Postscript: This is my first Gundam Seed/shounen-ai fanfiction, and, is obviously AU cause I totally warped the damn storyline. I've always wondered, what if, at Heliopolis, Murrue Ramius wasn't at the factory where the Gundams were being built, Rusty didn't die, and what if the person Athrun shot was Kira? Very, very light shounen-ai (boy-boy love). Sorry if it seems a tad fruity. Also, if Rusty seems OOC, that's cause he was killed pretty damn early in the series. Not much to study there.

Disclaimer: If I owned Gundam Seed, Kira and Athrun would be gay.

Chapter 1: Heliopolis in Flames

Kira Yamato, a sixteen year old Coordinator, couldn't believe what was happening to his home, the neutral colony Heliopolis, which was run by Orb. Just ten minutes earlier, the emergency lights had flashed on and off, and everyone was being evacuated. He had shoved a blonde girl into a shelter earlier, and now, he himself was running for dear life but not sure of exactly where he was running. He hoped wherever he was going, it just wouldn't be death. He bolted through a group of doors marked with a big "13", and wondered what that was.

Athrun Zala ducked the barrage of bullets from the people working on the mobile suits. Rusty cursed as he ran forward and a bullet whined past his helmet, narrowly missing his face. It landed with a loud ping in the metal scaffolding beside him. He swiftly planted a bullet in the skull of the offender and moved on, getting closer to their objectives: Earth Alliance's new mobile suits, GAT-X303 Aegis and GAT-X105 Strike.

Kira puffed slightly as he came upon a scene of utter chaos: the area was in flames, and gunfire was being exchanged with rapid intensity. Several Orb technicians were lying in a pool of their own blood on the floor. Kira shuddered and swiftly clattered down the metal steps and made a beeline for the shelter at the opposite end. He yelped as bullets ricocheted around him and he ducked behind a hulking form. As he tried in vain to catch his breath, he looked at the form he was sheltering behind. A…mobile suit?

Rusty spotted a figure dressed in mostly black speeding towards the GAT-X303 and pointed that out to Athrun. The raven-haired boy nodded and ran towards it while Rusty clambered up to the cockpit of the GAT-X105. Most of the officers and technicians had either fled or were dead, so the whine of gunfire died down to a low thud. Athrun opened fire on the black figure, and saw him take a bullet to the shoulder. He saw the figure drop to one knee, clutching his left shoulder, and stared up at him with an icy glance. "I'm civilian, damn it!" Athrun froze and lowered the rifle. "K-Kira?"

Kira was examining the mobile suit in utter awe, and therefore forgot a battle was raging in the vicinity. Only when he heard the harsh click of a rifle did he turn and narrowly escape a bullet to the chest and it nailed him in his left shoulder. He yelped and stared defiantly at the ZAFT soldier. "I'm civilian, damn it!" To his immense surprise, instead of the soldier resuming fire, he lowered his rifle. "K-Kira? Is that you?" Kira's jaw dropped. "Athrun?" His astonishment quickly turned to anger. "What are you doing here? What are you doing destroying Heliopolis?! I thought you said you hated war!" Athrun blanched. Just then a loud explosion filled the area and he heard Rusty yelling at him through a walkie-talkie, and, after all Rusty had finished throwing vulgarities at him, tried to say, in the most calm and professional way, to "get your goddamn ass out of here". Athrun grinned half-hearted. Trust Rusty to be so blunt. "Not now, Kira," Athrun said, hoisting his injured friend up. "We have to leave this place." Kira didn't drop his vicious glare. "I hope you have a very good reason for shooting me, Athrun Zala…" Still the same, Kira… "Yes, well…" Athrun shook his head. "Later, get in there." He literally threw Kira into the cockpit of the Aegis and mentally slapped himself for that when he heard a loud yelp of pain.

"Athrun?!" Rusty's voice broke over the communication system of the Aegis. Athrun sighed and opened the video-link. "Let's get out of he-…who's that? A civilian?" Rusty yelled, blinking as he saw a boy in civilian attire with a bloody shoulder. Athrun bit his lower lip. "Uh…a Coordinator," Rusty softened slightly. "He's obviously civilian; what was he doing here…" Athrun rolled his eyes. "You're forgetting who told me to get my 'goddamn ass out of here'." "Gee, thanks, Athrun…" Rusty, beaten, finally shut up.

Both mobile suits broke through the roof of the factory, and immediately over their communication systems came the loud and colourful language of Miguel, a blonde Coordinator piloting a GINN and getting infuriated with a Mobile Armour, and at the same time, turning a brilliant shade of scarlet. Athrun, Kira and Rusty all sweat-dropped. "Athrun…is he always like that?" Kira asked, now that the pain in his shoulder faded to a dull throb. "Unfortunately, yes," Athrun replied. "Miguel! Objective obtained, get the heck out of there before you explode." "Athrun! Rusty! Good jo-…Oh you damned fly!" Miguel's congratulations were cut short when the Mobile Armour overheard skimmed the GINN with a laser. "Miguel…just go already," Rusty said tiredly.

Yzak Joule grumbled. "Athrun and Rusty are taking their own sweet time," he muttered. Dearka Elthman leaned back and smirked at Yzak's impatience. Nichol Amarfi grinned. "We got the easy ones, Yzak…besides, look, here they come," the green-haired boy gestured to the screen. Three dots. "Wha?" Dearka tried to see from his position but fell off his chair. He floated up into the air, turning slightly pink. In space, you didn't crash down onto the floor.

"Athrun?" Miguel's puzzled voice cracked over the communications. "What's that behind you?" "Its not a 'what', it's a 'who'," Rusty chipped in. "What?" "A civilian whom Athrun picked up back in Heliopolis," Rusty chuckled. Miguel squinted. Athrun was grinning. Kira, however, was finding this situation a little...tense. He huddled in a cramped corner of the cockpit, trying to make himself less conspicuous. Miguel's face broke into a smile. He put on an annoying voice. "Aww, how sweet…Athrun playing nanny to a widdle boy?" Kira buried his face in his arms. Athrun growled. "We're reaching Gamou," he snapped. "Shut up and think of what we should say to Commander Krueze."

Author's Note: And thus ends the first chapter of my Gundam Seed fanfiction! I swear…it felt weird to write this, and I'm sure I'll get flamed for making all of them OOC. Gah. By the way, Gundam Seed manga volume 1 has a little blurb with one of the artists saying Kira always has Athrun tied around his little finger. Now if that isn't a major metaphor for some serious off-screen activity I don't know what is.