I'm afraid to say you've caught me,

With a magic I can't match,

Not brewed or black like that I've seen,

Not with a trick or with a catch.


It was done with those soft looks,

And the swinging of your heart,

The tried and proven friendship,

That could have broke apart.


You are simply captivating,

You've always had me crushed,

Since that time I made you smile,

An' that one I made you blush.


Those piercing pretty blue eyes,

That so clearly see through me,

That way you walk, the way you talk,

It's so perfect it cannot be.


I could go on and compare you,

To those temperate summer days,

But let me be caught if I can,

Count all the ways.


Reflections fail to do you justice,

Pictures only masquerade,

They prove that you're hard to catch,

which makes us quite a match.


That is why I love you,

And every time I've tried,

To steal your heart and make it mine,

I've faltered every time.


I forget what I'm to do

To hold your hand or say sweet things

Like "I love you" or maybe just maybe-

"You're so simply captivating."