Chapter 10- Memories and a Thank You to go With

Next Week: Wednesday at 1:52pm

Lu walked in the clinic at 1:52pm.

"Hey Lana."

"Hey Lu, is it Wednesday already."


Lu walked to Lana and pulled a seat next to Lana while she waited.

"Where are Andy and Peter?"

"I think Dr. Campbell got paged to the ER and Peter is on the roof planting."

"It feels weird not going to work and seeing everyone. I kind of miss it." Lu said talking to Lana.

"Well kid, I think you should get use to it because I don't know if Dr. Campbell here will let come back anytime soon."

"You do know what that means, right?" Lu replied sarcastically.

"Lana doesn't want to know what it means," said Lana laughing.

"It means war."

"What means war Delgado?" Andy asked coming up behind her.

"Oh nothing."

"You ready?"


They both walked to Andy's office. Lu got on the exam table and pulled her shirt up. Andy slowly pulled the dressing away.

"Looks good Delgado. The scare should go away with time. You OK at home?"

"Yeh, I guess. Mickey moved in yesterday."

"That's great. Congratulations. Your stomach might be sore for a couple of days but that is about it."

"Thanks, Andy. Um... can I tell you something?"

"Of course. What is it?" Andy said sensing it was serious.

"Well...when I went home the day you discharged me something happened."

"Delgado? Are you ok?"

Lu took a seat on a chair and faced Andy in the other chair.

"I stepped in the hallway of my apartment and I...I remember."

"Remembered what?"

"I remembered what happened. I remember seeing her. I remember calling 9-1-1. But most of all I remember opening my eyes and telling you I was scared and you saying I would be fine." Lu explained starting to cry. "I was scared, and you were the one who looked me in the eye and said I was going to be alright. The only one."

Andy looked at Lu as a tear spilled down her face. They both stood up and gave each other a big hug.

"Thanks for believing I would be OK Andy."

"Isn't that what friends, co-workers or what ever we are suppose to do?"

"Yeh, I guess so."

They both let go of each other and wiped their tears.

"So when can I come back to work?" Lu asked laughing

"Hmm...Let me think. Does three weeks sound reasonable to you?" Andy answered laughing at the question.

"Are you serious? No way! How about next week."

"You need to recover Delgado. That is kind of soon."

"Oh come on Andy, what do you think I have been doing for the past week? Please, please, please, with sugar on top!!!" Lu begged.

"OK, OK. You can come back next Monday but no going to the ER."


"The ER is too fast pace for you right now Delgado." Andy argued.


"Ok then, I'll see next Monday, 8:00 sharp."

"That's right, Colonel!" Lu remarked laughing as she slowly open Andy's door.

"Not funny!"

"Oh yeh, Colonel, that was war!" Lu said.


"Got to go home and rest for next Monday, bye."

"Bye ya kid!" Lana said.

And Lu left the RWHC and life was as normal as could be.


Hey! I hope you liked the story. I really didn't want that all to happen to Lu because she is one of my favorite characters but I always wondered what would happen if Mickey wasn't there. I guess I waited long enough and decided to write my own version. Enjoy!

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