Chapter Two

...continues from chapter one.

Lorelai walks out of the kitchen and into the check-in area. She spots the Krumholzes walking down the stairs.

Lorelai: Oh, hello there Mr. and Mrs. Krumholze. Hope you had a goodnight's sleep?

Mrs. K: Very good night, thank you. You are here 'every' day?

Lorelai: (Chuckles) No, not everyday.

Mrs. K: Yes, you are. I've seen you at the inn everyday since last week.

Lorelai: Well, I do have an Inn to run.

Mr. K: My wife's right. Miss Gilmore, you need to take a break. Go out! Have some fun!

Mrs. K: Yeah. We are going antique shopping and when we get back – you better not be here (Smiles and pats Lorelai on her arm). Oh, and I hope Mr. Gerard over there wouldn't mind looking after our kids while we're gone. Would he?

Lorelai: Of course not! I will make the arrangements.

Lorelai had so much going on in here head – Luke's surprise return, dealing with Michel, Making sure the guests are happy and... Luke's surprise return. After a long and painful debate with Michel about the Krumholze kids, Lorelai decided to go to the back porch and call the diner.

Lane: Luke's, this is Lane.

Lorelai: Lane, it's me – Lorelai.

Lane: Oh hey, Lorelai. What's new?

Lorelai: Oh nothing. What's new with the diner?

Lane: Nothing really. Kirk's being annoying.

Lorelai: Ah, well... umm is Luke around?

Lane: You just missed him. He stepped out to get some change from Joe's. He should be back in two minutes, unless Joe has him listening to one of his not-so-funny jokes again.

Lorelai: Can you please ask him to call me as soon as he comes back?

Lane: Yeah sure.

Lorelai decides to take Sookie's advice and go home and rest for a while. Just as she drives into her front yard, she notices a traveling bad on the porch with the front door open. 'No, it can't be...' she thought. She got out of her Jeep and stood there for a moment – then spotted Rory walk out to get the rest of her luggage. Lorelai jogged up to the porch.

Lorelai: (With a great big smile on her face) Rory!!!

Rory: (With a similar smile) Mom. (They hugged for what it seemed like 'forever')

Lorelai: But – but your flight was suppose to be tomorrow(?)

Rory: Yeah, but grandma got an earlier flight from London. (Pointing towards the drive-way) You just missed her by the way.

Lorelai: Why didn't you call me?

Rory: Thought a surprise would have been better.

Both walked inside hand in hand.

Lorelai: This is so great! Tell me all about your trip! Oh wait! Tell me all about it 'after' you've had adequate rest. You must be tired.

Rory: Actually, no – I am not. Might sleep in tomorrow though. I am fine right now.

Lorelai: I was actually going to head over to the diner for some coffee.

Rory: Yum, Luke's coffee. I missed that.

Lorelai: Well, come with me. Let's go get some coffee, something to eat, talk, whatever...

Rory: (Gets a bit uncomfortable) Umm, actually I am going to stay in for a bit. You go ahead. (smiles at her mother) make sure to bring me some coffee?

Lorelai: (Realizes that her daughter doesn't want to go out in public) Sure thing. I will be back in a bit. Food preference?

Rory: I am not too hungry. Actually, hold off on the coffee too.

Lorelai: (Taken aback) Oh.

Rory: (With a grin) I will go with you later tonight – so you can see Luke one more time (?)

Lorelai: How do you know Luke's back?

Rory: Oh, Lane told me. I called on my way here. Why?

Lorelai: (Shakes her head) Nothing. I will see you in a bit?

Rory: I will be here...

Luke's Diner.

Lorelai walks in and greets Lane. She looks around for Luke.

Lorelai: So umm, where's Luke?

Lane: (Points towards the stockroom) I think he's in the back. Just so you know, I did give him your message.

Lorelai: (Pats Lane on the shoulder) I know you did, hun. (Then walks to the back and sees Luke stacking up cans of peaches). Hey there, stranger. Forgot how to use the phone?

Luke: (Startled at first – but instantly smiles when he sees her) I didn't get a chance to call back. I am sorry.

Lorelai: Uh huh, liar!

Luke: I can't lie.

Lorelai: I know.

Luke: (Moves closer to her) Besides, my master plan worked. You are here now.

Lorelai: (Looks smitten) Really? (Then suddenly Lane walks in with an ordering pad).

Lane: Hey Luke (Luke and Lorelai automatically moves away from each other) we need to order more of these pads. Can you tell me the number of that printing place?

Luke: Ugh, yeah.

Lorelai: (To Luke) So – hey, I will see you later?

Luke: You leaving? No coffee?

Lorelai: Of course – coffee! Then I am heading out to see what's going on with that parade 'thing'.

Luke: (As he takes Lane's ordering pad from her) That's today?

Lane: Yes, didn't you notice Kirk's outfit?

Luke: I try not to notice him at all. Besides I thought maybe he was just missing his 'band-camp' days.

Lorelai smiles and quietly walks out to the counter. Luke walks out shortly after.

Luke: Got your coffee?

Lorelai: (Points at her mug) Got my coffee.

The look in both Lorelai's and Luke's face was obvious. The look of happiness was all over their faces.

Lorelai: (Looking down at her mug and keeping her voice low so that no one else hears) So, thought you said you didn't know when you were going to be back?

Luke: When did I say that?

Lorelai: Last night, when you called from Liz's place.

Luke: Who said I called from Liz's place.

Lorelai: (Gasps) You were here? At the diner? Last night?

Luke: (Wipes his hands with a rag) Yup.

Lorelai: Last night at 9:15 P.M. – you were at the diner – when you called?

Luke: (With a smile) Yes.

Lorelai: (Still refusing to believe it) 'This' diner?

Luke: (Nods) You sound surprised. (Walks to the end of the counter to pick up some dishes).

Lorelai: Luke! I thought you were still with Liz! Why didn't you say anything last night?

Luke: (Walks up to her and speaks softly) I was going to but... you said you were tired and I didn't want to keep you up.

Lorelai: Oh, well – I was up late regardless!

Luke: (Concerned) Why?

Lorelai: I couldn't go to sleep... after we talked. Started thinking... about you... us.

Luke: Really?

Lorelai: Really. (They share a moment and suddenly it's interrupted by Kirk).

Kirk: Luke, can you please teach Caesar and Lane how to make your coffee? They obviously need training.

Luke: (Sighs) Kirk, Their coffee is the same as mine.

Kirk: No, actually it isn't. Yours tastes much better.

Lane: (Hears this and shouts from the kitchen) Why thank you, Kirk!

Kirk: (To Lane and Caesar) No offense guys, but it's true. (Lane emerges from the kitchen).

Luke: Kirk...

(Kirk and Lane start arguing in the background).

Lorelai smiles and takes one last sip of Luke's coffee. 'Her' Luke's coffee - and then walks out of the diner. Luke silently watches her close the door behind her.

Lane: Oh hey, Lorelai! (Picks up a brown paper bag and looks at Luke) I'll be back in a minute. She forgot her Danish.

Luke: Oh, umm hand it to me. I will take it. (Nods nervously at Lane) I forgot to tell her something.

Lane: Oh, (hands Luke the bag) Here you go.

Streets of Stars Hollow.

Luke runs after Lorelai. And calls out to her...

Lorelai: (Turns and smiles) Hey.

Luke: You forgot your Danish. (Hands the brown paper bag to her).

Lorelai: Oh yeah, thank you.

Luke: Must be getting closer to the end of the world. You never forget 'food'.

Lorelai: (Chuckles – then nods) Got a lot on my mind.

Luke: Something more important than 'food'? (Folds his arms on his chest) This should be interesting...

Lorelai: Well, you are back. Rory's back...

Luke: Yeah, Lane mentioned...

Lorelai: ... and you are back.

Luke: So my return is more important than food?

Lorelai: Hate to break it to ya Luke Danes, but some of us... Kirk included - were counting the days till your return.

Luke: I am going to pretend you didn't say his name. (Smiles shyly) Oh hey, (puts his hand in his right jean pocket and pulls out a necklace) for you.

Lorelai: (Gasps) Luke... it's ... wow. (She takes it in her hand and glares at it in amazement).

Luke: (Nervously places his hands in his back pockets) I am sorry I didn't wrap it...

Lorelai: (Smiles) It's beautiful. Thank you. (They share yet another moment – but this time they move closer to each other – finally, a 'real' greeting. They lean into kiss... BUT the sudden loud noise of the band marching towards them from around the corner interrupts them – they move apart in frustration).