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So, this is too long of a story to summerize easily, but its Rikku leaving to be herself instead of what people think she is and she ends up with Gippal in Luca and lots of bad things happen and Gippal kills the guy who did the badness and now he and Rikku have a house with a chocobo barn on top of it. If you want a better one, I think it would benefit you to just read it again. I know I did.

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It had taken nearly six months to complete the renovations, but they were finally done. New carpets and new hardwood floors were in place, and all of the original wood panels and carved detail had been restored. Dust had been banished from the house, thanks to the efforts of Rikku and Elizza. Gippal and Raas had dealt with the rest. Not that the women had had the easy part. They had been in constant battle with the dust and debris stirred up by the men's actions, which was the reason they started up in the Greenhouse instead of one of the lower floors. They would come down, grey with dust, and glare at the mess made from cutting drywall or destroying walls.

One such wall revealed a set of sliding doors, still in perfect condition under the years of dust and cobwebs. The tracks had needed replacing, but it was a discovery that delighted Rikku to no end. The entire house delighted her. The first thing she decided to do when the house was complete, furniture and decorations included, was to invite their friends over for a celebratory feast.

The kitchen appliances were earning their keep by helping to make some of the most decadent and delicious foods Gippal had ever smelled. Elizza was there with her, helping Rikku cook and bake. They had been at it for hours, shooing him out along with anyone else who tried to enter the kitchen. Not even Yuna was allowed into the kitchen.

"I bought the damn house, and I can't even get into my own kitchen for a sandwich. What the hell is wrong with this scenario?"

"I'd say it's that you're whipped, Gippal." Paine said, interrupting his thoughts. When he gave her a startled look, she chuckled. "You're starting to act like Rikku, saying what you think out loud."

"So? That doesn't change the fact that I get run out of my own kitchen. I'm hungry, damn it! I feed her whenever she gets hungry."

"Gippal, did you ever consider that she's been in there for hours, preparing a meal for all of us, you included, to eat? She wants you to save your appetite for dinner."

"I always have an appetite. And it won't ruin her dinner if I get some food in me. Even an apple would work."

Gippal sat down in a chair that was so vastly oversized, it was practically a couch. It was barely big enough to sit two people, and only if they were good friends. This had been the one thing he insisted on purchasing, other than the furnishings of the office upstairs. He had let Rikku do whatever she wanted in all the other rooms. He had been privately scared of moogle motifs and cactuar room themes. It was a pleasant surprise to see the relaxed decor she had chosen. There was nothing in the house that would make anyone afraid to sit back and relax.

"Be careful, Gippal. You're almost pouting. You'll lose respect points if I catch you pouting."

"I'm not pouting. I'm trying not to put a fist through the wall I just got done painting and sp-"

"Hey, Gippal!" Rikku yelled, stepping out of the kitchen briefly. "Think fast!" Rikku threw something at him just as he turned to face her. He caught it just before it hit him in the face. It was an apple. Not a regular red apple, but a gold one. He hated red apples. They tasted like paper with red food dye. A gold apple was a real apple, with a distinct taste like nothing else.

"Score! I knew she loved me!" Gippal took a bite of the apple, and left his chair to open the kitchen door enough to poke his head in and say 'thanks'. It earned him another apple aimed at his head, meant to get him out of the kitchen. Gippal took his prize and returned to his chair, satisfaction beaming from him like the rays of the sun. "How 'bout that? Two for the price of one!"

"Gee, she's my oldest friend here, and I don't get an apple." Tidus said glumly. Yuna smiled at him, placing a hand on his arm.

"You get the honor of sitting nearest the food platters. The rest of us have to wait!"

"You gotta point, Yuna. You gotta point."

"That may be, but I sit nearest the pie." Gippal said, smirking for all he was worth.

Paine shook her head both at them as Gippal planted his feet, crossed at the ankles, on the coffee table in front of him and leaned back, taking another bite of his apple. He put the other one down on the arm of the chair. So Muja decided to make an entrance at that moment, leaping on to the arm rest of the chair right next to his apple and sitting primly, with her tail covering her paws. The apple never offered to tilt or move from its position. She stared at him in the way only cats can do, then deemed him worthy of her attention and jumped down, settling on his lap.

"You know, cat, you're the only one besides Rikku allowed to share this chair with me." He said, chewing another bite of apple and petting So Muja . The kitten 'mew'ed a response.

"Gippal! Get you're dirty boots off that table!"

"Wha?" Paine, Baralai, Tidus and Yuna all laughed at him. "How the hell did you know that? And this table is one of those beat up things you found in a thrift store, why does it matter if I put my feet on it?"

"Cause I don't want any black marks on it from your boots, numbskull!" Rikku yelled through the kitchen door. "And you've been putting your feet on coffee tables ever since I've known you."

Heaving a heavy sigh, Gippal complied.

"See what I have to put up with, cat? You're mistress is so cruel to me." So Muja turned her head and blinked at him several times before going back to her lounging. "I can't even get sympathy from a cat. At least I have food, now." He noticed Tidus sigh at this comment, and he made a split second decision. It had to be split second, because if he thought about it, he would never do it. "Hey, here." Gippal tossed his other apple to Tidus, who caught it easily. He liked Tidus, even though he looked exactly like Shuyin. They had a lot in common and had become fast friends.

The first time they met, Gippal had almost pulled a gun on him. What stopped him was Rikku running to give him a hug, which he returned heartily. Yuna had noticed him reaching for a weapon and smiled, shaking her head. Rikku then dragged them into what was now a game room, complete with a blitzball table. Tidus got the same expression on his face when he saw it that Rikku had gotten. The two of them spent the better part of an hour playing while he and Yuna watched them and cheered when one scored a goal. It was more entertaining than watching a real blitz game. He did not see Rikku jumping up and down and performing a victory dance during a real blitz game.

"You're my new best friend, Gippal."


So Muja had sat up, head and ears turned toward the front door. The lock turned and the opening door revealed Raas, followed by two other people.

"Look who I found at the port, Boss-man." Wakka and Lulu, carrying Vidina, walked in and Raas closed the door behind them.

"Welcome to our humble abode." Gippal said, gesturing around the room with the hand holding his half eaten apple. "He-ey, there, buddy! You must've grown since I last saw you!" He said to Vidina, who started struggling in his mother's arms to get at the cat sitting on his lap. So Muja kept her eyes on the baby, ready to jump to safety at a moments notice if he got loose from his mother.

The three newcomers joined the rest of them, Yuna relieving Lulu of Vidina. Most of the people were occupied with the antics of the baby. Paine was the only one not looking at the baby. She would coo over him eventually, but for now she was giving him a curious look.

"I never thought you'd be able to put up with all of Rikku's nonsense. How do you do it?"

"You gotta take her in stride, Dr. P. Half of what she does is to get a laugh out of you or to make sure people she loves are happy. You can't take it seriously."

"Alright you guys! Foods almost done!" A cheer rose from everyone at Rikku's announcement, which startled So Muja, making her tail twitch against Gippal's leg. "Oh, and Gippal?"


"Make sure you put the good toilet seats in all the bathrooms! I want this dinner to end on as good a note as it began!"

The room fell into laughter, with Baralai blushing slightly and shaking his head, Yuna was convulsing on the floor, and Tidus choking on the bite of apple he was in the middle of swallowing. Wakka was hitting his back trying to help. Even Lulu was laughing. Gippal, meanwhile, kept on eating his apple as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"I'll get right on that."


Home was finally done, and Mother and One-Eye were no longer wandering around Outside. So Muja liked their new Home. It was different from Kind One's, but this was their Home. She had not liked all the dust here at first, but that was made right by Mother. Lots of humans had come to help with Home, many of them were here in front of her whiskers right now.

She had special cushions in all of her favorite napping spots, and one in front of the second big window, where she could lay in the sun. She had toys and places to scratch and claw to her heart's content. Every room in the house had been investigated and were all to her satisfaction. Her favorite room, besides the one with the big windows, was the Green Place. There were all kinds of plants up there for her to play in and hunt. Mother would hide a furry ball that moved around in there and let her find it. It was such fun.

One-Eye was here to stay, too, which made her and Mother happy. Kind One and her mate came over a lot, too.

Everything was finally right in the world.

(sniffs) Its sad to think this story is over. But I have so many others! I have some that aren't even posted yet! I'm continuing a series, and making another two or four. I'll be busy in the time to come! Thanks for reading!