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"9 and 3/4." A tall, blond haired boy said, slanting his eyes to glare at his friend wearing glasses. "Here's a funny story, THERE IS NO NINE AND THREE QUARTERS!" He shouted in Japanese.

"That was very inconspicuous, Kido, perhaps next time you'll scare the locals in their own language." Kaitou straightened his glasses with a finger. "I went through all the trouble of teaching you English and you yell at me, you're so grateful. At least Yana can control himself." He wrinkled his freckled nose in annoyance.

"Yana plucked English out of your brain, Kaitou." He huffed, taking a glimpse of their quieter friend who was inspecting a wall. "What the hell are you doing?" Asato asked in Japanese.

"It's a hologram, or a portal, something like that." He asked, poking the wall as his finger went through. "But we've had a lot of luck with portals, haven't we?"

Asato walked up to the wall casually with his usual swagger. He tapped it, his finger went through. "Well, I guess this is it, makes sense for wizards to protect their stuff." He grabbed his luggage case and walked through. He looked around, stunned slightly. Many people were in their robes, which were black and some had marks and emblems on them, he didn't know what they meant, though, and decided they were unimportant. He saw some families hugging their children and saying goodbye. It made him think of his dad for a moment.


"Hey dad, I just got a letter, I've been accepted into a school in England." He said blankly, holding the parchment.

"Do you have money for a ticket and for supplies?"


"Have fun, then."


Yes, he had such a charming single parent home. He looked as Yana and Kaitou walked in, looking around as well.

"You dumbasses plan on standing there all day, or are you going to get on the train?" A voice said. They turned around and saw a teen wearing a red biker jacket, with two blue belt-like things crossing his neck. He had on tattered jeans and his brown eyes glared from under his black bangs; he was holding a cage and his luggage. Beside him stood a slightly shorter teen, wearing a yellow hoodie and jeans. He had wavy blond hair and his bangs were in two slightly curly strands. Sitting on the blond's shoulder was a Great Grey Owl, glaring almost as intensely as the biker.

"Sniper and Sea Man. I should've known others would be here. Anyone else we should worry about?" Asato asked.

"We're the only ones, Kido." Sniper said coldly. "Don't worry either, we don't plan on terrorizing you three...much."

"Does anyone"-

"No, Mitari, they haven't even given us a second glance." Yuu answered the incomplete question.

"Speak for yourself." Yana said, rubbing his neck. "I keep hearing, 'bloody hell, look at that ones hair! It's purple!'" He said, mocking an English accent in Japanese. "Well, guess what, its 'bloody' annoying."

Hagiri smirked. "You guys didn't buy an owl?"

"No, we didn't, why?" Kaitou asked. Mitari responded, "They deliver mail back and fourth, and that's why I bought Umi." Sniper turned his head to Mitari, "You named it 'water.'"

"Had to, before you named him Kawasaki."

Sniper rolled his eyes and walked up to the train and entered. The others followed and eventually found an empty compartment, which was amazingly a larger one than others. They all sat down, with the two jihad members sitting opposite from Genkai's pupils.

"So, why do you have an owl, I thought neither of you cared about your family." Kaitou asked, curious.

"We need to communicate with Dark Angel." Hagiri said simply.

"You guys and your nicknames, jeez." Asato shook his head. "So, how much ammo do you have on you, Sniper?" Hagiri stuffed his gloved hands into his pockets, and took out roughly twenty marbles, seventeen die (dice), and two large erasers. They looked up as they heard a voice outside the compartment.

"-I mean, of course, it's always in the last place you look, because if you found what you're looking for, why would you continue looking? Do you understand what I'm saying"- The door opened, showing a freckled red-haired boy and another boy with black hair, green eyes, and glasses.

"Oh, thank goodness, space. Can we sit with you?" The black haired one asked. Kaitou nodded, "Sure, go ahead." They sat beside Hagiri and Mitari, mostly because even if Kaitou moved, the other two were too broad-shouldered.

"How on Earth did you get your hair like that?" Ron said to the one with purple hair that stuck straight up. "My brothers would flip if they saw your hair!"

"It's natural..." Purple-hair said, nervously, would people QUIT WITH HIS HAIR!?

" Sorry about that. I'm Ron Weasly." The red head smiled.

"My name's Harry Potter." The boy paused, wondering why the five weren't gaping at his scar and losing their minds.

"Asato Kido." The blond one that was obviously a punk said.

"Hagiri Kaname." The one with countless odds and ends in front of him said blankly.

"I'm Mitari Kiyoshi."

"Name's Yana."

"Yuu Kaitou." The one with glasses added.

Ron looked confused, "I'm Ron, not Kaitou." The blond beside him chuckled. "What?"

Mitari pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down 'Yuu Kaitou'. "It's Y-u-u, not y-o-u."

"Ah, okay, I get it." Harry spoke, "So, are you guys first years?"

"Transfers," Kaitou muttered, "We're going in sixth year."

"More transfers? Weird, two years ago there was a transfer, he's in Slytherin, I don't know why, though, except he's one of Malfoy's dogs." Ron spat the name like it was poison.

"Malfoy's basically like the head of Slytherin, the self-appointed favorite, and the others just go with what he says." Harry explained, noticing their puzzled faces. "And there are four different houses. There's Gryffindor, which is where the brave, pure people go; Ravenclaw's for the geniuses and smart; Hufflepuff is for the friendly and selfless; and Slytherin is for the cunning, sneaky, and tactical. Me and Ron are in Gryffindor, along with our friend, Hermione, she's sitting with some other prefects, though."

"Any clue where you guys may go?" Ron asked.

Asato snickered for a moment, "Anyone here selfless and excessively friendly, raise your hand." None of them raised their hands. "If you think Kaitou's gonna be in Ravenclaw." They all raised a hand, and then set them down. "Hagiri in Slythe-whatever." Hands went back up, except for Hagiri, who smirked.

"You all think so highly of me..." He said, and flicked a marble at Asato's stomach, who winced in pain, trying not to show that Sniper had put a considerable amount of energy into it. "We do it out of love, Sniper." Yana slipped, clapping his hands over his mouth.

"Sniper? What's a sniper?"

"A nickname. He's deadly accurate when it comes to targets and accuracy, so we call him Sniper." Mitari said simply. Harry and Ron nodded.

"So, where are you guys from?" Harry asked, still surprised from their lack of astonishment of who he was.

"Japan." They all answered. That explained it.

"Did you all know each other before?"

"We live in the same city," Asato confirmed. "Me and Yana went to the same school; Kaitou lives near us, but goes to a private school." He looked at the other two, "And we've had some run-ins with them."

Ron raised a brow. "Private school, different schools? Oh, you guys are muggle-born?" The new kids definitely looked confused now.

"Hate to tell you, Kaitou, you left that word out in 'English 101'." Yana said, receiving a glance and a sigh from Kaitou. He now had trouble deciding whether he was smart, or they were dense. "It means born from regular humans." Yana let out an understanding 'ah' in response.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Hagiri's eyes narrowed. Harry waved his hands worriedly. "No, it's just lots of wizards look down on muggle-borns. Some find them fascinating, though." Hagiri then muttered something in what Harry decided was Japanese that made Mitari's eyes widen and give a disapproving look. Harry then heard a 'hoot' and looked at Mitari's hood. A grey head popped up and looked at the group intensely with eyes that matched the hoodie's yellow.

"Wow, that's a big owl." Harry gasped. "What kind is it?"

"Oh, Umi? He's a Great Grey." Mitari said, and Hagiri muttered something else, only in some language that wasn't Japanese that consisted of hisses and growl-like words that were impossible to understand. Mitari then countered back in the same language. Asato smirked,

"Did you guys get married behind our backs?" Hagiri absently raised his middle finger in silent response.

Harry decided to go back to the owl. "Umi, that's Japanese, right?"

"Yeah, for water." Mitari then reached over Ron and picked a feather off of Harry's sweater. "I'm guessing you have an owl?"

"I have Hedwig, she's a Snowy Owl." He said proudly. The only thing he liked as much as his Firebolt 5000 (AN:I think that's the model he has...) was Hedwig, his beautiful owl.

"Nice feather." He thought aloud, and showed it to Umi, who immediately snapped at the feather with his beak. "Sadly, Umi doesn't agree."

Harry nodded, it was a good thing he trusted the blushing Ginny with her, along with Ron's Pigwidgen; apparently Umi wasn't fond of other owls.

They were quiet for a while, Kaitou pulled out a book of word puzzles and started working on them, while Yana looked at the book also, extremely perplexed by the multiple words and made mental notes to never utter them. Asato was having a staring contest with Umi, and it looked like the win could go either way. Ron was sleeping, and Mitari was trying to get him off his shoulder. Sniper was watching the quiet struggle, while breaking the erasers into little pieces. Harry was gazing out the window, past Ron and the other two. Harry looked down at his feet under the table, and saw that the feet to his far right had a black cage under them.

"Excuse me," He started, trying to remember the strange Japanese Muggle name. "Hagiri?" Sniper looked up from his erasers from hearing his name. "What's up?"

"What's in that cage?" He asked. "Your pet?"

"It's an egg." He said shortly.

"What kind of egg?" Harry was worried he would be mad at his questions.

"I don't know, the shopkeeper said she couldn't tell what it was, but some woman, Trelawney, said it was dark and would result in nothing but death," He smirked, "So, I bought it."

"Professor Trelawney said it was dangerous?" Ron said; now awake from hearing the word 'death'. "Good thing she's a phony. She can see the future just as well as I can see Fred and George being serious." The transfers were now confused. "My brothers."

They each made some gesture of understanding, nods and turning the other way.

"Well, we need to get our robes on, we're almost there."

"How do you know?" Kaitou asked, curiously.

"I recognize that rock we passed a few minutes ago."


While they were changing, Harry looked at Asato's back, he had what looked like stab wound scars running down his spine, and Hagiri had a scar inches from where his heart was. Mitari and Yana were also considerably scarred, as well, but Kaitou seemed perfectly fine.


"About time I've found you." A bushy haired girl said, then noticed the considerably tall strangers, well, two were tall, the others were 'higher than average.' "Did you know that we have to take The Study of Muggles this year?"

"Really?" Ron rolled his eyes. "Another class for you to outshine everyone in." He sighed.

"Well, they should do good." Harry smiled. "Hey, Hermione, they're muggle-born, just like you. You guys should have no problem in there. We have to go sit in here for now, you guys have to be sorted."

Asato was still puzzled by the fact that Harry was surprised that he and the others could see the Thestrals, which were skeletonal and scaly horses. He shrugged it off. They were waiting for the first years to be 'sorted', not long after the three sixth years left. He was puzzled when he heard something singing:

A thousand years or more ago,

When I was newly sewn,

There lived four wizards of renown,

Whose names are still well known:

Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor,

Fair Ravenclaw, from glen,

Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley abroad,

Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.

They shared a wish, a hope, a dream,

They hatched a daring plan

To educate young sorcerers

Thus Hogwarts School began.

Now each of these four founders

Formed their own house, for each

Did value different virtues

In the ones they had to teach.

By Gryffindor, the bravest were

Prized far beyond the rest;

For Ravenclaw, the cleverest

Would always be the best;

For Hufflepuff, hard workers were

Most worthy of admission;

And power-hungry Slytherin

Loved those of great ambition.

While still alive they did divide

Their favorites from the throng,
Yet how to pick the worthy ones

When they were dead and gone?

'Twas Gryffindor who found the way,

He whipped me off his head

The founders put some brains in me

So I could choose instead!

Now slip me snug about you ears,

I've never yet been wrong,

I'll have a look inside your mind

And tell you where you belong!

The students inside cheered loudly after the song, and after being quiet for a few moments, they started 'sorting' first years.

"We have five transfers this year, they will be placed in with the sixth years," A woman said, and now she tried to pronounce the names, struggling. "Kaitou, Yuu."

Kaitou walked in and sat on a stool as a hat was placed on his head.

Well, a psychic.

A talking hat.

Yes, I talk. Now, what a wide vocabulary you have, Yuu Kaitou. And I've never heard of a psychic like you. I must say, most of them are mind readers and telekinetic. You are very intelligent, aren't you? Only one place is perfect for you, and it is...

"RAVENCLAW!" The hat cried out, and the Ravenclaw table clapped and cheered.

"Kaname, Hagiri." The black haired biker walked up to the stool, still wearing his gloves. Then, the hat surprised him.

Well, another psychic, and a telekinetic one too.

What kind of damn joke is this, a talking hat!

Calm down, I'm having trouble reading you. Let's see, you have a sister, who is also a psychic, one that deals with empathy, something you abandoned long ago.

Got a problem with it?

And you are very obedient, and serve under another psychic. Yet, you dislike rules.

Dark Angel understood. No one else did.

Ah, that's what you call him, and you're Sniper, and the other one here is Sea Man. You are also very brave, and willing to die for your dark purpose that you think you and other psychics will benefit from.

Destruction of the humans.

Hmm, you dislike Muggles very much. Yes, but under all that, you are quite extraordinary.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The said table created an uproar. He saw Harry waving a hand frantically and sat by him and his friends.

"Kido, Asato." The said blond walked up with his arrogant swagger casually and sat down.

Hello, Asato.

Jeez! Oh, man, you're telling me the hat talks, what else does around here?

Countless things. Oh, you got me off the subject! Let's see... Ah, very brave, aren't you? Arrogant, too. You're considered a thug to others back where you're from, aren't you? Fighting whenever you have to, and you rarely instigate.

I'm willing to.

Yes, now, you're also a psychic. Interesting, since Dumbledore never mentioned it. You call your power shadow, and use it to make sure you get your point around. Well, there's only one place for you:

"GRYFFINDOR!" More cheers, they seemed to be keeping score against the Slytherins, because Asato overheard people saying they had more first years than Slytherin, and now they were getting the transfers.

"Mitari, Kiyoshi." Mitari walked up to the stool and sat down, surprised by the hat.

Well, you are quite the tortured soul, aren't you?

It's been rough.

Poor thing. You have a certain kindness in your heart, one that has been sealed away for so long, and is rarely expressed full-heartedly. The only people who you actually look up to is the one called Dark Angel and your friend Kaname. You have been dubbed Sea Man, and use your own blood for your ability. Your heart is filled with a hatred that is locked away, and makes you quite a formidable and conniving one. It's quite a difficult placement, but I'll say:

"SLYTHERIN!" The table with silver and green banners above it cheered to the point where others felt like their ears were going to explode, and if not, they would cut them off.

"Mitsunari, Yanagisawa." She looked at the paper twice. What a ridiculous and long name.

"Who?" Ron asked, purely confused. Asato slapped his own forehead. Yana only introduced himself with his nickname. "Yanagisawa is Yana's real first name, we just call him Yana for short."

"A nine syllable name." Hermione thought aloud. "Wonder what his middle name is..."

"Quiet, 'mione!"

Yana sat down, he heard the mutters about his hair. He silently swore to turn into whoever laughed at him, and make them do the stupidest things. He gasped when the hat was placed (somehow) on his head.

Quite the irritating hairstyle, Mitsunari.


What on earth!? I've sorted you already! Twice!

No.........you sorted Kaitou and Kido, not me.

What? Oh, I see now, you have their memories and personalities in your own mind. A shapeshifter, much like an Animagi wizard, only for humans. I've never heard of anyone like that before.

Well, come on, Hatman, I'm hungry.

Hatman? Oh, I see. A humorous one, indeed. Well, you're lazy, so Hufflepuff won't do. You're clever, but not that clever, so no to Ravenclaw. And Slytherin won't suit your humor, so:

"GRYFFINDOR!" Once again, the table cheered loudly, three of the transfers were there, one for Slytherin, one in Ravenclaw, and none for Hufflepuff.



Professor McGonagall led the Gryffindors up to the picture of the fat lady, and turned to the students.

"Do not tell any other houses the password." She turned to the picture. "Chocolate Chip." The picture swung open, and they walked in. "Now, this is the common room, and these stairs lead to the girls and boys dormitories. Now, first years, the older students will help you, and your luggage will be by your beds." She started towards the exit, but Yana walked up to her, and said what sounded like a complement about her hair, touching her head. She disregarded it, considering him as a strange boy, and walked out of the common room, and the picture closed behind her.

Yana trotted up to Asato, Sniper, Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Asato looked at Yana with a sly grin. Yana smiled back, and went to pat Sniper's head, but his wrist was caught in Hagiri's grip. "Touch me and you die." He said it eerily calm. Yana pulled his hand free and cleared his throat. "So, what do you guys do for fun around here?" He looked around, after almost everyone else scattered into the dormitories. "Because you guys don't seem fond of electricity...do you think my bat- OW!" He lashed his head around and Hagiri still had his right hand hovering over his flat left hand, still in its 'post-flicking' position. Hagiri put his hands down with a smirk, and sat down in a chair sideways, legs dangling off the side.

"I'm surprised you're in here, Snipe." Asato said, shorting the nickname by one syllable.

"Seriously. And Mitari's in Slytherin. I didn't expect that." Harry nodded. "Maybe the hat had you two switched."

"Who cares, I want to know what's in his egg." Ron muttered nervously. "If it's going to rip my head off, I'd like a head start to run away." Asato laughed. "You take Hagiri too seriously. Didn't you hear the snores coming from his cage?"

"What? No, I didn't, what is it?" Ron pleaded.

"A snake." Hagiri smirked lazily from the chair. "A baby anaconda."

"A SNAKE!?" Ron blurted. "A SNAKE IN GRYFFINDOR!? The hat really DID have you in the wrong house! Harry, go up there, and tell his snake to get out, please!"

The two standing psychics looked at Harry, while Hermione looked nervous, that was a great way to scare a bunch of transfers from Japan, tell them you talk to snakes!

"I-I, I can speak Parseltounge. It's the language snakes speak. Don't you too?" He asked Sniper, who opened one eye. "Who me?"

"Yeah, isn't that what you and Mitari were speaking in? I wasn't paying too much attention." Harry said, remembering when they were talking about Mitari's owl.

"No, I can't talk to snakes."

"Well, then what were you speaking in?"

"A language we learned back when we first found out we were coming here. Thought it would be interesting."

Asato looked at Hagiri curiously. He knew the truth instantly. Sensui had taught them a demon language, most likely learned from Itsuki. He shook off the odd feeling he suddenly felt, and looked down at the ground. A shadow was next to his, but no one was standing at that side. He immediately unleashed his energy as he stomped down on the shadow. Sniper, as a reflex, looked up. He saw a ghost floating just above Asato.

"What's happening? I can't move!" He cried. Asato swiftly removed his foot. The ghost smiled at Harry and the others.

"What do you want, Peeves?" Harry snorted at the trouble-making ghost.

"I just came to see the new kids and I couldn't move suddenly, as if every non-existent fiber in my non-existent body was frozen! Now I can move, though." The ghost grinned.

Hagiri shot a look at Asato, one that clearly read, 'dumbass.'


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