Unbidden Memories

by lalaluu

Author Note: Standard Disclaimer Applies. Sorry for those who wanted an update for Tristessa. I'm stuck on that one (bet you don't believe me with that last cliffie I gave you). So here's some new fodder for you to throw back at me...


Snape sighed as he restored the memories from his pensieve. The renewed Occlumency lessons with Potter were going better now that the boy had finally taken the task seriously. Pity that it had taken him losing his godfather to change his mind. Despite Potter having seen into his pensieve the year before, Snape still withdrew his memories, now adding the most precious and personal ones. Last year, the boy had been inept at the art and was only likely to see his foremost thoughts. As a matter of course, when around the boy, Snape could only think of his father and his father's friends – the Marauders. Such an erroneous nickname. Snape rather thought that a more fitting name would have been the "Murderers" as such was what they had tried to do to him.

Now that Potter was gaining skill in Occlumency, Dumbledore had asked that he be taught Legilimency as a counterpoint. Snape had balked at first, although not aloud. Around Dumbledore, one didn't actually have to say something to be heard, especially since the two had known each other for quite some time. Afraid more that Potter would see his deepest, darkest and, more importantly, most personal memories, Snape had opted to return to keeping his memories in a Pensieve. He did not bother to remove memories that Potter had already seen – the ones concerning his parents – but the ones he did not want to see himself, if given the choice. The problem was that Legilimency left one no choice and Snape did not want to see...

The man shuddered as the last memory slipped back into his mind. Closing his eyes, he carefully repressed the memories as far back in his mind as he could. Unfortunately, a side-effect of the pensieve was that previously long-buried memories would not stay as deeply buried as they had been before placement in the pensieve. In other words, the memories tended to float nearer to the surface. Snape sighed as he opened his eyes. That at least explained the content of his most recent dreams.