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Koenma paced impatiently around his office as he waited for Botan to retrieve the sprit detectives and two other girls whom he'd called upon for a very important mission. He need to rescue and witch named Kathryn from a vampire fortress called Midnight.

He intended to send Kurama and a girl named Smoke into the fortress to retrieve the witch. Koenma's only problem was Smoke's friend Flare, who would be on a different mission while Kurama and Smoke were in Midnight, and Yuskue.

A few weeks earlier, Koenma had stumbled upon Smoke and Flare. Yuskue would recognized Smoke as his twin sister, whom he'd found out about in a mission about a month previously. Smoke didn't know of her relation to the spirit detective, but that wouldn't stop Yuskue from trying to kill Koenma for sending the girl into Midnight.

Then of course, Flare. The girl's attitude was as bad as Hiei's, and she was just as protective.

Then of course, the rest of the spirit detective team wouldn't be all too happy about sending Kurama into a Vampire fortress. Then Kurama and Smoke had their input. Koenma sighed as he thought about the fact that with everyone who wouldn't be happy about the arrangements, that he might not survive this mission. Just as he was about to reconsider, the door opened and the spirit detectives plus Smoke and Flare walked in. No time for turning back now.

"YOU'RE SENDING US WHERE?" Smoke yelled at Koenma. Smoke had black hair that hung down to her waist, with breath taking deep brown eyes. She was Yuskue's height, and was currently extremely angry. The fact that she had a slight southern accent made the statement even more intimidating.

"ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?" Flare yelled. Flare had dark brown hair that hung to her shoulder blades, and clear ice blue eyes. She was about an inch shorter that Hiei. She was also extremely angry. The two girls had been yelling at Koenma for the last ten minutes, after being informed of their newest mission.


Koenma was cowering behind his desk. Kurama, Yuskue and Hiei hadn't said much but, their glares told Koenma they weren't happy with this arrangement either. Botan and Kuwabara seemed slightly oblivious to why Smoke and Flare were so enraged.

"Uh... What's so special about this Midnight place?" Kuwabara asked blankly

Smoke rounded on him. "Were you at the last mission I KNOW Koenma sent ya'll on? Midnight is the most powerful vampire strong hold anywhere except new Mayam, except at Midnight they've got a slave trade that is extremely powerful."

"And even if it was Jaguar who rebuilt Midnight, if Jesickah's even there, there'll be grave danger." Flare put in. "How the hell do you expect them to get out alive after kidnapping the witch?"

"Jaguar will help us get out. It's getting in that's going to prove to be a problem." Smoke said as if it were a slight after thought. "I need to make a phone call." She murmured and left Koenma's office. Before Flare could follow, Koenma called her back.

"All of you know how dangerous this mission is, correct?" Koenma asked.

"Yes," Kurama answered. "But why Smoke and I and why does this girl matter so much?"

"Why are you sending Smoke and Kurama?" Yuskue put in.

Koenma sighed as he carefully went over the answered he'd prepared for this question in his head. "Kurama and Smoke are one, the two most patient fighters I've seen. Two, they fight smart. They don't just rush in. they calculate and plan. Third and foremost, they can check their anger and hide their emotions quite well in a desperate situation. Now for your second question...."

Flare cut Koenma off before he could continue. "You're saying that you're sending a fox and a shadow demon into a vampire fortress, because you think they won't blow their cover?"

"Well yes but—"

"That's just plain stupid!! Smoke's temper is worse than mine at times. Anyhow, you know you're sending her and Kurama into a place where not many come out alive?" Flare continued. Koenma nodded meekly.

"Wait. You know they might not come out alive and you're –still- sending them in." Yuskue asked through barely contained anger.

"The have to come out alive. If Kathryn falls into the wrong hands her power could be used to harness terrible evil." Koenma said before anyone could say anything. "Her powers extend much farther than just a random witch."

Flare and Yuskue still glared, Kurama looked mildly interested, Hiei looked board Kuwabara was totally lost, and Botan had disappeared to god knows where. Before anyone could say anything else, Smoke reentered the room. If she held onto any of her earlier anger, it didn't show on her face. Her blank expression was unreadable.

"We're in." She said quietly.

"Who'd you call?" Flare asked.

"Nathanial." Smoke replied bluntly. "He's getting a couple of hunters in too. They're after Jesickah I do believe. Come on, Kurama. I told Nathanial we'd meet him and the two girls around noon. If we don't hurry, we'll be late."

After the two had exited, Flare, Yuskue, and Hiei gave Koenma glares that clearly stated, 'If they don't come out alive, your life is on the line.' Koenma gulped slightly. "Yuskue, Hiei, Flare. I'm sending you three to Makai to find the 'crystal of immortality.' It's more you have to steal the crystal, but still. It's important we have the crystal in our possession. That's the only way Kathryn will be in complete control of her powers once we get her back here. Botan," The blue haired girl appeared in an instant.

"Yes Koenma, sir." She said.

"Open a portal to Makai, near the castle." Botan nodded and a portal opened. Each in turn giving Koenma one final glare, Flare, Hiei, then Yuskue stepped through the portal.

"Uh... Where am I suppose to go?" Kuwabara asked.

"Botan get Kuwabara back to the human world." Koenma said. Botan quickly exited the room with Kuwabara close behind. Koenma sighed. This mission was turning into more than he'd bargained for.

Smoke and Kurama met Nathanial in a quiet coffee shop where they were introduced to the two female hunters, Turquoise and Ravyn. The group of five headed out to Nathanial's car. Kurama took the front passenger seat while the girls squeezed into the back. Turquoise and Ravyn were asleep before the car got moving.

'Nathanial must have drugged them." Smoke thought boardly. Nothing truly unusual. Nathanial was a mercenary and was most likely being paid to not give away Midnight's coordinates. She'd memorized Midnight's coordinates long ago, so it would have been pointless to drug her, and Kurama, he would have been able to fight of most drugs.

"Kurama, you do know you can't go by your true name in Midnight, don't you?" Smoke asked. "There were, and I know this for a fact, vampires at the dark tournament. I can alter your appearance with a simple illusion, but a different name is up to you." Kurama nodded slightly, showing that he'd heard her, but was in deep thought about something else.

Nathanial looked at me through his review mirror. "What business do you have within Midnight that you're willing to get back in?" He questioned.

"Search and retrieve." Smoke replied bluntly. Nathanial gave her a slight smile which she returned, before placing her hand on Kurama's shoulder. "These illusions will last until I remove them, or I'm dead, the former probably the best idea. The latter would mean we're both probably going to end up getting killed." Smoke lapsed into silence as she concentrated on creating a proper illusion for Kurama. When she looked up at him again, Kurama still had red hair, but it was shorter and slightly darker. His green eyes seemed fogged over, creating a grayish green that was extremely interesting. Smoke grinned slightly proud of her handy work.

She closed her eyes again, and focused on changing her own appearance. The illusion she created was totally new to her. Her hair was almost pure white and only hung to her shoulders. Glancing in one of Nathanial's car mirror's she saw her eyes were almost black with grey clouds almost seeming to float over them.

The continued drive to Midnight was quite uneventful. Nathanial stopped at a gas station, in which time both the hunters seemed to stir. When the group passed onto Midnight's territory the four new tenants tensed. The sooner they could complete the jobs that had been lain out before them, the better.

Yuskue, Hiei, and Flare exited the portal into a clearing about 40 feet in diameter. In the distance, a large castle could be seen.

"You guys." Flare said as Yuskue and Hiei started to ward the Castle. The two fixed her with glares that could kill. Flare ignored their hostile attitudes and said, "It's almost dark, I'm tired, and it's not safe to travel Makai by night. Let's set up camp here." Yuskue and Hiei agreed slightly reluctantly.

The threesome lit a fire and sat around it silently staring into the flames. Finally, Flare spoke up. "Hey Yuskue, why are you so worried about Smoke. You've only met her like once."

Yuskue sat silently for a moment. With a sigh he confessed. "She's my twin sister, but she doesn't know and most likely never will if I can manage."

Flare stared at the boy. "You're not going to tell her?!?!" She have yelled in slight out rage. Yuskue just shook his head.

"And you won't either." Yuskue said. After a moment he continued. "I'm not the only one who hides my identify from a sibling."

"Who else would be argent enough, and stupid enough not to tell their sibling they're related, because of something like you're ashamed of your past?" Flare snapped at him.

"Hn." Hiei said.

Flare rolled her eyes. "I should have known. God you two are being really selfish. Smoke wants to know who her brother is. You're here and you don't intend to tell her. And you," She rounded on Hiei, "Let me guess. Your sister am I correct, is in contact with you all the time and you're to.... scared to tell her." Flare glared the two who glared back but didn't retaliate with words, because no matter how much they didn't want to admit it, Flare was right.

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