Town Interruptus – by LorelaiGilmoreDanes

Description: MAJOR SPOILERS! PLEASE DO NOT READ if you don't wish to be spoiled! It's mainly about Luke and Lorelai. 'It' has finally happened – they are finally together – or are they? Takes place late summer of 2004. Reviews are appreciated.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! All characters belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and Co.

Chapter One

It has been seven weeks since the test run. Lorelai has been spending everyday of the past 7 weeks at the Dragonfly. Rory called about twice a week to give her mother an update on everything. Though they spoke as though they were back to normal – deep down they were both aware of how much their mother-daughter relationship had changed. Day after day Lorelai would wake up at six in the morning and head over to the Inn. Sometimes she'd stop by the diner to get her morning fix of Luke's coffee. Though she knew that Luke was with Liz, she imagined herself sitting at the counter and Luke emerging through the storage door. Luke's sister, Liz – injured herself at the Renaissance Fair Circuit about seven weeks before and Luke had volunteered to look after her while TJ was away in Michigan. Although they would have liked to talk more – Luke and Lorelai called each other about twice a week. They would never verbally exchange the fact that they miss each other – but their moments of awkward (but sweet) silence on the phone gave away their secret. Lorelai would update him on Rory and Emily's Europe trip, the Inn and the happenings of Stars Hollow and in turn Luke would update Lorelai on Liz's recovery and his daily conversations with Caesar and Lane. It became a routine for them – a routine they both wished would end soon.

It was a Wednesday night around 9 P.M. After a long day's work, Lorelai had just taken a long shower and settled herself in her most comfortable pair of pajamas. She decided to watch some T.V. in the living room – so she settled herself down on the couch and picked up the remote to turn on her most favorite object in her living room. Suddenly the phone rang. It was Michel...

Lorelai: Hello.

Michel: Oh, please God tell me that our crazy inn owner will 'not' be showing up in the middle of the night to go over the supplies list again!

Lorelai: Michel! I promised you and Sookie I wouldn't do that anymore.

Michel: Yes, but the thing is Sookie does not work here at night. She is the chef. 'I' am the lucky one who gets to spend obscene number of hours a day with you. Please Lorelai – please tell me you are 'not' going to come by the inn at 3 A.M. again!

Lorelai: I promised already! (Grins) Besides, it seems like you are missing me.

Michel: Ha! Very funny. Go back to whatever exciting activity that you were doing!

Lorelai: (Makes a face as she hangs up the phone and mumbles to herself) Exciting? Ha!

She finally turned the T.V. to surf through the channels when the phone rang again.

Lorelai: (Picks up) Michel, if it's you again – I swear I am going to show up at 3 A.M. every time you are there!

Luke: (Uncertain of what to say) Ugh, ok?

Lorelai: Oh, hey!

Luke: Michel bothering you again?

Lorelai: Actually – according to the latest developments, 'I' am bothering him by working too much.

Luke: You 'are' work too much.

Lorelai: Ha! Look who's talking! Mr. Ugh-Diner-Guy who wakes up at 4:45 A.M. to open his diner!

Luke: You put no effort into that name. I am offended.

Lorelai: Yeah, I know. I think I am losing my touch.

Luke: (Smiles) It'll come back when you are finally settled. (Lorelai smiles as well) So besides being a workaholic, how are you?

Lorelai: (Sighs) Just tired. Enough about me, how's Liz?

Luke: Much better. TJ should be back from Michigan soon.

Lorelai: Oh, yeah? (Tries to hide the excitement in her voice) So, umm – does that mean Stars Hollow will have its favorite Diner owner back soon?

Luke: (Chuckles) Maybe.

Lorelai: Hmm, I think this is the third time we've talked this week.

Luke: Oh, so we have a set amount of time we should be talking a week?

Lorelai: No, no – no. I mean it's a very nice surprise. Very nice... (smiles shyly).

Luke: Really? Well, today is different. (Lorelai smiles even more as she thinks about the day that Luke will finally return). Oh hey, so Rory tell you when she will be back?

Lorelai; (Snaps out of her current mood) Surprisingly, my mother called yesterday - on her own - to inform me that they will be flying in on Friday. Speaking of which, I have to look up the arrival time.

Luke: That's great. Well you go do that and then get some sleep... and we will talk to later?

Lorelai: (With a grin) By 'later' you mean...?

Luke: (Smiles) Goodnight, Lorelai.

Lorelai hung up the phone and smiled to herself. It seemed like Luke and she would never get a chance to resume what they started almost two months ago. But she was hopeful. She knew Liz needed her brother and Lorelai was more than willing to wait. It was difficult – but she took the time apart to concentrate on her Inn. Her own Inn!

She finally fell asleep around 1 A.M. ... and before she knew it, it was time for her to wake up. She dragged herself out of bed and showered, and hurried out the door.

Dragonfly Inn – Kitchen.

Sookie: Derek, can you please go ask Michel what he wants for breakfast before he comes in here and orders us around? (Derek nods and walks out as Lorelai enters). Hey you!

Lorelai: Hey. I need coffee! (Walks over to the coffee pot and pours herself a mug. She takes a sip and sighs).

Sookie: Wow, a nice big sigh there. Everything ok?

Lorelai: Yeah, I am fine. Just didn't get enough sleep last night.

Sookie: No, not again! You can't keep coming by the inn in the middle of the night, Lorelai. Everything's fine. We are fine!

Lorelai: I didn't come by last night. By the way, what's Michel still doing here?

Sookie: I guess both of our night managers got their schedules mixed up. Michel ended up sleeping at the inn last night.

Lorelai: Oh, so it's his day to work the first shift? Great, suddenly the white light at the end of the tunnel just got dimmer.

Sookie: (As she peels the potatoes, she waves the thought of Michel off) Don't worry about it. Stick him with the Krumholze kids.

Lorelai: (Giggles) Ooh, he will hate that! (Sighs again and looks down at her mug).

Sookie: So why couldn't you sleep last night?

Lorelai: (Looks around to see if they are alone) Luke called.

Sookie: He did? That's odd. Isn't it like the third time this week?

Lorelai: (She nods) Yes, it is. (Smiles) It was a nice.

Sookie: (Grins) Ahh, so he kept you up late with his phone call.

Lorelai: No, I just couldn't sleep. I just... (pauses) nah, nothing. I am being silly.

Sookie: No, tell me. You just 'what'?

Lorelai: I just wish he was here, you know. Just waiting for him to return.

Sookie: Aw, you miss him. (Just then, Jackson walks through the back door with the produce – Sookie points at him) You are late!

Jackson: I am sorry! I just got held up.

Sookie: (Waves him off) Excuses... (then studies the produce).

Jackson: No, really (sees Lorelai) – Oh hey Lorelai. (Looks back at Sookie) On my way here I noticed Luke in the diner. I had to and say my 'hello'. (Sookie looks up in shock and Lorelai drops her mug in shock) Oh geez, you ok?

Lorelai: (Flustered) Yeah, yeah – I am fine. It just slipped.

Sookie; (Picks up a big rag) Lorelai, you need rest (with her eyes wide) Go home, relax. We have everything under control. (Stops Lor as she reaches down to pick up the pieces of the broken mug). Go! I will take care of this.

To be continued...