The Wrong One

By Nefhiriel

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Aragorn eased back, his tall frame stretching the full length of the couch he was reclining on. Now able to watch as well as listen to his brothers, he basked in the familiar feel of home. Even things that would have normally been mundane now provided even more warmth for his already overflowing heart. Today Rivendell struck him with it's beauty, today he felt the joy of having Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir all close by—today he felt the wonder of simply being alive.

As if reflecting and reveling in the theme of joy that pervaded the room, nature collaborated into a beautiful gleam of bright happiness. Birds sang cheerfully and the sun radiantly agreed, shining in harmony. The gloom of late Fall was disregarded, laws of the season ignored for the day.

Officially, Aragorn was still in convalescence, but that all too was easy to forget.

Although it had been over a week since his dramatic return to Rivendell, thoughts of how close he'd come to death continued to humble Aragorn. And there was his blindness as well. After all the darkness he'd endured he'd never again take the sights and sounds of everyday life for granted. Not for the first time, or the last, he silently thanked Illúvatar.

Legolas sighed contentedly from his perch atop the arm of a nearby chair. Peace was restored… He listened to the twins, talking animatedly. Admittedly, peace was always relative around the twins. But thus far there had been no surprise buckets of water above any doorways, and neither had anyone turned up with green hair. Yes, peace was restored. Idly, he wondered just how long it would last…With Aragorn rushing though recovery at his normal perilous rate, he doubted the inhabitants of Rivendell would have to wait long before Elrond's sons recommenced their private war. A private war, he noted, that swept away anyone ill-fated enough to stumble into its path.

"Oh Legolas—you should have seen your face!" Elladan said, bringing the prince into the conversation. "Estel," he alerted Aragorn as well. "of all the sights you missed, the mortified look on Legolas' face is the most regrettable thing."

Aragorn examined his friend, who was looking so mortified it was hard to imagine him more so.

"I have to admit," Aragorn's mouth quirked before he continued, "that I really have a hard time picturing Legolas tripping…"

"Ah, support at last!" Legolas smiled triumphantly

"I have hard time picturing it mellon-nín, but…" Aragorn mouth quirked more obviously, "The pictures I do have are most amusing."

"Thank you 'mellon-nín'."

Legolas rolled his eyes and sulked as Elladan picked up where he'd left off.

"It was really too funny! I wish you could have seen him, Estel!"

By this point, Legolas was definitely feeling the need to strangle someone—preferably Elladan.

"Oh yes!" Elrohir piped up brightly, "His face reminded me so much of how your face looked, El, after that pillow got glued to the side of you head! Remember? You had to rip it off and then—" he wasn't left time to finish his sentence.

The war had begun.

With ease born of practice, Elladan hurtled a pillow directly into Elrohir's face. The younger twin gave a muffled grunt of protest before gathering ammunition and barricading himself behind the couch.

Legolas, taking advantage of Elladan's distraction, decided to turn it into a three-way civil war. He took stock of the six pillows that adorned his own chair, picked one up and, in a prize-winning shot, it connected with Elladan's head.

Poor Elladan was now helplessly and hopelessly outnumbered. Turning his wrath on Legolas, he selected the largest pillow he could find, lifted his arm and threw it. But, now he left himself vulnerable to Elrohir's missiles. A pillow landed squarely on his back, bursting open and sending feathers everywhere. Legolas threw another pillow that he was, this time, able to duck. The pillow sailed harmlessly over his head and crashed straight into a table.

Behind the couch, Elrohir realized ,with irritation, that he'd run out of ammunition. The only thing left for him to do was make a suicidal dash into 'enemy lines'. He scrambled around Elladan's chair and grabbed as many undamaged pillows as he could find. Elladan was still preoccupied with fending off Legolas and didn't notice.

The prince threw yet another two pillows in rapid succession. He sent a third on it's way just as Elrohir's head popped up behind Elladan's chair. The pillow, of course, swerved right—and directly into Elrohir's face. Sputtering and aiming his own pillow, now at Legolas, Elrohir joined forces with Elladan, both of them already forgetting the reason the fight had been started in the first place. Simultaneously, the twins raised their pillows, looked at each other, grinned maliciously at Legolas, and threw.

As fate would have it, Legolas ducked.

Dolenil, quite innocent of the mayhem within, entered with completely peaceful intentions, and was warmly greeted by the pillow which had just sailed over his lord's head. Fast reflexes permitted him to catch the second one. Behind the curtain of settling feathers, his face was picture of astonished surprise rapidly deteriorating into indignation. Lips set in a grim line, he narrowed his eyes at the twins. Elladan and Elrohir comically pointed to each other in tandem. But Dolenil wasn't falling for their charm.

There was a long stretch of silence as they waited to see what Dolenil's reaction would be. The look of bewilderment faded, and then he did the very last thing any of them were expecting. Without any warning, Dolenil threw the pillow back at the twins. It hit a stunned Elladan who looked at a slack-jawed Elrohir. And then a grin gradually began to spread over their faces, as they realized the epic proportions of what they'd just witnessed.

As for Dolenil, he was actually looking rather sheepish, the realization of what he'd just done having the opposite effect upon him. Eru! If he wasn't careful, pretty soon he'd be slapping the prince across the back and calling him 'Legolas'. In some ways, he had to admit, it felt good to be 'one of them'. But that did not excuse such irrational and disrespectful actions. Had he lost all self control and proper regard for those in authority? Had he actually just thrown a pillow at one of Lord Elrond's sons? Yes, the way he'd just deported himself was disgraceful and childish. It did not matter if the future King of Gondor, the Lord Elladan, the Lord Elrohir, and the Prince of Mirkwood all decided to have pillow-fights, he should have known better.

He stood there, embarrassed, and not having the faintest clue how he was supposed to comport himself after having done something so uncalled for.

"I think it would be best if we all left now…" Aragorn came to his rescue, breaking the ice and allowing them all to breathe once more.

"Why, whatever for?" Elladan asked.

Aragorn scanned the room, the overturned vase of flowers, the knocked-over chairs, the tipped ink-bottle... He ended lastly on the three bedraggled elves, eyeing with amusement the feathers that clung to their hair.

"We don't have to leave if none of you want to. I was just thinking…." he smiled and ended nonchalantly, "Celboril?"

The name worked like magic, Dolenil being the only one who didn't understand just how much there was to be afraid of.

"Here, Estel, lean on me." Legolas offered.

"Let me help too!" Elrohir jumped up.

"Just a minute, I'll scout out the hallway." Elladan went to door. "All is clear, nobody in sight. Come on!" he motioned to them.

Thoroughly confused, Dolenil followed them anyways. As they slunk quietly down the hallway he couldn't help his curiosity.

"May I ask why we are sneaking around like thieves?" he asked, not attempting to be quiet.

Elladan and Elrohir turned on him with a hiss.


"But my Lords, we are in your own home—"


Elladan raised his finger to his lips and led them into another room. Legolas lowered Aragorn onto another couch and the group visibly relaxed.

"I can't believe it!" Elladan said, "We actually got away!"

Everyone but Dolenil cheered.

"My Lord." he addressed Elladan, "Just what was it that we were seeking to elude?"

Elladan, at the door, stiffened and didn't answer. Striding back into the room, he glanced around, smiling when his gaze fell on Aragorn.

"Dolenil…" he said slowly, "I have something to ask of you."

"What is it, my Lord?"

"Well," he turned his back on Dolenil and winked at Elrohir, who smiled questioningly, but nodded almost imperceptibly. "would you be so kind as to go back and get Estel a blanket?" Estel sat up a little. Elladan went on, "You know, one of those nice warm ones?"

"Elladan," Estel finally protested, "it's already plenty warm in here, and I don't need—"

Elrohir clamped his hand over Aragorn's mouth.

"He really does need one, Dolenil." Elladan spoke over the muffled grunts Aragorn was making. "He never does take proper care of himself, and he's always catching colds and all manner of illnesses. Humans: so susceptible! What can I say?"

"Oh, and you could grab him an extra pillow too." Elrohir added, hand still firmly in place over his younger brother's mouth.

Dolenil looked dubiously from the sun, streaming in through the window, to the four pillows already supporting the human. But he shrugged and only nodded as he left. Perhaps they wished to be a alone? The huge smiles the two young Peredhils had worn, admittedly, hinted of something more sinister. He hoped he was just imagining things. They were, after all, the sons of Lord Elrond, weren't they? Surely they wouldn't be planning anything… He shook his head. Yes, it had most certainly been nothing more than his imagination.

The instant Dolenil left, Elrohir removed his hand and Elladan resumed his post at the door.

"Just what are you two up to now?" Aragorn asked, still catching his breath, "And why do your plans include suffocating your brother?"

"And what are you doing with poor Dolenil?" Legolas put forth his own question.

"Shh!" Elladan waved them both off. "I can't see Celboril anymore. I hope he hasn't gone into a different room…"

"Elladan!" Legolas said reproachfully, "You didn't! Don't tell me you just sent Dolenil back into the parlor knowing Celboril was coming; you wouldn't be so cruel! This is not funny!"

"My dear Prince," Elladan turned to Legolas. "if you don't think that this is funny, then wipe that grin off your face and go help Dolenil. If you hurried I'm sure you could catch up with him…" he looked back down the hallway and resumed his report, not receiving, or expecting, an answer. "There he is now, Celboril's coming out of that room with… Yes, he has two books in his hands." he smiled broadly at them, "It looks like he's returning them to the parlor."

Soon the sound of Celboril's voice came drifting down the hallways to them.


"…and I really would have expected more from you Dolenil."

Dolenil listened patiently. With downcast eyes and a repentant posture, he accepted Celboril's lecture. He did, after all, deserve it—didn't he? The Lords Elladan and Elrohir had started it, but that didn't give him an adequate excuse. Still, the way they had sent him off to receive the brunt of this lecture…

"…how am I suppose to keep Imladris looking like an elven haven! At the moment this room looks more fit to haven pigs! Really, it you would only try…"

Lords or no, they were going to feel his wrath—if he survived this.

"Just look at this room!" Celboril motioned around the room. "There's black ink poured all over the carpet, feathers everywhere, this blanket is torn… And there's hardly an un-ruined pillow left! New pillows don't just make themselves!" he looked at the penitent elf before him, satisfied with the effect his words seemed to be having. "Now, I have more important things to do besides reproving elflings. I must gather things to get this room cleaned, if you'll excuse me?"

"Of course." Dolenil humbly bowed his head in apology. "Forgive me for the trouble and time I have cost you."

Celboril, now at the door, addressed Dolenil once more:

"Oh, and please pass all I have told you on to the twins? Something like… this…" He waved his hands, indicating the disaster area that had once been a parlor. "can hardly occur around here without them at least giving their approval for it. You will tell them?"

"With pleasure."


Back to the door, Elladan was talking to his brothers and Legolas just as Dolenil appeared in the doorway behind him.

"I wonder what could possibly be taking Dolenil this long?"

"Um, El…" Elrohir said this as he watched the ominously dark countenance of the tall figure behind his brother.

"I mean he was only going to get a blanket and some pillows!" Elladan laughed in his oblivion.

"Elladan, you might want to —"

"Oh, don't worry, muindor. Dolenil can't hear us! Not with all the noise Celboril will be making!"

"But he—"

"Yes, poor Dolenil, so naïve…"

It finally struck Elladan that neither his brother, or Legolas were listening to him. They weren't even looking at him. Yes… He decided, slowly turning around, they were definitely looking at something behind him—or someone.

His eyes went wide as they met with the piercing glare of Dolenil.

Elrohir jumped to his feet as the blond elf's eyes roved around the room, catching him up in their condemning gaze as well.

Slowly backing their way towards a side entrance, the twins offered, in their most soothing tones, excuses and claims of innocence. Under the advancing elf's withering glare, these pretences turned into entreaties for mercy as they retreated out the door.

Dolenil turned to Legolas and Aragorn for just a minute, saying, "My Prince, Lord Estel." as he bowed politely to each of them and handed Aragorn the pillow and blanket that he'd gone through such terrors to procure. "If you will excuse me…"

Aragorn and Legolas watched the proceedings silently, and they could hear Dolenil, out in the hall, pronounce a cruel judgment.

"Celboril asked me to pass this message on…"

It was no more than they deserved.

The sounds of protestation and judgment being meted out faded away, and the two friends were left alone.

Legolas turned to Aragorn with an amused smile.

"That really was an unusually cruel thing that the twins did to poor Dolenil."

"It was." Aragorn agreed. "But right now, I pity Elladan and Elrohir more."

"Yes, Dolenil never was a silent victim of even the smallest pranks, even as an elfling…" Legolas chuckled as he settled himself further on the chair arm, and then changed the subject, "You know, sometimes I think Lord Elrond is right."

"About what?" Aragorn asked as he relaxed onto the couch.

"About us."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you suppose either of us will ever be able to leave our homes and return to them, without one of us being dragged back half-dead?"

Aragorn smiled, answering with his habitual optimism.

"Next time, mellon-nín, next time."

The End…For Now…

Hehe… I hope no one is too upset over the fact that Acharndil got away… Hey, I can't help it if I like to recycle villains, can I?

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