Author's Note: It has occured to me that this story is gonna run logner then three chapters... Oh well right. ;) This chapter came from WAY to much swing music and the image of Sheldon Jeffrey Sands in a zuit suit...yum...Also, and probably the most important reason I'm writing this chapter, I seem to use music ALOT to influence Blood in the Sand and I noticed that IusedALOT of OldMovies and old movie characters, to influence the story and the way I write these characters, including Sands. So this is my homage to those unforgetable characters and era! Unbeta'd all mistakes mine!(and there's probably a few...)

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This is only part ONE of this...

He dropped his cigarette on the ground as they headed towards the door of the 24 hour cafe, pausing to snub it out with his boot heel. "Just a city a boy, born and raised in south Detroit..." The words drifted in from the open door. There weren't to many people with in and they had a kick ass juke box. Cerise jogged a short distance from the car to catch up with Sands and he wrapped an arm around her waist as they entered.

Sarah and Sammy were already seated at a table near the back were the juke box and the dance floor was. Why did a diner need a dance floor?! Sands raised an eye brow, as he took of his sunglasses. Someone was feeding the juke box quaters and after Journey finished, Chuck Berry began telling his story about riding in his car.

Sands tossed Cerise a wink as he pulled her close. She stifled her laughter and leaned away from him. "You two are crazy." Sarah muttered as they slid into the booth opposite Sammy and Sarah. "And you two aren't?" Sands asked. "You know, I was thinking," Sammy said, tapping his ashes off. "Maybe we should go play a few Chinese Fire Drills." "What?!" Sarah looked at him. Sands chuckled, leaning on his elbows on the table as the waitress came over. "Coffee, all around." Sands told her.

"Yeah, cause we need caffeine." Sammy added with an idiotic. "Kids.." The woman muttered heading back towards the counter. "We're in our teens thank you!" Sammy called after her. Sarah hit him in the shoulder. "Yeah, that was real mature Sarah." Sands rolled his eyes. "So, what do we do after this?" Sarah asked. "I told you, Chinese Fire Drills?" "Either that, or we can go to the adult theater." Sands suggested. Sarah started to open her mouth then shut it, shaking her head and giving him a look. Sammy was having a fit of giggles. "I'm still pissed at you about the grave yard!" Sarah finally got out. "I got us out, didn't I?!" Sands retorted. Sarah stuck her tongue out at him. Sammy continued to giggle. "Well if someone doesn't come up with something soon, we'll have to go back to the office..." Cerise muttered.

"There's still places that are open, damn it." Sammy muttered. Sands was staring at the juke box. After a moment, he got up, going over to it and flipping through the selections. After a while, he grinned and slipped a few quaters in. As the track changed, Jump 'n' Jive began playing.

Sands turned and went back over to the table and took Cerise's hand, pulling her out of the bench and pulling her towards the dance floor. At least he'd figured out why the diner had it now. "He wouldn't!" Sarah stared wide eyed. "He would." Sammy said with a nod and a grin.

"Baby, baby it looks like it's gonna hail
Baby, baby it' looks like it's gonna hail
You better come inside
Let me teach you how to jive and wail."

He spun her out, then back to him, taking her left hand in his and his right hand on the small of her back. She rested her right hand on his shoulder as he turned them. They stepped in time to the music, the swing beat keeping them going.

Sarah just stared, then she looked at Sammy. "I can't believe he can even dance!!" "Believe it. And he can waltz too.." Sammy said. Then he pulled Sarah out of the booth and towards the dance floor. Sarah squeaked. "I can't do this! I don't know how!" She looked up at him. Sammy laughed and took her right hand in his, his left hand on her waist. "I'll show you." He told her with a grin. He turned her in time to music, much less slower then Sands and Cerise. Sands spun Cerise out away from him and pulled her back until her back was to him. Then he turned her back around and stepped in time to the music.

Sarah was easing up slightly, but she kept stepping on Sammy's foot. "Sorry!" She muttered. Sammy laughed softly. "It's all right, Sarah, just go with the music." He turned them, spinning away from Cerise and Sands. "You know something, Jeff." Sammy called to him. Sands didn't say anything but he glanced Sammy's way a brief moment, acknowledging that he'd heard him. "You'd fit perfectly into the 40s." Sammy called. Sands tossed him a rueful grin and winked as he spun Cerise. Cerise laughed lightly. "Don't give him ideas, Sammy! He'll show up to work in a zuit suit tomorrow!" Sammy laughed out right. "Oh god! I wish he would! I'd love to see the faces on some of the guys there." Sands just continued to grin.

"I've got an idea, what time is it?!" Sands suddenly said. "About 2:20, why?" Sarah answered. Sands just grinned more. "Then they're just gettin' into the swing of things." "Who, what, when?!" Sarah demanded. Sands stopped dancing. Sammy stopped him and Sarah as well, and they came over to Sands. "The Zuit Suit Riot." He answered. "The what?!" Sarah raised an eyebrow. "Oh god!" Cerise laughed. "God, we haven't been there in months?" "How long do you think it would take you to get Sarah dressed?" Sands asked her. "About twenty minutes..." Cerise answered. "Right, I'll dropped you two off at your place and Sammy and I'll go get the car." "You have completely LOST me!" Sarah growled. "Go with the flow honey, go with the flow." Sammy said, grinning.

Sands dropped Cerise and Sarah off at Cerise's apartment. Cerise unlocked the door and pulled Sarah in. "Trust me on this, luv. You WANT to go to the Riot! But we're gonna have to find you something to wear." "WHAT is the Riot?!" Sarah demanded, following Cerise to the bed room. Sands wouldn't tell her a thing on the short drive to Cerise's apartment.

Cerise sighed. "The Riot is a 30s and 40s swing club. They're a privet club, which means you have to be a member, with Sheldon just so happens to bed. And they're a dress club." Cerise said, opening her closet, she began going through it. "I think should have we go." She pulled something out of the closet and handed it to Sarah. Sarah took the wine colored dress that looked like came out of the 40s. She raised and eye brow and looked at Cerise. "You don't want to be wearing what I'm going to be wearing, so. Oh and these." Cerise handed Sarah a pair of heels.

Then Cerise grabbed something blue and headed for the bathroom. "Get dressed fast so I can do your hair." She called from the bathroom. Sarah looked at the dress again, it was very pretty with a seven gore skirt. She quickly got dressed. "Ready." She called.

But her eyes widened as Cerise came out of the bathroom. She looked like a vintage pin up in a short black seven gore skirted dress that had a halter style next. She was pulling on a pair of 40s style black heel sandals. "Like?" Cerise asked her with a grin. Her red hair was pinned up in a vintage fashion. "You look like a vintage pin up! Like...Betty Page! Only a red head." Cerise laughed. "Well, I'm glad about that, but Sheldon probably wont let me from his side if that's the case. Now come on, put on your shoes and let's get your hair down quickly."

The door bell rang after awhile. Sarah giggled and ran to the door, with Cerise following. Sarah looked through the peep hole and let out a long whistle. "It's Sammy... And wow.." Sarah said, turning to Cerise. "Sheldon isn't with him?" Sarah shook her head. "He's probably down with the car..." Cerise muttered as Sarah opened the door. "Ladies." Sammy said with a grin. He was wearing a pair of high waisted jazz pants with a matching vest in a tan, a white trellis shit underneath. On his feet were a pair of basic black dance shoes. "How long has that been in your closet?" Cerise asked. "Wait till you see Jeff." Sammy said with a wicked grin. "I can only imagine..." Cerise said with a sigh. "Come on." Sammy took Sarah's hand and looked her up and down. He let out a long whistle. "Damn!" Sarah blushed almost as dark as the color of her dress. Cerise grabbed a jacket and followed Sarah and Sammy out side.

The night air was crisp but not cold. Sarah shuddered. "Where's Jeff?" She asked. "Around the corner with the car." Sammy answered. "Oh he's REALLY trying to make an impression then..." Cerise laughed softly. They followed Sammy around the corner and Cerise nearly gasped. Sarah did.

He was leaning against a 1941 Plymouth Coupe, smoking a cigarette. The street light glinted off the sliver chains hanging from his right side pockets of the black and white pinstriped zuit suit pants. As they approached, he raised his head, tipping back the fedora. "Jeff?!" Sarah squeaked. He tossed her a crooked grin. "Just something I had in my closet." He answered. She looked him up and down, all the way to his wing tips. "I think I just got a crush on you..." Sarah muttered. Sands chunked his cigarette away and winked at her. "Ready?" He asked them before opening the door of the car. The girs piled into the back seat. Sands grabbed Cerise's hand before she climbed in behind Sarah. "Very nice." He commented, looking her up and down. She kissed him quickly. "I could say the same to you. Now lets get to the club!"

They arrived at the building on the otherside of the town. A line of people where standing outside in swing clothing and valets were ready to the take the cars. Almost everyone turned to see the 41 Coupe drive up. "We'll never get in there..." Sarah said with a sigh as they got out. Sands handed the keys to a valet. "Treat her right Mick." He said to the man. "You bet Mr. Sands." The valet answered with a nod. Sammy raised an eye brow, looking back and forth between them. Sands raised his eyebrows in an expressive manner, grinning at them. He took Cerise's hand and led them towards the doors of the club. Inside they could hear the Jitter Bug blasting by a live band.

Sands skirted the line and stepped in front of the door man. "Ah, Mr. Sands, come right in. Are they with you?" He nodded to Sammy and Sarah. Sarah was looking around, shocked. "Yep." Sands replied as the man opened the door. "Shall we inform the boss that you're here?" The man asked. "Yeah, tell Rick to get his ass down here." Sands replied over his shoulder as he led the three into the club.

"Why do I get the feeling you're a regular here?" Sammy muttered. "Tell them, Sheldon!" Cerise said with a stern tone. Sands chuckled and looked at Sammy and Sarah. "I'm hardly a regular here, Iokie, I own the club. Rick Blaine and I own this joint." Sands explained. Sarah nearly tripped and Sands caught her arm righting her. "Shocked sweets?" He asked her, still grinning. "Of course I am! I never...this is..." She looked around the extremely classy vintage decor. "Cerise, you knew about this?!" Sarah asked her. Cerise blushed slightly. "Yes. Sands brought me here for our...first official date..." Sammy laughed.

A tall man with dark hair came towards them. He was dressed a pair of black pants and a white dinner jacket with a black bow tie. "Jeff! Good to see you man!" He held out his hand, his other in the pocket of the jacket. A cigarette bounced in his mouth. Sands took his hand and the man pulled him into a brief embrace. "I didn't expect to see you here until Saturday, big dance off and all." The man said as they stepped back from eachother. Sands grinned. "Yeah well, I couldn't help myself. You know my girlfriend, Cerise." The man turned to Cerise and bowed slightly. "Always a pleasure to see ya gorgeous. You could put could put Deborah Kherr to shame." The man winked. Cerise blushed slightly. "And this is Sammy Iokie and Sarah Darcy," Sands introduced them. "This is Rick partner in crime." Sands said grinning like the cat who'd eaten the cannery.

Rick turned to them and shook Sammy's hand. He turned to Sarah and gasped. "Why a spiting image of Lauren Becall!" Sarah's blush grew darker. "Quiet smooth talkin' Rick." Sands said from where he stood. "Might I add Jeff, that as always you are dressed to a T. You image what the boys at the offices would think if they saw us now." "I don't know, I think the boys at the Company are less tight then the boys at the Beurue." Rick laughed. "The Beurue?" Sarah asked. "FBI." Rick said. "That's where I work." Sammy shook his head. "Leave it to Jeff..." He said. Rick and Sands grinned. "Well, enjoy yourselves tonight, the party's just gettin' under way. We don't stop swingin' till the sun's up." Rick said, winking at Sarah. "We need to speak a little later Jeff." Sands nodded and Rick took his leave from them. Sands had a feeling by the look of Rick when he said the last bit, that there was trouble.