Of Dreams and Memories - Omake

Disclaimer: The concept of Ranma 1/2, Naruto, and Yu Yu Hakusho belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, Masashi Kishimoto, and Yoshihiro Togashi. This is a product of pure amusement values, with no profits made.

Omake #1 –

Written by Serafita on the anifics forum, who's this really nifty guy that also helps me tons with Part 17 of Dreams and Memories, since it was from two omake-ish scenes he wrote that helped shaped a good portion of that part.

Sort of an early Halloween special from Part 22, I guess, posted with his permission:


A quirked brow. "Isn't Neji still in diapers?"

She gave him a wry smile. "Fatherhood excites Hizashi much."


Silence. Ranma couldn't help but notice how the smile had not left her face. It seemed to increase in size ever so slowly. Her throat seemed slightly swollen too. That was odd. But why?

"I am glad, Umino-san, very glad for his companionship." Slim hands curled around her mid-section, she continued, looking out the window. "Hyuuga-sama is displeased with us… as always."

Ranma frowned. "You play a dangerous game."

"Of course, Umino-san." She bared her teeth in a strange smile. "But let us speak this matter no more."

"As you wish, Hyuuga-san." He sighed, and rubbed his eyes in resignation. As he opened them, he noticed just how... sharp her teeth were. It would be rude to ask just when this happened, but even so...

"So… umm… Have you decided on a name yet...?" Ranma drifted off as he realised that she had stood up, advancing towards him. Her smile, teeth bared, seemed to open even larger as it formed into a grin, then a yawn, and then, even wider still as not one, but a hundred writhing tongues spilled from her impossibly large jaws...

As Ranma's last traces of sanity slowly drifted away, the writhing tendrils grew eyes and gazed upon him, as she moved in to embrace him...

Omake #2 –

Inspired by TheClueless of anifics forum, who commented on the idea of Tsunade spending her teenage days 'burning off' energy with Orochimaru and Jiraiya… So, here's what happens when they try to add Ranma to the mix:


Tsunade scowled. "I want Ranma-kun!"

Jiraiya scowled right back. "Well tough! That's two guys too many! So I want Ranma-chan!"

"No! Ranma-kun!"




Ranma blinked at his two friends, then gave Orochimaru a small nudge. "Pss… They know we can hear them, right?"

Orochimaru shook his head, the curtain of raven hair parting slightly with the movement, revealing a steadily ticking vein on his forehead, marring his otherwise calm complexion.

Ranma sweatdropped as the argument reached to a high pitch. "So… What are they arguing about, Orochimaru?"

Serpentine gold shot him a venomous glare in reply, a pale hand clamped on to his arm, and before Ranma knew, he was dragged out of the room by the pale shinobi, the argument of 'Ranma-kun' 'Ranma-chan' still ringing faintly against his ears.





"Orochimaru?" Ranma inquired tentatively after a long bout of silence, in which the two have sufficiently distanced themselves from the motel room Tsunade had rented earlier.

"… Hmm?"

Ranma hesitated, before shrugging slightly. "Why was Jiraiya wearing only leather straps?"


"And Tsunade, why did she kept stroking that bullwhip?"


"Oh, and what's an orgy?"

"…" Orochimaru emitted a growl of frustration, which Ranma ignored, blithely, and opened his mouth again.

"And I was wondering…"

"Shut. Up." The shinobi snarled, and stalked away.

Ranma blinked in confusion. "… Was it something I said?"

Omake #3 –

Inspired from a comment made by Caliban to Alkard, both from the anifics forum, the original statement as follows:

Caliban (to Alkard): The Kyuubi was sealed in a baby for a reason, wasn't it? Ranma has moxibution blockage, Hyuuga-induced chakra path rewrites, curse seal induced rewrites on top of that, and you want to stick the Kyuubi in there too? sounds like a recipie for blowing up the village

And with that comment:


"No. No way. Not a chance. No." Ranma scowled at the toddler. "You said I died before my time, so fix it, send me back."

"But you're better off for your village dead!"

A snarl made its way out of Ranma's throat, and he was treated to the pleasant sight of watching the toddler cower, and almost gulp down his pacifier in fright. "The village is attack, and I need to get back before more of us end up here! With you!"

"That's not true. You're doing a world of good dying ahead of your time." The toddler mumbled through the blue pacifier.

Ranma stood up from the chair, and glowered over the desk.

"Stop threatening me! You're as bad as Yusuke when he first died!" The curved eyes popped open, and Ranma blinked, surprised at the familiar shade of warm golden-brown. The infant plucked a small booklet from his navy blue robes, and flipped it open before reading aloud. "See, it says it right here: Umino Ran. Formally known as Saotome Ranma. Son of Saotome Genma and Nodoka. Age, thir… Hey! Give it back!"

Ranma held the booklet above his head as he read, silently mouthing the words and ignoring the ineffective jumps the baby-godling made in attempts to retrieve the booklet.

"The information is confidential! Give it back!"

"Hush. I died, so where does that rate m…" Ranma trailed to a slow stop and looked down to the God of Death with pure incredulity, jabbing a finger in the Cause of Death section.

"Let me get this straight. I had… Moxibustion blockage from Happosai, with Hyuuga-induced Chakra path rewrites, and Orochimaru's cursed seal-induced rewrites on top of that… and I'm suppose to die because the Yondaime was going to stick the Kyuubi in there too?"

"…Well… Yes?" Koenma offered weakly.

"What was he thinking?!"

"He was rather drunk." The godling said with a straight face.

"…That's not funny."

Koenma sighed wistfully. "I guess not. But Kurama said I need to be more comedically appealing, or else Botan will never go out with me."

"… Right. What would have happened had I umm… died when I was suppose to?"

Koenma picked up the remote, and flick on the screen. "Are you familiar with the human term: Spontaneous Combustion?"

Ranma blinked, and blinked again, and again, at the frozen frame of a giant crater in the middle of a very familiar valley.



"Huh." He flopped down into the chair weightlessly. "I guess it's good that I died early."

"Indeed." Koenma smirked, ambling to his desk, coolly composed once more. "Now, let us talk about my earlier proposition… how do you feel about a job as a spirit detective…"

Important Author's Note: Not really... But anyway, some reviewers commented on the story's lack of... many things which I disagree upon, but hey, whatever. Anyhow, I think I need to make this clear: consider 'Of Dreams and Memories' an extended prologue, which is just what it is, a longer-than-average filler, before the good stuff hits, something to tidy up past history, so the readers won't get confused by the present time. It's not meant to be a story on its own, butin my opinion,it rather morphed half-way into that, good or bad? I've no idea. It's an explaination story until Evil Kasumi (Lizmun) gets her butt down in front of the computer and start writing up the goodness that shall be Whipsers of the Sea, and whatnot. So... bug her or something, and read Midnight Confessions from her, in the meantime, because that's the ficcie this story originated from.

Well, that's it. Done! Finite! No more! For real this time! So umm… shoo! XD