everyone finally got it and the wheels were set in motion.

It took about five minutes to for the team to get ready and get down to the T-Car. They weren't even in costume with Beast Boy and Nightwing just in pants and t-shirts and Starfire wearing simple maternity clothes. Raven just wore her nightshirt as she couldn't really just throw on clothes with her contractions getting closer every minute. Batman, The King and The Queen all came out of there rooms the same time as the team but they were all fully dressed and the weird thing was they didn't even look like it was odd to put on so much clothing so quickly.

They bolted down the street as Cyborg drove his baby the fastest he would ever dear to drive her with so many twist and turns on the way to the hospital. Nightwing sat in the passenger seat as Beast Boy sat in the back with Raven's head in his lap. Starfire and the rest of her family flew besides the car as Batman was running across rooftops and would probably beat them there.

"Why are we going to see the birth of this child?" The King asked in Tamaranean as he flew near his wife.

"Because she is are daughters friend," The Queen said simple, "and besides I wish to know if it's a boy or a girl."

Meanwhile back in the car Beast Boy was trying to calm Raven as she began to feel more and more pain the closer the contractions got. "Come on Rea breath," Beast Boy said as he made stupid faeces trying to imitate breathing methods he saw on T.V.

Raven reached up and choked him as her eyes began to glow red, "I should have killed you when I had the chance," she hissed.

"I think its almost here," Beast Boy struggled to say through the strangle hold. Raven let go as she grabbed her stomach as another contraction hit her.

"Where here!" Cyborg shouted as the pulled up to the hospital and they all rushed inside yelling for a doctor.

"Get her over here," a nearby doctor said as he pulled out a wheel chair and sent a message through his beeper.

"Super-human pregnant lady coming through!" Beast Boy yelled as he pushed Raven in the wheel chair and followed the doctor to a free birthing room.

"You'll have to stay out here," the doctor said as Beast Boy and Raven made it into the room. A very loud crash was heard followed by one of the nurse's scream right after he said this.

"I don't think we want to go in there," Batman said as everyone else nodded in agreement.

It took about two hours for the whole thing and although it was a short amount of time to have a baby I'm sure the doctors involved wished it was shorter. Half way through one even burst out of the room and crumbled to the ground muttering things. He had to be dragged off but another one was coming out now, "It's over," he panted before fainting forward onto the ground. The team stepped over him as they went into the room to see a bit of a shock waiting for them.

"Hey guys…uh surprise," Beast Boy said as he held his son in his arms.

"Yeah surprise," Raven said softly as she looked down at her beautifully daughter.

The Team stood shocked as they looked at Beast Boy and Raven's two beautiful children. They both had the same skin colour, a pale colour with a hint of green, almost like they were sick but at the same time healthy. The boy had a small fang sticking out of his lip as he looked up with his multicoloured eyes and the girl had a patch of purple hair as she looked up with her multicoloured eyes. One of there eyes was green and the other was purple with the boys green eye on the left and the girls on the right and the purple eye following the same pattern obviously.

"So what are these little guy's names?" Batman asked calmly as he broke the uncomfortable silence that followed the discovery of two children instead of one.

"Mark and Emily Logan," Beast Boy said as he took his daughter from Raven and smiled down at her.

"Any idea what there powers are?" Nightwing asked as he hugged Starfire close as they admired how happy Raven and Beast Boy looked with there children.

"No idea," Beast Boy said but at the same time the babies did something as if to answer the question themselves. Mark turned into a grey baby monkey with a burst of black magic and jumped on top of his Father's head as a snake made out of black magic came out of Emily's hand and rapped around Beast Boy's head. "I think they like me," Beast Boy smiled.

"Give them here," Raven said as reached up and grabbed her two children. When she did a little bit of magic came out of them and went into Raven as Mark turned back to normally and the snake disappeared. "Different?" Raven said as she looked down at the two smiling babies.

They all stood there for a second just being happy until Starfire grabbed her stomach and groaned. "Oh I am sorry," she said as everyone looked at her.

"Star I think your water just broke," Nightwing said franticly as he looked at his fiancé.

"I do not know that term? How can water break?" Starfire asked as a doctor put her into a wheel chair.

"It means the baby's coming," Nightwing said with a huge smile.

Cyborg stayed with Beast Boy and Raven as they had made him the Godfather of there children but everyone else took off to another room. This time the whole thing went a lot smoother without nearly as many injurers to the staff, though Nightwing offering his hand to Starfire may have been a bad idea. The whole thing was longer though and took just near six hours.

"I am going in there, you can not stop me I am The King of Tamaran," The King said as he pushed into the room followed by Batman and The Queen. Nightwing was having his hand bandaged as Starfire held there son in her arms.

"He is beautiful," The Queen said as she looked down at her grandson. He had his mother's eyes and by the look of the small patch of hair he was going to be a red head too. Besides that even as a baby you could tell all his other features were from his farther.

"Any name ideas," Batman asked as he smiled down at the baby as it looked up puzzled at The Dark Knight.

"We were thinking of naming him after you actually," Nightwing said as he smiled up at his friend.

"Bruce Ryand'r Grayson," Starfire said proudly as she never took her eyes off her newborn child.

After that the team stayed together with there children and kept on fighting crime. After about two years they broke up and on good terms and went there separate ways. And that's all there is to the birth of the two children that changed the Teen Titans forever. Well…not really.

Beast Boy and Nightwing stood at an alter in nice suites and Robin didn't even have his mask on. Behind them was the King dressed in white robes and holding a book with some strange Tamaranean writing on it. And in front of them were two of the most beautiful things they had ever seen. Raven and Starfire were walking down and aisle in two beautiful flowing white gowns that hugged there recently retrieved curves perfectly. In there arms were there children wrapped in white sheets.

It was a wedding that couldn't be missed and everyone showed up. All of Titans East was there and Cyborg invited Mina. Batman showed up as Bruce Wayne and Superman even showed up along with a lot of other heroes and allies The Titans had met over the year. Somehow they managed to keep the

press away and the ceremony went off without a hitch. It was a Tamaranean ceremony but the four recent adults had already gotten all there papers so this was just for the feeling of it all.

"So you still think were going to live happily ever after?" Raven asked Beast Boy after stumbling through the odd ceremony.

Beast Boy smiled at Raven, then over to Nightwing and Starfire, then to the smiling crowd and finally to his two children, "more then ever."

And they really did.