The Wrong One

By Nefhiriel

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PG-13: Violence, torture, and angst. There will be some blood, wounds, broken bones, cuts, bruises etc. So if you can't stand that sort of thing be warned.

Genres: Angst/Mystery/Action/Adventure

Main characters: Aragorn, Elrond, Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir, and a small appearance by Glorfindel (plus a few OC's)

Mellon Chronicles Characters: Moranuen, Celboril, and Taradin

Summary: A murder is unknowingly hindered by Estel. There are harsh consequences. Legolas & the twins rush to help, but this time are they in over their heads?

Disclaimer: I'm afraid that, just like all the rest of you, I can't claim to own any part of Middle Earth, or it's amazing characters. The only characters I can claim as my own are Dolenil, Glamdil, and the villains. If for any reason you would like to use my characters please ask permission. I don't anticipate swarms of people begging to use my superfluous creations, but if you do like them, please ask for permission before using them. Thanks!

Warning: I have adopted Cassia and Siobhan's theory that Gilrean dies and isn't around to raise Aragorn, and he is literally adopted and raised by Elrond. I suppose it's technically AU. I hope most of you don't mind either of these changes, but if you do please don't send me nasty reviews. I don't mind opinions on grammar, spelling, punctuation – you name it!- but please bring it up for calm discussion.

A/N: Strange as it my sound the inspiration for this came from a story I watched on the TV series Diagnosis Murder. Inspiration can come from the oddest places : )

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Chapter 1: Twist of Fate

Aragorn entered the beautiful, sunlit gardens that surrounded Rivendell. It was early Fall, and though the nights, of late, had been pleasantly cool, this day was already promising to be suffocatingly hot. Leisurely he glanced around and spotted a blond elf sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree. The smile he was wearing increased as he recognized his friend, Legolas. Mischievously he doubled around and, using all his stealth, snuck up upon the unwary elf. He was just preparing to surprise his friend, when his friend suddenly surprised him.

"Hello, mellon-nín." Legolas said calmly, without turning around.

Aragorn registered shock only briefly, then he sunk down on the bench with a sigh and mumbled:

"The elves and their accursed good hearing."

Legolas smiled.

"You never quit trying, do you?"

Aragorn attempted to look innocent.

"Never quit trying what?"

"You know very well what I am talking about Estel. Walking on snow, climbing trees, sneaking up on people—sleeping with your eyes open..."

"So Elladan and Elrohir told you about that little incident?"

Legolas's laugh was all Aragorn needed for an answer. He rolled his eyes.

"Unless you want me to tell them about that time that time in Mirkwood when you and I—"

"You wouldn't dare!"

It was Aragorn's turn to look smug.

"Oh, I wouldn't, would I?"

"Not if you know what's good for you."

"Is that a veiled threat I hear, Legolas?"

"Of course not! It wasn't 'veiled' at all."

"Very funny, mellon-nín. Just remember, I do have one or two stories that I have a feeling Elladan and Elrohir would very much appreciate hearing."

"Where are those two anyways?"

"I believe they're still in bed."

"At this hour?" Legolas asked, incredulously arching an eyebrow.

Aragorn shrugged.

"They were up late, I guess."

"Let's go see if they're up now."

They both rose from the bench and began striding towards the house.

Preocupied, Aragorn didn't watch where he was walking and ended up graclessly stumbling over a rock. He caught himself in time to keep from falling, but his clumsy movement had no chance of going unoticed.

"Clumsy human..." Legolas grinned and shook his head with mock condescention.

Aragorn rolled his eyes.

"Haughty elf." he rubbed his sore leg. "Oh, yes, I forgot: you're 'the elf who never trips'."

"Of course." he said nonchalantly and then smiled a maddeningly charming smile.

"Of course." Aragorn echoed, this time with wry acceptance.

As they walked, Legolas studied the human closer. He had changed so much in the last few months... Every time he saw Aragorn he was struck by how much older and more careworn he looked.

He'd known that a spending nearly all of that spring and summer among the rangers would, of course, change him, but it was hard to get used to. Yes... physically he had changed, but in every other way he still appeared to be the same as ever. There was relief in finding that it was his looks only, and not his heart, that was worn.Certainly, Aragorn had acquired a new level of maturity, but his ability to rival even his brothers in acting imature and mischevious would never be completely lost. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

There were some things that would never change - at least he hoped not.

Passing through the hallways they stopped first at Elrohir's room and after seeing that neither of them was there they stepped back out into the hall and headed off to Elladan's room.


They turned around and saw Moranuen coming towards them.

"Estel, Lord Elrond would like to see you."

"I'll be there immediately Mora." after Moranuen had left he said, "Legolas, you go find Elladan and Elrohir, I'll be back soon."

Legolas nodded and Aragorn left for his father's study.


Ceboril smiled as he stirred the cold drinks for Elladan and Elrohir.

This should help them wake up.

He thought to himself. He chuckled fondly as the image of the sleeping twins, draped over two chairs, came to mind. He set the two drinks down on the counter and then left the room to check on how the other preparations for breakfast were coming along.

As soon as the sound of his footsteps had died away a figure emerged from the shadows. The figure drew a small white vial from beneath the folds of his cape. Noiselessly creeping forward, he poured half of the white powder contained in the vial into one glass and the rest of the powder into the other. He looked up as he heard the footsteps coming back. Putting the vial once more beneath the folds of his cape, he stole away as softly as he had come, melting back into the shadows.

"Eglaer!" Ceboril called, reentering the kitchen. "Eglaer!"

A brown-haired youth turned the corner and almost knocked Ceboril over. Still endeavoring to catch his breath, he asked:

"Yes Ceboril?"

Ceboril smiled at the boy. Eglaer, who had come with Taradin and the other hunters, had been helping out in the kitchen. Taradin had laughingly asked him to give Eglaer something to do, anything to 'keep him out of trouble'. Ceboril was all too glad to have an extra hand getting the food ready. Taradin had brought a number of hunters and sometimes getting the meal together could be rather hectic.

Taradin and his men had run into a little trouble with some wolves a few days earlier, just outside the borders of Rivendell. Although they had dispatched them without too much difficulty, several of their number had been wounded, so they had decided to ask for shelter in the nearby elven refuge.

"You don't need to look so worried Eglaer, I was just going to ask you to bring these up to Elladan and Elrohir."

Eglaer finally succeeded in catching his breath. He nodded when he heard the request and energetically snatched up the glasses.

"I believe they're both in Elladan's room. You know the way?"

The boy nodded again and headed off on his assignment. On his way to Elladan's room he saw Aragorn, headed in the same direction. When Aragorn stopped to talk to him Eglaer's eyes shone with admiration for the tall, dark, strong-looking Ranger.

"Hello Eglaer . It is Eglaer, isn't it?"

"Yes my Lord."

Aragorn smiled.

"No need to call me 'my Lord'. I'm calling you by your first name, it's only right you should call me by mine. Just call me Strider."

"Thank you, Strider." Eglaer said, returning the smile.

"Where are you going with those drinks?"

"Ceboril sent me to take them to Lord Elrond's sons."

"I'm going to see Elladan and Elrohir myself, I'll give these drinks to them if they're awake."

Eglaer handed Aragorn the drinks and thanked him, leaving for the kitchen again.

Aragorn entered Elladan's room and sat down next to Legolas, the twins were fast asleep, sprawled uncerimoniously across two chairs. Apparently they hadn't made it to their beds before sleep had overtaken them. Not altogether unusual, for them, but certainly amusing.

"Should we wake them?" Legolas asked.

"No, I don't think so. Ada said that they were up very late last night. We should let them sleep for a few more hours. Ceboril can bring them something later."

Aragorn handed Legolas one of the two glasses.

"I guess they won't need their lemonade any time soon. In this heat these drinks won't last long, and we wouldn't want to waste them..." Aragorn took a long drink.

"No, of course not." Legolas raised the glass to his lips but hesitated. "I wonder what these two were doing all night."

Aragorn shrugged and drank of the last of his lemonade.

"You never know with Elladan and Elrohir, maybe they were coming up with new ways to get even with us."

"Oh come on, El and El aren't that premeditative. I think they just do whatever pops into their heads."

"So," Aragorn chuckled, "that's the reason for all their irrational behavior."

"Yes, you three are all very much alike." Legolas grinned.

Before Aragorn had a chance to come up with a response, the bell rang for breakfast and they set down their glasses—one full, one empty.

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