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This is an experiment. If the poem or humor stinks, tell me, please. I already know that neither is my strong point, and my serious sense of humor is often more amusing than hilarious, which seems to be the humor genre's common definition here on Fanfiction.

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It Begins.

"What are you trying to do, run so fast you won't be able to keep from hitting one of the Masters?"

"Shutup, Siri!" snapped Obi-Wan, but he slowed.

The blonde easily kept pace with him down the hall. "Nice to see Oafy knows his limits."

"I'm not—" His angry retort got cut off by an outright laugh.

Siri Tachi's blue eyes gleamed. "Oh, no ?" she mockingly asked. "Too bad Garen didn't see that one."

"Shutup, will you?" He whirled on her. "So, I had a clumsy moment! You seem to be forgetting that I went out without my Master's permission and now must answer to said Master if I'm not in my room waiting for him in—" he checked his chrono "— now !"

He darted forward around the corner, crashing into a crowd gathered around a message board. Apologizing, he politely asked what everyone was staring at.

In reply, his friend Garen Muln took his and Siri's arms and manhandled them to the front of the group so they could read for themselves:

Oh, Great Master—wielder of right

You are as gorgeous as the night.

When I come before you, I feel

A gaping wound, never to heal.

That rules might change, that all might see

The extent to which I love thee.

No queen, in all her regalia,

Compares to Adi Gallia.

Said Jedi Master stepped out of the Council Room. "What's this?"

Everyone timidly sidled out of her way—except Siri Tachi, who looked at her Master with a mischievous grin. She nodded at the board. "Something you wanted to tell me, Master?"

Master Gallia merely glanced at the note before snatching it off the message board. Her chest moved erratically. "This matter has already been handled by the Council. You may disperse." As they slowly obeyed, her eyes narrowed at her Padawan. "And you will hold your tongue. Who removed this from the Council files?"

Obi-Wan gaped when Siri merely shrugged. "What are you asking me, for?"

"Padawan ," Master Gallia said warningly. "Did you steal this?"

"No, Master!" Even Obi-Wan could tell that her Master's disbelief hurt the hotheaded blonde.

After examining her tweenaged Padawan a long moment, she headed quickly back into the Council room, passing Master Billaba. The younger Master frowned and eyed him, noticing their filthy clothes. "Where have you two been?"

"Out," Siri replied easily at the same moment Obi-Wan said, "Sparring."

Jedi Master Depa Billaba performed her perusal at a closer distance.

"Sparring. Is that so, Padawan Kenobi?" She was right before his nose.

Obi-Wan nodded quickly. "Yes, Master Billaba." He hiccuped.

The Chalactan Jedi Master glanced at each of them before waving a hand in dismissal.

As he gladly hurried back down the hall, he heard the still woman offer:

"In my experience, training sabers are the sparring weapon of choice. Not liquor bottles."

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