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Chapter One

It was another one of those boring, rainy days that came about every so often. It was dark and stormy outside, and no one dared venture onto the grounds of Castle Ostia, where they had been staying. So instead, every in Eliwood's army was lying around, bored out of their minds.

Apparently, everyone was depressed because of Ninian's shocking death several days before. Eliwood happened to be the most depressed of all, and since he was the leader, he gave the rest of the army a very uninspired, pessimistic feeling.

Sain was one of the few actually attempting to entertain himself. But after being shooed away from a chess game downstairs and failing to find a Go Fish partner, he'd given up on that, too. Now he stared listlessly out the window, watching raindrops slide down the glass slowly. If only he could think of something to do...

Then, he had an idea.

"Sain, you're a genius!" he told himself. He decided that, for his plan, he would need a piece of parchment and a pen. He went over to Kent's chest of things and fished around inside until he'd found what he needed. Kent was his roommate – he wouldn't mind if Sain borrowed a few things from him. Even if a letter from Kent's mother was on the back of the piece of parchment.

Sain thought about what he should write, and then began to scribble down the first things that came to mind. When he was finished, he read over the paper again. Yes, perfect! He decided to go 'bring in the mail' so he could pretend to find this nice ad he'd written.

"Checkmate!" Nino announced cheerily.

"Why do you keep beating me??" cried Hector, feeling ashamed for his loss to a girl, and a 14 year old one at that."This isn't fair!"

"Why not?" said Nino with a shrug. "I mean, maybe you just have to work on your chess skills."

"Rrr... well, you've won this game, but next time..."

"That's what you said last time, Hector," Lyn commented with a roll of her eyes. "Just face it, Nino is better than you at chess. In fact, she's better than me. I'll probably lose to her, too, so don't feel bad."

"He's just used to beating me all of the time," Matthew informed Nino. "That's 'cause I let him win, though... gotta avoid that hot temper..."

The four of them were in the dining room, sipping some hot chocolate Lowen had made and taking turns playing chess against each other. So far, Hector had lost against every single person, and it wasn't making him very happy.

"More hot chocolate?" Lowen asked eagerly, running into the room with refills.

Matthew raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure you should be running while holding a hot drink?"

Lowen ignored him, or maybe he just hadn't heard the comment. "Does anyone want more?"

Matthew sighed. "Sure, Lowen. That stuff is pretty good..."

While Lowen was pouring Matthew more, the door opened with a BANG and Sain ran into the room, waving a piece of paper. Lowen jumped and spilled some of the hot chocolate on Hector, who was sitting next to Matthew.

"ACK!!!" cried Hector. "LOWEN!!!"

Lowen flinched. "I am so very sorry, milord! I'll clean it up right away!"

Hector looked like he was about to kill someone, but no one noticed since they were focused on Sain.

"Look what came in the mail!" the green clad cavalier cried.

Lyn snatched the flier from Sain's waving arms. "What's this? 'Dear Kenty, I miss you so very much!'. What??"

Matthew grabbed the flier from Lyn. "Hmm..."

"Read it!" Hector insisted, forgetting about the spilled hot chocolate. So Matthew did:

"All eligible ladies between the ages of 14 and 28 are invited to participate in the Miss Elibe Beauty Pageant, held today from 1 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the ballroom of Castle Ostia. Four judges will be randomly selected out of all of the male audience members. In the competition, each participant will have the opportunity to show off their physical beauty, impressive skills, and views on several important issues in Elibe. The winner will get a marvelous prize. Sign up on the attached sheet."

Hector looked dumbfounded. "What the heck? There's a beauty pageant here and I didn't know about it? I mean, I do live here... What has my brother been DOING as Marquess??"

"You should sign up!" Sain encouraged Lyn and Nino. "Both of you are ever so beautiful and talented!"

"Uh, no thanks..." Nino said, looking down. "I don't really like that sort of thing. In competition, everyone gets mean."

"Count me out, too," agreed Lyn. "Superficial stuff like that is so pointless."

"But... but... there's nothing better for you to do around here!" cried Sain. "I, for one, would like some entertainment."

"And parading us girls around in bikinis would entertain you??" cried Lyn angrily. "How do you think WE feel about it??"

"That would be very entertaining," Matthew said with a nod, before getting hit upside the head by Lyn. "Ouch!"

"It's not just about beauty!" Sain began, becoming dazed. "It's also about showing what you're like on the inside; showing the world what wonderful people you really are!"

Lyn still looked angry and Nino still looked doubtful.

"It would be fun to watch, but no one will sign up," Hector told Sain. Then, he had a wicked idea. "Lyn, you're such a tomboy. I bet you're too shy to show your feminine side."

"That's not true!" Lyn automatically replied.

"And Nino!" Matthe continued, catching on to Hector's plan. "I know you have a thing for Jaffar. He sees you as a little girl. Wouldn't you like to show him how grown up you really are?"

Nino tilted her head to the side. "Jaffar does think I'm kind of immature..."

"Lyn, I don't believe you," Hector said with a shake of his head. "You don't even have a feminine side. I'll only believe it if I see it."

Lyn clenched her teeth. "You are DEAD WRONG Hector!! I'll show you!! I can be as feminine as I want!"

She violently grabbed the pen from Sain's hand and scribbled her name on the sign up sheet. Nino, seeing Lyn sign up, took the pen and added her name, too.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Sain beamed. "I'll go show it to the other girls!"

"I'm sorry, but I have to go," Lyn said snidely. "I have to get ready for the pageant. Come on, Nino."

After the two girls and Sain had left, Hector could not stop laughing.

"Lyn's going to be in a beauty pageant!! Can you believe it?"

Matthew shook his head and smiled slightly. "You're amused at the strangest things..."

By eleven o'clock, almost all of the girls had signed up.

Serra had agreed to join almost immediately – showing off was her forte. Priscilla and Rebecca joined more out of boredom than anything else. Farina joined in hopes of winning the 'marvelous prize', which she assumed was money. Fiora joined so she could prove to Farina that even serious, straight-laced people could win beauty pageants. Florina joined so she could be with her sisters. Louise wanted to impress her husband, so she joined too. Isadora joined, thinking it would simply be a way to pass time.

The only person who didn't join was Vaida, who had disappeared to who knows where and was most likely uninterested in such trivial things such as beauty pageants.

The girls locked themselves in their rooms to get ready for the competition that would begin in a couple of hours. Sain, meanwhile, was picking the judges...

Sain wrote down everyone's name and put it in a hat. He picked out four slips of paper to determine who the four judges would be. He was saddened to find out he was not one of the judges, but perhaps it was for the best. He wrote down the four names and planned to announce them at the beginning of the competition.

He just couldn't wait for this to begin! This had to be the best idea he'd ever had. He checked the clock. Only one more hour to go! He decided to go help decorate the ballroom and set up chairs. Then – it was show time!

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