"There's a couple of things get lost..."

Glinda slips out of the rear entrance to the palace and summons her bubble. She orders her guards to leave her alone, and then takes off inside the shining orb. She floats over the city aimlessly, thinking.

"I want to go back."

The thought tears at her heart. She's not thinking of the palace, that is not the place she wants to return to, but instead, she is thinking of Shiz. Dear old Shiz. When she was a student, life was so much simpler. She didn't have to worry about running the country, or being a public figure. It's ironic, what she wanted most as a young student was to be someone important, with power, but now that she has it, she longs to return to her student days.

But right now, she has an interrogation in mind.

She directs her bubble towards the darker side of town. The seedy underbelly of Oz. She sets it down in front of the city prison. It is cold, grey, and institutional. She walks up the path towards the steel doors and the guards bow. They let her in.

Her heels make stacatto clicking noises on the grimy tiled floor as she is led down a hallway, around a corner, and into the dark bowels of the prison. Finally, they stop at a cell.

The woman inside looks nowhere near as intimidating as she did back when Glinda was a student. She is dressed in an institutional grey jumpsuit, and her hair is chopped off short. The woman doesn't turn around when Glinda stops in front of her cell and bids the guards to give her some time.

"Morrible." Glinda says, her tone cold.

The woman in grey shifts, and slowly turns.

"Glinda Upland." She says, in a noncommital, flat tone.

"That's Glinda the Good." Glinda fires back, glaring at the woman who was standing so dispassionately in front of her. "Morrible, I have some questions that I need sorted out."

Morrible's eyes are slightly duller than they used to be, but there is still that shrewd glint in them. "Why should I answer them?" She asks, a half smile on her lips.

"You help me, I help you." Glinda replies. "If your help is... sufficient, perhaps I can shorten your sentence."

Morrible was being medicated to suppress her magical weather influence. It became necessary after the day she caused a rainstorm in the mess hall and drowned one of her fellow inmates. Shortly after that, someone had proposed a bill to forcefully suppress the magical powers of inmates through medical means. Glinda remembers signing off on that bill.

Morrible looks at Glinda, and Glinda can see the cogs turning in the woman's head. "I know you won't shorten my sentence." The older woman replies, "But give me a room and my powers back for one night. Let me feel some weather. I... miss it." She says.

"Agreed." Glinda answers. "I will give you one evening with your powers. But you will not be able to hurt anyone."

"Then I will help you." Morrible leans in closer. "What is it that you want to know?"

"When I told you to... use her sister..." Glinda's face twists in disgust - with Morrible? With herself? "Did you... intend to kill Nessarose?"

"You mean drop a house on her head?" Morrible answers with a cold smile, and Glinda flinches. "No, I didn't mean for that to happen, but I can't say I'm sad that it did. It brought the Witch back, didn't it?"

Rage blooms behind Glinda's eyes, and she reaches a slim hand through the bars to grab Morrible around the neck. Her hand isn't large enough to do much damage, but the older woman suddenly looks more frightened. "I told you to use a RUMOUR." Glinda says through gritted teeth. A guard steps in and orders Glinda away.

"This isn't over!" Glinda calls to Morrible as the guards lead her out of the bowels of the jail.