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(Takes place a few months after the perfect ending)

Rikku was bored. She thought Besaid was a wonderful place, especially since Yuna and Tidus had settled down there. Pristine beaches, beautiful vistas of the sea and sun, a small local population. It had it all, and Rikku couldn't stand it anymore. Her energetic self couldn't stay still for very long, and Besaid had little in the way of actual things to do. Sure there was the beach, and Blitzball and little Vidina to play with, not to mention her friends, but that was about it. She had already exhausted all the options for fun there.

So, Rikku had decided to leave. She didn't know where to yet, but finding out would be half the fun of the journey. Rikku stood on the beach, hands behind her head, thinking of where she wanted to go. It would have to be on foot, because Brother was still sulking about Tidus and Yuna being together and not answering anyone's calls from the comspheres. Idiot! She thought, I wonder if Brother even realizes that Yunie is his cousin. He is such a sicko! Now I have to go by foot because that buffoon is still sulking after three months! Just after she thought this someone called out from behind her "RIKKU!"

Rikku turned around and ran up to her cousin Yuna. For once Tidus wasn't with her. Not that they were an obnoxious couple, but it made Rikku feel a little jealous of the happiness they shared. Once she reached Yuna, she gave her cousin a big bear hug.

"Hiya Yunie!"

"Oomph, hello Rikku."

Rikku let go of Yuna so that she could breathe properly and they both laughed for a minute and then began walking toward the ocean. "So Yunie, where's your hubby at today? Usually you two are attached at the hip." Yuna blushed at the comment.

"We are NOT attached at the hip. We just like to spend time together..."

"Riiiiight, and LeBlanc suddenly gets some fashion sense. I know what you two are up to on those little 'walks' of yours!" This time Yuna turned completely red and shoved her cousin.

"I...we just..." she stammered, then narrowed her eyes at Rikku, "Are you SPYING on us?!" She huffed indignantly. Rikku just giggled.

"NO! But you just made my case for me! Hehe!"

"Oh you!" They both laughed as they walked down the beach. "So, when are you leaving Rikku?"

"Huh? Oh, I dunno. Soon I guess. How'd you know I was going?"

"I could see that you were starting to get bored here. AND you have been unusually quiet lately. Tidus and I were starting to worry. You didn't even eat the sweet cakes Lulu made yesterday!"

"I can see how that's out of character for me." Rikku responded.

"Is there any particular reason you're leaving? We haven't made you feel left out, have we? That is the very last thing we wanted to do-"

"Relax Yunie. It's nothing anyone has done." Yuna looked relieved at that and smiled. "It's just that, Paine's off doing her own thing at Bevelle, and I just sit here like a bump on a shoopuff watching you and Tidus being perfectly happy together." Rikku frowned at that, putting her hands behind her head again. "I want to be happy too. I mean, I'm happy for you, Yunie, but I want to find MY perfect guy. I won't do that on Besaid."

Yuna frowned, not ever knowing that Rikku was so unhappy. "Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"Because I didn't want to disturb you. You've been through so much Yunie; you deserve to be happy now."

"But you went through it with me Rikku! You feel like a sister to me, not just a cousin. I want you to be happy too. Can I do anything to help you?"

"Nah, you just spend as much time with Tidus as you can.! Knowing that you're happy makes me happy!" They walked on in silence a moment, and then Rikku said "Do you really think of me as a sister?" A hopeful, innocent smile was on her face.

"Of course!"

"REALLY really?"

Yuna giggled and said "REALLY really!" She got another bear hug from an ecstatic Rikku. This time Yuna returned the hug. "So, do you know where you'll be going?"

"Nope. I was just going to wander around till I find somewhere that feels right."

"I see. Well, before you go, let's see if we can convince Lulu to make us some more sweet cakes!"

"Yeah! I want some for the road!"

"Rikku, you know that they wouldn't last two minutes in your pack before you eat them."

"Hey! That's not true at all!" Rikku responded with false indignation. "They wouldn't even get into my packs! And here I thought you knew me well!"

Their laughter resounded on the cliffs surrounding the beach. "I'm sure Lulu will make them if we offer to baby-sit little Vidina."

"Ok! Let's hurry! My mouth is watering from imagining the smell of them!"

With that Yuna and Rikku ran off to the village to coerce Lulu into baking for them, fully intending to make the most of the remaining time Rikku would spend on the island.