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Chapter 6 - Classes

Everyone went up to their common rooms after the feast and went to sleep rather quickly that night.

The next day, Yugi, Yami, Seto, Mokuba, Ryou, Malik, Marik, Jounouchi, Isis and Mai had classes with Pegasus at Defence Against The Dark Arts while Bakura, Anzu and Kohaku had Potions with half of the Hufflepuffs. They noticed that Professor Snape seemed to favour them all except Anzu and the Hufflepuffs. Bakura and Kohaku smirked. This class was going to be fun.

They all made their way to Flying Class with Madam Hooch. It was the first-year Gryffindors and the first-year Slytherins. Like Neville in his first year, Jounouchi broke his wrist. Seto smirked. Pegasus was no fun, but Flying Classes were.

During Potions, it seemed like Kohaku and Draco were spending alot of time together when in that particular class (Snape paired them up for an essay) and out on the grounds as well.

During lunch in the Great Hall, Yugi got letters from his grandfather, Malik got one from his brother, and Jounouchi got one from his sister.

Pegasus always seemed to keep his eyes on the others from Duelist Kingdom.

Bakura had a tight grip on Ryou at the Gryffindor table because Ryou was in Gryffindor and Bakura was in Slytherin and they never saw much of each other except in classes, the Great Hall, and on Hogwarts School Grounds. Bakura also complained that he never got to ''sleep" with Ryou anymore.

In Divination, like with Harry, Professor Trelawney predicted Yugi's death almost every class. Yugi was most embarrassed but Yami was quite annoyed. Also, at night, Yami had always snuck of to see his Ravenclaw girlfriend - Cho Chang. No one knew but Yugi, who was quite nervous at what Anzu would do to him if she found out.

The gang, Yugi, Yami, Ryou, Bakura, Malik, Marik, Mokuba and Isis walked along the Hogwarts Grounds, waiting for Kohaku, who was working with Draco on their Potions essay.

"Hey, Malik,"Yugi started. "Did you ask what time your sister said she'd be out?"

"She told me she'd be out with Draco in 15 minutes,"Malik replied.

"Oh, okay,"Yugi said, looking around at the grounds…and the Forbidden Forest.

"Creepy name for a forest, eh, Yug'?"Jounouchi asked, noticing Yugi looking at the forest.

"Yeah,"he replied. "I wonder what's in there they don't want us to see?"

"Ahhhh, don't worry about it, Yugi, it's just too creepy to find out."

"Your just chicken,"Mokuba smirked.

"Am not."

"Sure, you aren't,"Mokuba smirked wider.

"You wanna find out what's in that forest, kid?"Jounouch asked.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Wheeler,"Seto said, walking over to them.

"Awww, ruin my fun, why don't you?"Jounouchi pouted.

"Yes,"Seto replied. "Sorry, Wheeler but your 'fun time' is over."

Jounouchi pouted.

"Come on, Mokuba,"Seto started. "Let's go inside."

"Coming, big brother!"Mokuba walked alongside his brother as they left the group.

"Hey, guys!"a voice called. "Sorry I'm late!"

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